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Thursday 01/31/2002 5:46:32pm
Name: Linda
E-Mail: chowN2hams@aol.com
City/State: Tulsa, OK
Look-Up Request: Tarrant Co, TX Look up please for cemetery where Leming Dale Moore or Thelma Moore his wife is buried. He died in Arlington April 25, 1980.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks: Linda

Hi Linda,

I did not find your Moore Family in the book I have. The date it was published was in 1981, so this book may have already been in progress before the date of death of your relative. I didn't find either of them.


Tuesday 01/29/2002 10:28:18am
Name: Glenda Mounger
E-Mail: rmjosh@flash.net
City/State: McKinney, Texas
Look-Up Request: Tarrent Co., Texas, Grapevine Cem.

Looking for conf. that my gggrandmother is buried in Grapevine Cem., or possibly the name of cem. she is buried in. Her death certificate stated that she was buried in Grapevine Cem., Tarrent Co., TX. We all know that names change, and a few cem. that are called various names.

Her names is Laura A. Thomas b. 1862 d. 12 Dec. 1956, she is said to be buried by her 2nd husband George W. Thomas b. abt 1870 d. date unknown.

Thank you for any help you may give. I would love to follow up if they are buried in the Grapeving Cem., and some day find there graves and take pictures of there stones.

Thanks again.

Glenda Mounger

Hi Glenda,

I found the following in the Grapevine Cemetery:
George W. Thomas
1869 - 1934
Laura A. Thomas
1858 - 1956
O.E.S. (Order of the Eastern Star)


Saturday 01/26/2002 2:31:27pm
Name: Diana
E-Mail: dwade1@core.com
City/State: Sussex, Wisconsin
Look-Up Request: Could you please check the cemetery listing for Benjamin Brewer Haney and his wife Mary Brawley Oates Haney. They died in Tarrant County about 1872. Their son William B. Haney also died in 1872 in Tarrant County. Thanks for your help.

Hi Diana,

I did not find Benjamin, Mary or William in the book I have. i did find Arthur; Barbary Ann; C. H.; Charles M.; Fredie M.; I. J.; John W.; L. J.; Leonard; Mabel B.; Mandy E.; Martin H.; and Ollie Isabelle. If any of these names are part of your family let me know and I will look up the information for you.


Thursday 01/24/2002 4:22:52pm
Name: Joshua Tate
E-Mail: cwr105terrar@hotmail.com
City/State: New Haven, CT
Look-Up Request: Thanks Linda! Erman Granville Tate was my grandfather, and Mary Ruth Starr Tate was my grandmother.


Wednesday 01/23/2002 9:55:08pm
Name: Joshua Tate
E-Mail: cwr105terrar@hotmail.com
City/State: New Haven, CT
Look-Up Request: Could you please let me know what is written on the tombstones of my great-grandparents, Earl Otto Tate and his wife Myrtle Maud (Nowlin) Tate? They should be buried together in Grapevine Cemetery. I would like to know their birth and death dates and whether anything else is on the stones. I know they died in the 1950s but we don't have specific dates.

Thanks very much,

Joshua Tate

Hi Joshua,
I found the following in the Grapevine cemetery.

Earl Otto Tate
1887 - 1955 (nothing else on stone)
Myrtle N. Tate
1889 - 1961 (nothing else on stone)
Marjorie Tate
1921 - 1921 (ch/o-child of E.O.)
Marie Tate
1924 - 1924 (ch/o E. O.)
Erman Granville Tate
May 13, 1915 (no other dates)
Mary Ruth Starr Tate
b. Nov. 25, 1916
d. Feb. 7, 1975

I think they are all related, they are all buried side by side.


Wednesday 01/23/2002 8:56:55pm
Name: deran wright
E-Mail: bronzedragon@earthlink.net
City/State: richland hills, Texas
Look-Up Request: looking for unmarked burial, William Cisney Foree, suspect Parker memorial in Grapevine, Tx, or Lonesome Dove in Colleyville. My Great-great-grandfather, would like to place a marker, as per grandmother's wishes.

Hi Deran,

I did not find anyone named Foree in the book I have. Could be in another part of Tarrant County.


Wednesday 01/23/2002 7:59:58pm
E-Mail: resoocun@gte.net
City/State: garland texas
Look-Up Request: Hello, whanted to know if you might do a look up for a oliver watts in you cemetery book. dont know exactly what year he died or cemetery. Thanks larry

Hi Larry,

I did not find Oliver Watts in the book I have, he may have been buried in another part of Tarrant County.


Tuesday 01/22/2002 7:58:49pm
Name: G. Mike
E-Mail: JCUBEDG@aol.com
City/State: California
Look-Up Request: James H. THOMAS b. 1810 and living in Tarrant co. in 1880 census. Wife, ANA J(or ANNIE. THANKS

I did not find James H. Thomas and Ana(Annie) J. Thomas in the Cemetery book I have.


Sunday 01/20/2002 10:14:45am
Name: Robert Hemsell
E-Mail: Rhems1111@aol.com
City/State: Lafayette Louisiana
Look-Up Request: Please look up a Edward Hemsell who would have died sometime in the 1950 in believe.

I did not find Edward Hemsel in the Cemetery book I have.


Saturday 01/19/2002 7:44:07pm
Name: Dede Ridling
E-Mail: DDeer143@aol.com
City/State: Garland,Texas
Look-Up Request: Hello,
I am trying to find out information on Maggie Snodgrass (Sexton) and Henry Clay Snodgrass buried in Calloway Cem. I need dates and any information on any Snodgrass buried there. Thank you so much for your help.

I found the following in the Cemetery Book I have:
Calloway Cemetery in Euless Texas, Tarrant Co., Texas,

Maggie Mae (Sexton) Snodgrass
b. July 29, 1894
d. Feb. 28, 1975
Henry Clay Snodgrass
b. Feb. 6, 1892
d. Sept. 25, 1941
Maury Edward Snodgrass
b. Jan. 27, 1932
d. May 20, 1938
Stancel Ray Snodgrass
b. Sept. 22, 1929
d. Aug. 13, 1932

I think these four are related, they are buried next to each other.

also in Calloway Cemetery is:
Harold C. Snodgrass
b. Dec. 7, 1912
d. June 18, 1950

buried in the Bedford Cemetery:
James Thomas Snodgrass
b. Mar. 3, 1916
d. Mar. 6, 1916

This is all the Snodgrass names in the book I have.


Friday 01/18/2002 4:26:15pm
Name: M. Bush
E-Mail: BarlowBush@aol.com
City/State: Fort Worth, TX
Look-Up Request: Obituary of Winifred Barlow, d: 7-10-87

I did not find Winifred Barlow in the Cemetery book I have. I don't have anything on Obits.


Monday 01/14/2002 9:05:34am
Name: Becky Carney
E-Mail: thebeckc@aol.com
City/State: Mooresville,NC
Look-Up Request: Eugene A. Carney, Died 1936, Buried Whites Chapel Cemetery, Grapevine, Texas

Hi Becky,

I looked in the book I have and did not find Eugene A. Carney. I found Jacky Lynn Carney in Calloway Cemetery, and Nettie Carney, Rosa Carney and W. G. Carney all in White's Chapel Cemetery. But not Eugene.


Saturday 01/12/2002 5:12:47pm
Name: H. Rice
E-Mail: hcrice@earthlink.net
City/State: Hermosa Beach, CA
Look-Up Request: Looking for the grave of John C. Rice who died August 24, 1872. From the records I have it appears his death occurred in Grapevine, Texas or the general vicinity. Appreciate any assistance.

I did not find a record of John C. Rice in the book I have. Sorry.


Wednesday 01/02/2002 9:31:12pm
Name: CeCe
E-Mail: ceceokie@mmcable.com
City/State: Norman, OK
Look-Up Request: James Bunch d. 9 Dec, 1899. Hoping to find the cemetery where he is buried in order to locate area of Tarrant Co. in which he lived. Thank you.

Hi Cece,

The only Bunch I found in the book I have is Kathryn Bunch b. Feb 16, 1914, d. Jan. 7, 1977, buried in Parker Memorial Cemetery, was formerly Clements Cemetery in Grapevine Texas.


Monday 12/31/2001 7:24:23am
Name: John B. Rochelle
E-Mail: rochelle@preferred.com
City/State: Gray, Tennessee
Look-Up Request: Hi! I'm a lookup volunteer for Johnson Co TN. I am trying to locate any burial records for the surname ROCHELLE in Tarrant Co TX. There's about a dozen family members buried down there, but I have no idea which cemeteries they may be in. Any clues or info would be appreciated.

John B. Rochelle,
Gray, Tennessee

Hi John,

In the book I have there is not a single ROCHELLE, The book only covers NE Tarrant County. Hope you find them.


Friday 12/28/2001 7:37:56am
Name: Mal Cleland
E-Mail: mal_cleland@hotmail.com
City/State: Birmingham, England, UK
Look-Up Request: I am trying to trace a great aunt Evelyn Bracken and her daughter Sylvia Bracken who lived in Hurst. I think Evelyn died 5/1984 and Sylvia in 10/1988. Would like to know where they are buried. Thanks for your help.

Hi Mal,

I did not find Evelyn and Sylvia. The book I have only goes through 1980. The only two Bracken's in this book are James S. Seaborn Bracken 1875 - 1947, and William Henry Bracken b. Dec. 25, 1873 d. Feb. 6, 1962, both in White's Chapel Cemetery in Grapevine Texas. I have four Brackin's James E. Brackin, John W. Brackin, Margaret A. Brackin, and Mattie Brackin, all buried in Birdville Cemetery, Haltom City, Texas.


Saturday 12/08/2001 12:28:55am
Name: Marcy Malmin
E-Mail: ritedgk@netdoor.com
City/State: pelahatchie,ms
Look-Up Request: I am looking for the following relatives:
Ruby I Wills - died 2/96 Tannant,TX
Stella E Fagan - died 4/95 - Tannant,Tx
Lillie M McKinney -died 3/93 -Tannant,Tx
Do you have a obit for those above listed?

Thank you.

Hi Marcy,

I don't have any of the names in the cemetery book I have. I don't have any obits. for Tarrant Co.


Tuesday 12/04/2001 0:26:39am
Name: Marilyn Conner
E-Mail: conner4@nstar.net
City/State: Oklahoma City, OK
Look-Up Request: Need cemetery lookup for the following person: Effie L. Garrett, died January 25, 1971 in Tarrant Co. I believe she lived in Fort Worth at the time of her death. I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks, Marilyn

Hi Marilyn,

I don't have Effie L. Garrett in the cemetery book I have.

Good Luck,

Saturday 12/01/2001 11:28:11pm
Name: Brenda Whitten
E-Mail: BrenzFrenz@msn.com
City/State: Katy Texas
Look-Up Request: Anna Mae Johnson Seals, married to Henry seals.was living in Ft. Worth at time of death, came from Coleman Tx. Her father was my great grandfather. I am trying to trace him to get to my great grandmother, his first wife. Anna mae is by the second wife.I last saw her in the 60's. I don't know when she died. Thank You.

Hi Brenda,

I did not find Anna Mae Johnson-Seals in the book I have.

Good Luck,

Saturday 12/01/2001 1:31:51am
Name: Melissa Driskill Gregory
E-Mail: misanngreg@cs.com
City/State: Katy, Texas
Look-Up Request: I am looking for a baby that was buried at the Parker Memorial Cemetery in Grapevine in 1943. He was born on June 22, 1943 and died June 23, 1943. I think his name is Ray Alvin Driskill. His parents were Roy and Oma Driskill. He was my dad's brother but no one knows where he is buried. My grandparents never spoke of him and we found his name in a bible after my grandmother passed. I would like to find his grave and give him a tombstone.

Hi Melissa,

I did not find Ray Alvin or his parents Roy and Oma Driskill in this book... however. There is a lot of Driskill information in the Parker Memorial Cemetery. This Cemetery is formerly called Clements Cemetery.
Historical Marker:
Parker Memorial Cemetery
"The first burial here is thought to be that of Christina Driskill (1797 - 1862), whose son-in-law Isaac Green Parker (1816 - 1875) owned the land. In 1881 Parkers widow, Mary (Polly) Parker Turner (1820 - 1897) deeded the 4.31-acre plot for a public burial ground. A tabernacle was erected in 1928 and used at first for funeral services and later for meetings of the cemetery association.
Formerly known as "Clements Cemetery" it was renamed "Parker" in 1937. Many members of the Pleasant Glade Community are buried here."
This is the marker of Christina Driskill, mother of William F. Driskill (b. 1822) and Mary (Polly) Parker as mentioned on the Historical Marker.
Driskill, William F. no dates "Capt. McGinnis's Co 20 Brigade Texas Militia C.S.A."
other Driskills buried here are:
A. M.
Annie M.
Berl L.
Fannie L.
Herman F.
Hugh Earl
J. H.
Jessie H.
Jessie Mae
John E.
Murrell Reva
Nancy E.
Sallie E.
Sandra Ann
Susana Parker McDonald Gray
Vera Lucy
Veva Delle
Willie L.

Good Luck,

Monday 11/26/2001 9:10:46pm
Name: Joan Banker
E-Mail: bigjosy@aol.com
City/State: Medford, OR
Look-Up Request: name of cemetary where Johnathan Watson is buried and dates on the tombstone if possible. Day of death: Aug 27. Year of death: 1881/82. According to a family letter he was buried in the "Fort Worth burying grounds". No date on the letter. I apologize for such skimpy information
Thank you for any help and for your time.

Hi Joan,
I looked up Watson in the book I have. I have a John H. Watson and a John J. Watson. The death dates are way off to be your Jonathan Watson.

-Linda White

Friday 10/19/2001 3:26:12pm
Name: Wendy Altier
E-Mail: wendmark@home.com
City/State: San Diego, CA
Look-Up Request: (1) Ross Harland Williams
DOB: OCT 6 1936
DOD: SEP 26 1971

(2) Stella M(ae) Williams
DOB: May 29 1905
DOD: OCT 21 1995

(3) Arthur (M) Williams
DOB: 1906-1908, Tennessee

Cemetary: Center Point Cemetary in
Weatherford, Texas.

Weatherford is in Parker County, not Tarrant. There is a link on our homepage to our neighbor to the west. http://www.rootsweb.com/~txtarran

Monday 10/15/2001 7:06:42pm
Name: George W Mosher
E-Mail: gwmosher@nationwide.net
City/State: Ft Worth, TX
Look-Up Request: Looking for location of Tomlin Cemetery in Arlington. It appears, from records, that my wifes ggg or gggg Grandmother is buried there along with a couple of additional Angels. If I can get the location of the cemetery I can go and take some pictures of her headstone. Her name was/is Elizabeth Angel, wife of Hezekiah Angel. She died around 1880, born about 1798. I have several other Angels to look up. Thanks for any and all help. George

The Tomlin Cemetery is located at:
2200 Block of North Davis Drive, Arlington, Texas

When going north on North Davis Drive turn left (west) on Tomlin Lane, keep going until it dead-ends and you will be at the cemetery.

Elizabeth Angel is buried there in a rock burial cairn.

-Linda White

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