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Saturday 08/17/2002 5:28:19pm
Name: Lizabeth S. Tucker
E-Mail: GTucker165@aol.com
City/State: Port St. Lucie, FL
Look-Up Request: I only recently had the pleasure of corresponding with Linda when she graciously sent me photocopies of the Grapevine Cemetery records. She was arranging to send me some information from the Historical records and I was worried when I didn't hear from her. What a shock to learn of her death. My condolences to her family and friends.

Wednesday 08/14/2002 1:43:51am
Name: Obituary of Linda Surratt-White
City/State: Arlington, Texas
Look-Up Request: It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Linda Surratt-White. In her memory we will leave her forum in place, however, no further look-up requests will be answered here.


Linda White - (1942-2002)

ARLINGTON - Linda White, a native of Snyder, died Friday, Aug. 9, in an Arlington hospital after a suffering a stroke.

A memorial service for Mrs. White, 59, is set for 10 a.m. Tuesday in the St. Alban's Episcopal Church under the direction of Moore Funeral Home.

Born Sept. 28, 1942 in Snyder, Mrs. White was reared in Snyder. After she married Paul D. White, they moved to Dallas in 1960. They later moved to Houston and then to Arlington.

Survivors include her husband of 42 years, Paul White; two daughters, Kelli White and Lisa Ireland, both of Arlington; a son, Bryan White of Arlington; two brothers, Jerry Surratt and Morris Surratt, both of Snyder; eight grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Sunday 08/11/2002 0:32:29am
Name: virginia
E-Mail: lawrel66@onemain.com
City/State: porterville, ca
Look-Up Request: I understand there was a place in Tarrant County named Peden. Would you be able to find the name of the family who established this town?

Friday 08/09/2002 7:05:51pm
Name: virginia
E-Mail: lawrel66@onemain.com
City/State: porterville, ca
Look-Up Request: Tarrant County:I would like to know who the Peden's were that established Peden, Texas. I have been trying to trace a Peden family from Tenn. to Texas and have a missing time frame. Thank you

Wednesday 07/31/2002 3:51:12pm
Name: Ren
E-Mail: kebek75@yahoo.com
City/State: Mesquite, TX
Look-Up Request: I'm doing some research on the Thomas Jefferson Nash family who settled in Grapevine around 1860. He was a farmer. Are the occupations of his 6 children (or the children's spouses) listed, perhaps in their own separate entries, in the book? If so, please let me know what they are. Thanks!

Wednesday 07/24/2002 12:51:20am
Name: Jo L
E-Mail: wulfgar47@yahoo.com
City/State: Randolph TN
Look-Up Request: Looking for an obit on Martha (Mattie) E. Peacock Payne. She owned or operated a cafe in Ft Worth (Belknap St) in the early 1900s. Died 7 March 1931. Buried in Green Wood Cemetary. Or need information on the Cafe.
Thank you for your help. Jo L


Hi Jo,
I did not find your Payne names in the book I have.

Saturday 07/20/2002 6:32:25pm
Name: Lizabeth S. Tucker
E-Mail: GTucker165@aol.com
City/State: Port St. Lucie, FL
Look-Up Request: You were so much help with Grapevine Cemetery, let's see if anyone is listed in the history section. I am particularly looking for the following individuals: JAMES MILTON TUCKER, THOMAS LONZO BIGGERS and JAMES W. BERRY (also known as Captain JAMES W. BERRY).

Again, thanks for the assistance.


Hi Lizabeth,
i will contact you by e-mail regarding this request.

Thursday 07/11/2002 11:08:29pm
Name: Jim Moody
E-Mail: nl7c@mtaonline.net
City/State: Wasilla, Alaska
Look-Up Request: I am in desperate need of some data on a ALDEN COFFEY. He appears to be related somehow to my grandparents. He was a doctor and had the Alden Coffey Clinic in Ft Worth in the 1940's. My grandfather passed away at his clinic in 1944. Negative replies are as helpful as positive in this case. Thank you for your time and efforts.


Hi Jim,
I did not find any Coffey names in the Grapevine History Book.

Monday 06/17/2002 3:28:14pm
Name: Pat
E-Mail: fcruble@adams.net
Look-Up Request: I am looking for information on the Walling Rogers line that came to Tarrant in 1850.


Hi Pat,
I did not find Walling Rogers in either of the books I have.

Tuesday 05/14/2002 3:58:02pm
Name: Kelley Roberson
E-Mail: kele1@prodigy.net
City/State: Bowie, Texas
Look-Up Request: Helen Maud DALEY. Obit. says she was born in the Graprvine area. No date of birth, abt 1887.

She had at least two sisters, only know their married husbands names but they did not grow up to be Grapevine residents.

Helen Maud DALEY married A.B. KELLEY, gues would be abt 1903. A. B. first name could of been Abner or Alec.

Thank you,

Hi Kelley,
I did not find Maud Daley Kelley in the Grapevine History Book. In the book Cemeteries of NE Tarrant County I found in the Lonesome Dove Cemetery. I found in the Inscriptions previously recorded by DAR - not found in 1980 when this book was published the following names.
Ernest E. Daley
b. Jan 17, 1888
d. Dec 18, 1962

Charley H. Daley
b. Aug 11, 1875
d. Mar 22, 1898

W. V. Daley
no dates

Maud Daley Kelley
no dates


Friday 03/29/2002 6:24:45am
Name: Catherine McCarrell Cadd
E-Mail: californiacathy@msn.com
City/State: Ontario/California
Look-Up Request: Land owned in the Grapevine area in the 1800's by Andrew J. Hallford.

Friday 03/15/2002 8:52:41pm
Name: Jim Hewitt
E-Mail: jrhewitt@mcsi.net
City/State: Roseburg, Oregon
Look-Up Request: Looking for information in the history book concerning Joseph Barker, Thomas Barker or Dave Barker. Between 1850 and 1892.


Hi Jim,

The only Barker in this book is Dee Barker.


Saturday 03/09/2002 6:39:04pm
Name: Joyce F. brown
E-Mail: florene151@msn.com
City/State: mesa, az.
Look-Up Request: Grapevine,lonesome dove baptist church was Edward mitchell a member and if so what info does it give. thank you, Joyce


Hi Joyce,

I did not Edward Mitchell in the Grapevine History book. His name was not in the article about the churce and the 12 founding members.


Friday 03/08/2002 10:15:50am
Name: Dr James Kiser
E-Mail: 2thdr1@bellsouth.net
City/State: Mandeville, Louisiana
Look-Up Request: Obit for Julia Gilliam. Last address 76117 Haltom City, Tarrant, Texas. DOB 6 Aug 1929, DOD 29 Mar 1999
Thanks in Advance.
Jim Kiser

Thursday 03/07/2002 3:14:21pm
Name: Janice Alexander
E-Mail: jla3@waymark.net
City/State: McKinney,Tx.
Look-Up Request: Could you please look up the following people for me: Wylie Millican, wife Maggie and son Phineas Andrew b:1885 in Grapevine. Any info on the surname Millican would be helpful.
thanks in advance....Janice


Hi Janice,

There are about 70 or so Millican names in the Grapevine History Book. However there is no Wilie; Maggie; or Phineas Andrew Millican. If you have any other names send them I will look them up. It is to long to send all.


Saturday 01/26/2002 9:58:38pm
Name: Deran Wright
E-Mail: bronzedragon@earthlink.net
City/State: Fort Worth, TX
Look-Up Request: Still loking for William Cisney Foree. Our oral information is an unmarked burial in grapevine area. Just curious, are your books based on cemetary records, or visual recordings of headstones? Wondering how to proceed.

Hi Deran,
I am pretty sure these records in the book I have are done by site. You might check with the Foust Funeral Home, Main Street in Grapevine, TX to see if they have any record of William Cisney Foree. Foust has some of the old record books of burials in Grapevine.


Saturday 11/24/2001 7:43:50pm
Name: Eugene Benton
E-Mail: EugeneBenton@aol.com
City/State: Irvine, CA
Look-Up Request: My great-grandfarther, Isaac Jenkins, married Ida Ellis on 18 October 1896 in Tarrant County. His farm was near Grapevine. Also, he was a deputy sheriff. Around 1910 he moved his family to Cross County, Arkansas. Looking for any information on his years in Texas.

Hi Eugene,

I don't have Isaac Jenkins in this book. Good luck.

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