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Monday 02/04/2002 10:08:53pm
Name: K.Smith
E-Mail: tempuntilpipe@aol.com
City/State: TX
Look-Up Request: Looking for marraige of Glen Smith to Willie M. Daniel around the time of 1890's. Thanks

Smith - Daniel marriage not found.


Sunday 02/03/2002 6:46:00pm
Name: Reynda
E-Mail: Reyniepooh@aol.com
City/State: Sacramento, CA
Look-Up Request: Thank you for taking the time to do look ups.

I am looking for a marriage between William Bell French and Sarah Elizabeth Souder. I have that they married around 1894.

Thank you.

W. B. French married Sarah E. Sanders 04 Nov 1894

Tarrant Co Mg Bk 8, pg. 138


Friday 02/01/2002 12:07:44am
Name: sharon/don young
E-Mail: sharonsyoung@yahoo.com
City/State: katy, tx.
Look-Up Request: John H. Miller married
Mary Ethel Lou Ellen (?) on 1-27-1919
her maiden name and their parents name
would be so helpful to me in my genealogy search. thank you

I do not have access to marriage records in this time frame.


Thursday 01/31/2002 11:14:13pm
Name: Amanda Horton
E-Mail: ajbusbyhorton@hotmail.com
City/State: Dallas, Texas
Look-Up Request: I'm looking for the marriage record of a woman born with the name of Emma Malone. She married a Charlie Smith in which she had 5 or so children with and she also married a Joe(sph?) Carter. She died in the 1950's. I'm sorry I don't have any other information. If you could help, I would be very grateful!

Amanda Horton

Not found in the records on hand and I do not have access to anything after 1901 in Tarrant County.


Thursday 01/31/2002 2:00:38pm
Name: Hugh Arnold
E-Mail: hharnold@att.net
City/State: Austin, TX
Look-Up Request: Would like anything you have on marriage of DeWitt Clinton Kemper and
Elizabeth Gault, around 4 Dec. 1883. I think (hope) they were married in Tarrant County.

Kemper-Gault marriage - not found.


Tuesday 01/29/2002 2:07:47am
Name: shannon pate
E-Mail: shay4712@juno.com
City/State: yuma,az.
Look-Up Request: looking for anything you can find for marriage of virgil lee pate d.o.b. 08/01/1894 to stella mae admire d.o.b 08/1909. last info of whereabouts was palo pinto co.tx

I do not have access to marriage records after 1901 (as specified in this lookup page)

Monday 01/28/2002 11:46:25pm
Name: Kathleen Adams
E-Mail: adamsapple@hubwest.com
City/State: Richfield, Utah
Look-Up Request: Laura Smith m A. J. Robbins Sept.21, 1882, Tarrant Co. I would like to know what the A. J. initials stand for. I have been looking for Abner Joseph Robbins b Nov. 1867, Wood Co. Tx.I sure hope this is him. Would like to find out anything I can on this couple. Thank you for your time.

A.J. Robbins married Laura Smyth 21 Sept 1882
Tarrant Co Mg Bk 2, page 464
Perhaps the original certificate might give a complete name.


Saturday 01/26/2002 4:43:52pm
Name: Diana
E-Mail: Dilyut55@yahoo.com
City/State: Weatherford, Tx.
Look-Up Request: marriage of Lilly Arvie Greenlee Whisenant to Ed Nelson. Dates around 1920

I do not have access to marriage records past 1901.

Friday 01/25/2002 5:44:00pm
Name: Lee Arabian
E-Mail: shymara@rocketmail.com
City/State: GFAFB/ND
Look-Up Request: Hi, I'm looking for any marriage info on a Roy J. Lynn. I have no idea of the date or who to for sure, it may be Cleo. I believe it would have been after 1889. Thanks for any help! Lee

Thursday 01/24/2002 9:33:54pm
Name: Cathy Larkins
E-Mail: CLar780335@aol.com
City/State: Tacoma, WA
Look-Up Request: May I please place a look up request?
Marriage of Amasa (Amos) (Mace) T. HUTCHINSON married 8 Apr 1877 Tarrant Co, TX to Frances (Fannie) Missouri DALE.

I thank you for your time and trouble. Sincerely, Cathy Hutchinson-Larkins

A. T. Hutchinson m. Fannie M. Dale 8 April 1879.
Tarrant Co. Mg. Bk 1, pg. 397.


Thursday 01/24/2002 5:27:44pm
Name: Monica Hightower
E-Mail: cornrstn@arn.net
City/State: Lubbock, TX
Looking for marriage record of Napolean Bonapart Oldham and Bunavista (Vista) Swilling about 1895 in Tarrant County.

Thanks so much for your time!

Oldham-Swilling marriage not found.


Saturday 01/19/2002 6:12:11pm
City/State: Ft. Worth, Texas
Look-Up Request: thank you in advance for your time. I am looking for marriage record in Ft. Worth of Augustus Albright and Ruth unknown. I am flying blind, but since the brother Quinn T married in 1903, I am assuming a 10 year span on both sides for the likely date.

Augustus Allbright marriage not found before 1901. I do not have records after that date.


Thursday 01/17/2002 6:46:57pm
Name: Sunny Williams
E-Mail: sunnijack@hotmail.com
City/State: Nashville, TN
Look-Up Request: Marriage between Marion Lunsford Williams and Ms. Loring (or Loringstein). Between 1890-1901 in Fort worth area. Thank you.

Williams-Loring marriage not found.


Saturday 01/12/2002 9:45:09am
Name: Susan Duvall
E-Mail: txbabe@stonemedia.com
Look-Up Request: Looking for marriage record for Mary DUVALL. I think it might have been to a Griffith.
Thanks for your help!

Mary Duval - record not found.


Tuesday 01/08/2002 5:21:21pm
Name: Mo Michel
E-Mail: heybigmo@aol.com
City/State: Riverside, IA
Look-Up Request: I am searching for a marriage record for James Ballard and Viola Shelton. They would have been married in the Ft. Worth arean in the mid to late 1800. Can you help.

Ballard-Shelton marriage not found.


Friday 01/04/2002 8:02:44pm
Name: Joyce Allee
E-Mail: jallee@tyler.net
City/State: Henderson, TX
Look-Up Request: Seeking marriage for a Bluford Allee b. 1859 to a Susan Cheairs b. 1862. Thank you! Vol. 1

Allee marriage - not found


Tuesday 01/01/2002 5:21:57pm
Name: Kirby Cronk
E-Mail: weallbelieve@ev1.net
City/State: Spring, TX
Look-Up Request: Benjamin Franklin Lewis

Benjamin Franklin Lewis married Mrs. Lottie A. Frazier 14 Oct 1894 - Tarrant Co. Mg. Bk 8, pg. 443.


Thursday 12/27/2001 11:58:20am
Name: Ronda Thompson
E-Mail: missrondalynn@hotmail.com
City/State: Gramercy, LA
Look-Up Request: Mr. & Mrs. J. Frank Norris

I do not have marriage records in this later time frame.


Wednesday 12/26/2001 5:19:37am
Name: Richard Shelby
E-Mail: rmshelby@pacbell.net
City/State: Auburn, CA
Look-Up Request: Tarrant Co Look-Up.

Please search of a May or Mary & Harriet Hendrick/Hendrix between 1875 & 1885.

One Mary Hendricks married W. H. Hendricks 18 Aug 1887, Tarrant Co. Marriage Book 4, page 363. No other recorded under any spelling 1876-1885.


Tuesday 12/25/2001 6:39:32pm
Name: Deborah (Lewis) Lorenz
E-Mail: res08iko@verizon.net
City/State: Santa Maria, CA
Look-Up Request: I'm researching my GGrandfather, Joseph Alexander Lewis. Would you check on any marriage records in Tarrant Co. for 1895-96 to a Susie (Brown?)? Thank you so much for your time,

Joseph A. Lewis marriage not found.


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