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Wednesday 10/10/2001 12:47:47am
Name: Kim Dunaway
E-Mail: stepaway@ev1.net
City/State: Azle, Texas
Look-Up Request: I was wondering if you would look up the marriage of Thomas Abner Dunaway and Fanny McCaskell. It would have been about 1890.Please let me know if I can ever help you!!! Thank you so much!!!!

No record found in Tarrant County in this time frame.


Tuesday 10/09/2001 8:07:02am
Name: Trillium
E-Mail: trillium2@visto.com
Look-Up Request: Possible Tarrant Co. marriage of James Madison ROGERS and Mary Elizabeth WILLHOIT (b. abt. 1854, d. aft 1894) during time frame 1870-1894. Thank you.

No Wilhoitt-Rogers marriage found.
Records begin 1876 due to courthouse fire in that year.


Sunday 10/07/2001 1:34:35pm
Name: Dave Faessel
E-Mail: litlkeg@aol.com
City/State: Palm Desert CA
Look-Up Request: Any info on anybody with SMITHEE or PITTMAN surnames, especially Sy Smithee, Lucy Sumpter Smithee, Susan Murl Smithee, Nora Smithee, Sarah Alice Smithee or Mary Effie Smithee, or Claude Pittman; all during period 1880-1915; all were residents of or lived near Mansfield, in Tarrant Co. Thanks!

These names of Smithey and Pittman not found.


Please be aware that the TxGenWeb policy limits look-ups to a single individual, or a couple as in the case of a marriage look-up. This policy can be found on our Look-Ups Page. Thank you. -Rob

Saturday 10/06/2001 1:03:04pm
Name: Darlene Henize
E-Mail: Deedtease@aol.com
City/State: Texas
Look-Up Request: Tharp

Ed Tharp m. Pearl Hubbard 22 Aug 1901
W. B. Tharp m. Ida Allen 11 Aug 1887


Friday 10/05/2001 3:05:53pm
Name: Roy B.. Rhodes
E-Mail: rhodes@detnet.com
City/State: Livingston, TX
Look-Up Request: Marriage record for George W. Lyne and Mary C. Unknown 22 March 1887

Lyne marriage not found.


Thursday 10/04/2001 12:08:15am
Name: Larry Grissom
E-Mail: Wge209a@AOL
City/State: Fircrest, Washington 98466
Look-Up Request: Marriage between Albert Lee Grissom and
Ollie Levina McCullough Oct 13, 1896. If it took place in Tarrant Co. Thank you for the lookup. Larry

I do not find a marriage record for Albert Grissom in this time frame in Tarrant County.


Tuesday 10/02/2001 7:42:24pm
Name: Elaine Sampson
E-Mail: elainepurina@home.com
Look-Up Request: Marriage record for Eddie Jones born on 21 Sep 1917 at John Peter Smith Hospital Tarrant County Texas and Estella Baker born in 1916 in Fayette County. Date of marriage unknown. Thank you very much.

These dates are well outside the range of the records available in these publications.

Tuesday 10/02/2001 6:53:43pm
Name: Pat
E-Mail: PatsGenealogy@earthlink.net
City/State: CA
Look-Up Request: Marriage in Tarrant County around end of 1885, beginning 1886. Her name would have been Alice Stephens, his unknown.

The only Stevene (note change in spelling) in this time period is Miss E. A. Stephens to Cyrus Eakman 22 June 1886. Tarr. Co. Mg. Bk 4, pg. 112.


Sunday 09/30/2001 11:10:21am
Name: Joyce Allee
E-Mail: jallee@tyler.net
City/State: Henderson, TX
Look-Up Request: Marriage lookup for Bluford Allee b. 1859 in Ark. to Susan Cheiars around
1880 in Tarrant County, TX.

I do not find this marriage in Tarrant County 1876-1885 - under any spelling.


Wednesday 09/26/2001 0:58:41am
Name: Pat Fannin
E-Mail: jpfannin@hotmail.com
City/State: Ironton, Ohio
Look-Up Request: Philip Tomlin to Ellen Hasting around 1890 in Tarrant Co.,Tx, probably near Arlington. His age around 24 and her's around 16.

One P. F. Tomlin married Ellen SCOTT 13 Aug 1890. I have no record of their ages. Tarrant Co. Mg. Bk 5, pg. 485


Saturday 09/22/2001 7:35:39am
Name: Kloyece Irvin
E-Mail: kloyeceirvin@aol.com
City/State: Abilene, TX
Look-Up Request: marriage certificate for John Thomas Hitt and Ellen Melissa Bellamy

J. T. Hilt and E. M. Bellomy [sic] were married 30 Sept 1900
Tarrant Co. Mg. Bk 12, pg. 49.


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