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The Fort Worth Star-Telegram Late Night Edition
Volume XXXIX, No. 181 Sunday, August 3, 1919
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Seek Slayer of Bridgeport Man; Robbed Too

Assistant County Attorneys TOLBERT and PARKER Friday began an investigation of the robbery and fatal attack upon F. L. SIMPSON of Bridgeport. Simpson died of stab wounds Friday at a local hospital.

Several nights ago he was attacked and robbed of $16. He was found unconscious near Fourth and Calhoun Streets about 11 p.m. His story related after he regained consciousness was that he was accosted somewhere on Belnap [sic] or Weatherford Streets. The highwayman demanded that he give up his money. When he reached into his pocket he was attacked with a knife. He then walked to Fourth and Calhoun where he fell unconscious. No charges have yet been made in the case.

The body of Simpson was sent to Bridgeport Saturday morning for burial by the Fort Worth Undertaking Company. A brother of the slain man, E. F. SIMPSON, who lives in Enid, Okla., accompanied the remains.


Hopped Freight for Oil Fields, Caught; They're Farmers Now

The oil fields of Texas lost two prospective youthful adventurers Friday, but a farmer in Tarrant County gained two huskies through the medium of the City Court. The two adventurers, yet in their "teens," were picked up in the Rock Island yards Thursday night, attempting to travel via the "side-door Pullman" route.

"We're from Arkansas, judge," one of the boys told the court. "Least wise me and this here boy. The other fellow was with us and we were startin' for the oil fields. Our money gave out ‘cept $1.80 when we got to Fort Worth and we thought we'd get there the best way we could. So we clumb into a box car."

GOSSETT, who originally hailed from Arkansas, looked at the guileless youths. "You remind me of one of BRIGGS. When a fellow met a friend [illegible] too. Then Gossett went out and got jobs for the boys....$3.50 each per day and board. The farmer came for them in an auto.

They hesitated a moment. "That prison breakfast of two thin slices and nothing else much is kinder light for a working man. Can't we go over to a restaurant and get something to eat?" They were granted permission and ordered---yes, you've guessed it - $1.70 worth of ham and eggs and two cups of coffee.


Hundreds of Paint Brushes Scattered Along County Road

Several hundred paint brushes were brought to the police station early Saturday morning by E. O. BLAIR, who found them scattered along the White Settlement road. The brushes, it is believed by the police, are the property of the Sherwin-Williams paint store, which was robbed of a quantity of brushes on July 21.


Waco Woman Finds Dead Body of Father

Waco. Aug. 2. Mrs. C. Herbert GREEN of North Waco discovered the body of her father, C. D. BULLOCK, 67, Friday afternoon with a bullet hole in the left temple. A pistol lay nearby. Bullock, a resident of Waco for twenty years, had been in ill. health. His widow, two daughters, Mrs. Green and Mrs. Harry SCOTT of Dallas,.and a son in Chicago, survive.


$45 Watch Taken From His Pocket

A watch valued at $45 was taken from the pocket of Frank KIRKLEN, 1313 Main Street, Friday, according to his report to the police. He did not report until he got home from work.


Funds Getting Low (Milk for Poor Babies)

Dorothy BEYERS, Ora Mae BLAIR and Dorothy MORRIS decided they wanted to help buy milk and ice for poor babies. Ora Mae and the two Dorothies are not much bigger than a Summer day's cake of ice and it looked almost as hopeless as an attempt to park 100 pounds in the center of Houston and Ninth Streets at high noon. They couldn't go uptown and earn money. So they started a "show" in a back yard. An "audience" came and went away. The little actors brought 85 cents to the Free Milk and Ice Fund. A check from Mrs. V. D. FOX for $1.25 came in the mail at the same time with a $1 bill. Both were for the Milk and Ice Fund.


Interurban Traveler Minus Suit Case

B. H. GILES notified police Friday of the theft of a suit case from an interurban car between here and Cleburne. Detectives believe that his suit case was taken by mistaken. Giles says the contents were valued at about $200.





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