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The following items were abstracted from:

Fort Worth Democrat
Saturday, October 9, 1875



W. P. Burts M.D. J. T. Field M. D.

Drs. Burts & Field
Surgeons & Obstetricians

Having associated themselves in the practice of their profession offer their services to the citizens of Forth Worth and Tarrant County. Offices Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas


J. C. Terrell W. S. Pendleton

Attorneys At Law
Collection Agents

Will attend promptly to the business entrusted to them in the counties of Tarrant, Dallas, Johnson, Denton, Parker and Wise and in the Supreme Court in Austin.

Devote their attention exclusively to their profession.


J. ?. Smith J. J. Jarvis
[2nd initial of J. Smith couldn't be read on copy.]

Smith and Jarvis
Attorneys At Law
General Land Agents,
Fort Worth, Texas

Prompt personal attention given to the collection of debts, adjustment of claims, protecting titles, payment of taxes and purchase and sale of real estate.


John Hanna J.N. Hogsett

Hanna & Hogsett
Attorneys At Law
Land Agents
Fort Worth, Texas

Will practice in the District Courts of Tarrant and adjoining counties. Strict personal attention [?] to all professional business entrusted the their care. [?] given when required.

[?=words are not clear enough on copy to read.]


Shooting Affray

We have put ourself to some trouble and expense to ascertain the particulars of the assault upon Dr. F. G. Sitton by "Bill" Hawkins, which occurred on the race track on Wallace's prairie on the 18th ult. And by which the Doctor came very near losing his life.

[Long article further describing the particulars of this event, my copy doesn't include the whole article but several more paragraphs. "Hines" Hawkins is mentioned as brother to "Bill" Hawkins.]


The Ball last Friday night was a decided success. Everything passed off quietly. The ladies looked their prettiest, I know for they were all handsome. Among who were the following: Misses Mary and Mattie Lytle, Miss Lula Previtt, Miss Ella McBride, Miss Lizzie James, Mrs. Angie Basket, Miss Wyatt, Miss Mollie Day, Mrs. Ezell and Mrs. Mask Oats and others names who I can not remember now. Mr. A. W. A. McCraken was floor manager and I must say he was the right man in the right place. Jim Bakers String Band discoursed music for the occasion and it was No. 1. The super was elegant. The table was loaded with all the most fastidious might wish. Mr. J. W. Grant was the dispenser in this department.


Dr. I. J. Randall is rejoicing over a new girl, just arrived, Oct. 4, 1875.


Henry Jefferson living on Indian Creek, died October 4th, age not known, but near 70 years old. He was one of the most respected citizens in this county. He leaves a large family to mourn his loss.

Eugene Hooper, son of Mrs. Elizabeth Hooper, residing three miles East of Aurora, died on October 11, age 18 years.

Yours truly, J.E.R.





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