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J. D. TANKERSLEY and Miss Mary LISCO were married April 28, 10:00 a.m. at the residence of Rev. J. B. FRENCH. Mr. Tankersley is the son of Judge B. G. Tankersley and is employed by Swift and Company. Miss Lisco is a niece of G. W. BARNHART. They will reside at 809 West Leuda Street.

Lake Erie, the popular resort on the Interurban line, will open tomorrow for the season. There will be two programs - afternoon and evening. Music will be featured in the afternoon and a vaudeville company will perform at night. The company announces that souvenirs will be given.

Robert F. WILLIAMS, Fort Worth, William ANDERSON, Holland, Texas, and Bruno RIENHOLD of Prussia have enlisted through the local army recruiting station. The first two will be sent to Columbus, Ohio and the latter to Jefferson barracks at St. Louis. Rienhold is a native German, recently obtaining his naturalization papers for this country.

Fort Worth-Record, April 29, 1905


Rev. I. Z. T. MORRIS is looking for homes for four good healthy boys - Stephen PAINTER,11, Willie MEISNER, 14, Millard IRVIN, 12, and Willie GOODWIN, 7. If you have friends who are willing to take one of these boys, you will help Rev. Morris and help an orphan boy to good citizenship.

Fort Worth Register, Wed. Jan. 8, 1902


Lone Star Camp No. 2, Woodmen of the World, installed new officers last night. They are: W. H. LENNON, Commander; T. G. COTTAR, Lieutenant; J. A. TODD, Clerk; C. C. CUNNINGHAM, Banker; H. G. COTTER, Attendant, Max H. MAYER, Watchman; George GRANT, Sentinel and J. B. JEFFERIES, Manager. John W. WALKER was in charge of the installation and Commander LENNON delivered the welcome address. An excellent program was presented by: Prof. HEATHCOTE consisting of a song by Miss Katie PARKER, recitations by Miss Lizzie May MOORE and O. S. LATTIMORE, a shadow dance by Miss Selma LENNON and a reading by Miss Gertrude McBRIEN.

Fort Worth Register, Friday Jan. 10, 1902


A number of Odd Fellows met last night and decided that Fort Worth should have an Odd Fellows encampment. Messers R. H. TUCKER, John D. NICHOLS, B. H. SHIPP, W. BOESSER and George H. SCHOBER have made an application to Grand Patriarch KINCAID for a charter and Fort Worth lodges plan to build a beautiful stone temple.

Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Thurs. Jan. 8, 1902


A May Day party will be given at the University tonight. There will be a May Pole dance with refreshments and a large crowd is expected to attend.

M. H. WOOD, prominent business man of Shreveport, La. and Mrs. Lidia DeMOTT of St. Louis, Mo. were married yesterday afternoon at the parsonage of the First Baptist Church, Dr. Luther LITTLE officiating. They will make their home in Shreveport.

Fort Worth Record, May 1, 1905


Four Tarrant County Pioneers Die On Same Day
All Past 72 years - Services Will be Held Today

E. B. STROUD, a member of the family who once owned the old Mansion House, was a retired banker and merchant. He was born in Limestone County, Texas, came to Fort Worth in 1887 and married a daughter of the late W. W. DUNN. He is survived by his widow, a daughter, Mrs. Tom W. SLACK, Fort Worth; two sons, T. M., Wichita Falls, and E. B. STROUD, Jr., Dallas. Services will be held at his residence on West Terrell with burial in East Oakwood Cemetery.

George SHADDY, an uncle of Deputy Sheriff WHITE, was a long time farmer in the Grapevine area. He is survived by a son, James SHADDY, Fort Worth, and a daughter, Mrs. Mollie BEAVERS, with whom he lived. Funeral services will be held at White's Chapel.

William TANNAHILL came to this county with his parents when only 8 months old. He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. G. PREWETT at Keller. He is survived by his widow and five children, W. S., Fort Worth, G. E., Lockney; Mrs. Prewett and Mrs. A. J. ALFORD and L. P. TANNAHILL, both of Saginaw. Funeral services will be held at Keller Baptist Church with burial in Greenwood Cemetery.

W. A. McCORSTIN came to Texas from Tennessee in 1860 and moved to Fort Worth 25 years ago. where he had a horse and mule business. He is survived by his widow; five sons, A. P. and W. M. McCorstin, Fort Worth; Otis and R. R. McCorstin, Milwaukee, Wis., and J. E. McCorstin, Loving, N. M.; and three daughters, Mrs. E. T. JENKINS and Mrs. Sid WHITLEY, Fort Worth and Mrs. R. U. MORLEY, Maysville, Wis. Funeral services will be held at the home, Rev. C. V. Edwards, pastor of College Avenue Baptist Church, officiating. Burial will be in Dallas.

Fort Worth Record-Telegram, Wed. March 24, 1926


Samuel STEEL, 74, one of the first settlers of Fort Worth, died early this morning at the residence of Dr. J. S. RAY where he had been brought from Weatherford for medical treatment .Twenty years ago, Mr. Steel was a well known citizen here, owning the property on Third and Lamar, his home occupying one half of that block. He had been living on a farm some ten miles from Weatherford with his son, Alexander, for the past ten years, and had recently moved to Weatherford.

Fort Worth Gazette, Tues. Jan. 9, 1894

Note: Records of G. L. Gause Funeral Home give his name as "Laurence Steel" who was a well-known early settler in Fort Worth.


A boy six years old, was found last night wandering around the Union depot with a little dog in his arms. He says his name is Frank HOUSTON and he was either going to or coming from a sheep ranch. The driver of the Missouri Pacific hospital wagon is taking care of him.

Capt. Daggett's home, in 1868, was considered to be "in the country." J. Bush, one of the old time cattlemen who was a frequent guest of the Daggetts, paid a visit yesterday and was impressed with the "great strides our city has made."

Captain Julien FEILD will take office as postmaster today.

The Fort Worth Building and Loan Association has elected officers for the following year: President, K. M. VAN ZANDT, vice-president, S. M. FRY; secretary, J. J. MELTON, treasurer, George MULKEY and attorney, J. F. COOPER.

The Teachers' Institute for District No. 1, Tarrant County, met on Saturday Nov. 7th with a good attendance. Officers elected for the coming year: R. F. MOORE, president; J. N. JOHNSON, 1st vice president; A. B. BROWN, second vice president; W. C. HALBERT, secretary. The next regular meeting will be at Keller Dec. 12, 1885.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles SILLIMAN of St. Louis are visiting Dr. George JACKSON and family. Mrs. Silliman, the former Miss Lilly THORN, is a niece of Dr. Jackson and has many friends here.

Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Wed. Nov. 11, 1885


In November the American Poultry Journal of Chicago offered $50 for the three best articles on poultry topics and some 175 articles were submitted. Among them was one by C. M. BROWN of Fort Worth, on the subject, "Artificial Incubation and Management of Incubators." Yesterday Mr. Brown received a check, having been chosen as one of the three winners in the competition.

Fort Worth Register, Thurs., Jan. 9, 1902


The annual election of the Epworth League was held recently at Trinity Methodist Church. C. L. RICHHART, Central Methodist, succeeded Charles Ray PATTERSON, Broadway Methodist, as president. Other officers elected were Ray JONES, Miss Venus CHEEK, Miss Lena MOORE, Paul BANNER and Miss Carolyn CARTER. Installation will be Thursday night at St. Paul's Methodist Church.

Fort Worth Record-Telegram, Wed. March 24, 1926


"Mother of Texas"

Mrs. Rebecca Jane Fisher, "Mother of Texas," and the last woman pioneer of the Lone Star State who lived under the Mexican flag on Texas soil, died in Austin. The body lay in state in the Senate Chamber while Boy and Girl Scouts formed an honor guard. Aged Confederate veterans, descendants of Mexican War veterans, college students and State employees filed by the flag-draped casket. At the request of Governor Miriam A. Ferguson, all departments of State closed at noon out of respect and the halls were silent except for the footsteps of the mourners. Services were conducted by Bishop James E. Dickey, Methodist Episcopal Church, assisted by Rev. Sterling Fisher, grandson of Mrs. Fisher, Rev. W. F. Bryan, First Methodist Church, and Rev. Casper Wright, former pastor. In reviewing Mrs. Fisher's life, it was noted that her career culminated on March 2nd when she observed the ninetieth anniversary of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Burial was beside her late husband, Rev. Orcemith Fisher in Oakwood Cemetery in Austin. The Daughters of the Texas Republic, which she headed for many decades, placed a Texas flag on her grave among the many floral offerings.

Fort Worth Record-Telegram, Wed. March 24, 1926

The Order of Railway Telegraphers

The O. R. T., organized in 1886, is different from all other orders in that its main characteristic is conservatism. Its laws oppose strikes and other methods of force and its success depends on the intelligence and good sense of its members. Yesterday representatives of the Order from all over Texas met at the Pickwick Hotel in Fort Worth. Mr. Hudgins, the host, had ordered a first class dinner and after members and guests took their seats, they were supplied with everything the most fastidious palate could desire, and certainly did full justice to the meal.

After dinner, delegates adjourned to the parlors, where Grand Chief Telegrapher Mr. A. D. Thurston of LaPorte City, Iowa, was introduced. He explained the objectives of the Order in a most impressive way, and his talk was received with much enthusiasm and hearty applause. He expressed his thanks for the reception and promised a return visit. After the response by M. W. Connolly of Fort Worth, the meeting became informal.

Delegates and guests included: Mr. Thurston, J. A. Mayes, J. E. Smith, C. G. Keeler, H. Worrall, J. G. Worrall, J. T. Brigance, G. G. Willingham, W. C. Hudgins, J. R. Marmion, W. H. Pieper, E. W. Craig, F. C. Boutz, Frank Hughes, E. O. Rigsbee, E. A. Collins, Thomas Mahoney, S. B. Brand, Wm Doherty, B. F. Darbyshire, W. E. Woodson, Capt. J. J. Mullane, M. W. Connolly, D. W. Lain and J. O. Porter. [cities represented were not given]

Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Monday, Jan. 23, 1888


Fort Worth Pan Electric Telephone Company

Recent Subscribers:

Adams, J. M., livery
Ackley & Stearns, plumbers
Aston, Thomas, meat market
Bradley, M. T., residence
Brooks, Duringer & Adams, doctors' office
Buckman, I. W., cider manufactory Brunswick Hotel
Central Saloon, R. Taylor
Groves, Mrs., residence
Hardcastle, H., meat market
Harry, H. W. & Bro., stoves
Hunter, Sam J., residence
Kahu, Mrs. Sol, residence
Kemper Bros., meat market

Kemper, David C., residence
Loving, George B., residence
Miller, D. R., residence
Murphy, W. J., residence
Polk's Stockyards
Robinson's meat market
Ross & Ross
Sandegard, coffee roaster
Saunders, W. J., residence
Smith, A. B., residence
Stewart, Seth W., residence
Townsend & Lusher, contractors
Templeton & Kern, law office

[reported by Company Manager Watkins]

Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Sunday, Dec. 6, 1885


When Fort Worth Was Young

When I lived here there were only a few business houses, small wooden structures, located below Sixth and Main. I well remember when the property at the corner of Fourth and Houston Streets was considered the most valuable in the city. Lots of soldiers from both Confederate and Federal armies came to Fort Worth after the War. I saw a number of the men who belonged to Quantrell's gang. Many killings and robberies took place in surrounding counties, and the men would come to Fort Worth for supplies and to rest up. I knew Sam Bass - he visited Fort Worth a number of times. The city has grown rapidly and it is interesting to see the fine buildings and residences and think how it used to be. The town was small but people, young and old, had good times and I believe enjoyed themselves more." [Interview with D. V. Valentine, former resident, now living in Indian Territory]

Fort Worth Record, Saturday, April 20, 1905


Bokagh – The funeral of Miss Rosie Bokagh, 18, of Washington Heights, who died Sunday night in a local hospital, will be held at 9 a. m. at All Saints Church, North Side, with interment in Calvary.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Aug. 16, 1915





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