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Abstracts from Fort Worth Newspapers, 1883-1915

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Pioneer Resident Dies From Fall

Mrs. Catherine Beselder, 72, one of the pioneer residents of Fort Worth, died Friday at her residence as the result of injuries received two weeks ago when she tripped and fell down the back steps of her home. She had started to the woodshed for kindling and fell headlong on the brick walk, injuring her head and dislocating her hip.

She is survived by her husband, C. A. Beselder and one son. Funeral services were conducted at the residence Saturday morning, Rev. Father Nolan officiating

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Oct. 30, 1911


Dr. E. J. BEALL is confined to his bed with a severe cold. Dr. W. H. ADAMS has returned from Baird because of sickness among his patients.

Mrs. L. M. BUFFINGTON expects the arrival of her daughter from Louisville, Ky. today.

Jackson STANLEY is out and about after a spell of pneumonia.

A handsome young German living on Houston Street is expected to soon lead to the alter a charming widow now living in Bowie, 64 years of age and worth $40,000. Age is stated to be no object!

Mrs. Mattie Gaylord SMITH lectured at the opera house last night to an audience much smaller than she deserved. The lecture was worthy of being heard by every mother, father and young lady in the city. Her views were sensible and wholesome as expressed and no sensible person could differ with her. The lecture was a delightful treat for those who were there and many wished their friends had been present.

The Railway Conductors' Ball will be held on New Year's Eve and will have two good bands. Arrangements have been made with Mr. TRAPET, one of the finest caterers in the country, to serve supper. All society people in and out of the city have been invited, but if some were missed they will still be welcome. Buy tickets which are on sale at Max EISER's and Mr. KING's drug stores.

We expect good behavior from all!

Fort Worth Gazette, December 1883


Mrs. Thomas W. WEST left yesterday morning to spend the Christmas holidays with relatives in Honey Grove.

E. H. DURHAM, formerly of Corsicana, has moved his family here, for better educational advantages.

Dr. O. EASTLAND of Wichita Falls came through last night on his way to Palestine to the bedside of his seriously ill sister.

H. T. HOLLIS and his bride have arrived here to make their home. Mrs. Hollis is the daughter of Capt. DARLING, formerly a wholesale dry goods merchant here.

Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Dec. 21, 1887


W. L. MATHEWS, a cattleman from Frazier, Texas, reported to city officers early yesterday morning that he had been sand-bagged not far from the depot and robbed of $2000.

Miss Alice Beth COOPER of Dallas, is visiting her uncle and aunt, Captain and Mrs. W. G. VEAL. The little lady was afraid Santa Claus would not know she was in Fort Worth, so the old gentleman is hereby notified.!

Recent visitors:

W. E. FAULK, prominent citizen of Weather-ford; W. A. SQUIRES, former mayor of Henrietta, ex-Senator MATLOCK; John R. SUDBERRY of Jefferson, well known here; W. G. BALCHWALD, Chicago produce dealer; and Will WATERS and his wife who are planning to buy residential property here

Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Dec. 22, 1887


Fort Worth Gun Club

A number of prominent marksmen and citizens met at the city hall Saturday night to organize the Fort Worth Gun Club. The following officers were elected: G. H. Day, president, Tom Witten, vice president; Jake Johnson, treasurer; Stuart Harrison, secretary. Members are: G. H. Day, E. F. Streets, Jake Johnson, Sam Finley, Tom Witten, T. I. Courtwright, S. E. Harrison, H. A. Thomas, Richard Flannagin, E. R. Glasscock, John Harwood, C. C. Hyde, Al Maas, J. H. Tiller, J. W. Swayne, E. F. Ikart, Burt Bondurant, A. J. Anderson, James Kirk, R. N. Brown and E. M. Due.

The rules of the State Sportsmen's Association were adopted to govern the club and initiation fee was fixed at $2.50 with monthly dues of 50 cents. The club will met the first and third Wednesdays of each month. It was decided that the club give a shooting match on the 27th and 28th of December, live birds to be shot at, if possible, if not to procure clay pigeons and glass balls. John Harwood, Richard Flannagin and J. H. Tiller were appointed a committee to draw up a program for this coming shoot.

Fort Worth Gazette, Dec. 10, 1883


"Married Folks Dancing Club"

W. A. Garner was elected chairman of this new club at its meeting yesterday. Bylaws as prepared by Capt. B. B. Paddock, E. E. Fosdick and E. J. Smith were read and adopted. The following officers were elected: M. B. Loyd, president, Robert McCart, vice president, E. E. Fosdick secretary and E. J. Smith treasurer. On motion the initials "S.P.C". were adopted as the name of the club. The following gentlemen and their wives were unanimously elected to membership:

Robt McCart, F. W. Ball, E. E. Fosdick, W. A. Garner, E. J. Smith, R. M. Wynne, A. W. Chaney, Tuck Boaz, Henry M. Furman, A. M. Carter, J. B. Bartholomew, J. P. Smith, Charles Scheuber, J. L. Hatcher, J. J. Roche, Charles L. Frost, Thomas Vogel, M. B. Lloyd, George Jackson, Leslie Mays, B. C. Evans, S. B. Burnett, Wm Brown, John Nichols, A. M. Britton, S. W. Lomax, J. H. Brown, W. G. Newby, Chas. Phelan, Capt. J. M. Garth, W. A. Huffman, D. W. Goodwin, Geo. Dashwood, W. F. Lake, W. L. Malone, John D. Ford, B. B. Paddock, George B. Loving, W. J. Morphy, W. F. Marginnis, Wm. M. Young, H. Tully, Max Elser, B. P. Fakes, Wm. Montgomery, R. E. Montgomery, Hyde Jennings, J. W. Zjok, W. M. Cantrell and J. P. Alexander.

Fort Worth Gazette, Dec. 12, 1883


Shortly after 1 o'clock Wednesday night, three pistol shots fired in rapid succession were heard in the heart of Hell's half acre. John GALLOWAY, proprietor of the saloon, was found behind the bar, dead, lying in a pool of blood. Just outside on Main Street were three police officers - one of them, William RUSHING, was the slayer of the dead man. Galloway came here from Georgia three years ago.

M. M. LESTER filed a suit against the Texas and Pacific railroad to recover $20,000 damages for carelessly killing her son east of Hanly [sic] in this county in January 1884.

Fort Worth Gazette, Aug 1, 1884


Ward – M. W. Ward, one of the oldest residents of Tarrant County, died at his home at Smithfield Sunday afternoon. He was 90 years old and had resided in the county for nearly half a century. The body was sent to Benbrook, his former home, for burial by the Gause Undertaking Company. Ward is survived by many relatives in various parts of the county.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Aug. 16, 1915


Mrs. Sue E. JEFFRIES, wife of J. N. JEFFRIES died Aug. 1, 1884 age 26. She was baptized Dec. 7, 1879 by Rev. J. S. GILLESPIE of the First Baptist Church of Fort Worth. At the time of her death she was a member of the Baptist Church of Wichita Falls. She recently returned with her husband to his father's, J. S. JEFFRIES, four miles north of this city, and after several weeks of suffering, died, leaving a daughter 4 years of age.

Fort Worth Gazette, August 5, 1884


Died. Benjamin SMITH, 26, son of Dr. Smith of this county, and nephew of Col. J. P. SMITH, our mayor. He had been working for the gas company for some time and on Friday evening was working on an exhauster through which is used to force the gas through the purifiers. In making an attachment, the pipe connecting hit Smith's head, inflicting a severe wound. He was conscious for half an hour and died yesterday morning. The funeral took place from Major Smith's mansion. The young man's mother died here four years ago.

Fort Worth Gazette, August 10, 1884





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