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Fort Worth Daily Democrat, Thursday, 14 December 1876

I am anxious to learn the whereabous of William Earle or Jesse Russell, or any member of their families. They migrated to Texas from Warren County, Mo. about 22 years ago and I have not heard from them since the war. I would urgently request them to correspond with me. James P. Wright, Fredonia, Kansas.

Fort Worth Daily Democrat, Sunday, 7 January 1877

The case of the state vs. Jennie Thompson, charged with publishing a libel, was ended last night. The jury found a verdict of guilty and assessed a fine of $100.

Fort Worth Democrat, Friday 4 October 1878

We regret to learn of the death of our old Friend, Daniel Getty, formerly of this city, who died last month at his home in Jackson, Tenn.

A. A. Bridges died Tuesday morning at his home, 211 Taylor. Services for him were conducted by the R. E. Lee Camp of Confederate Veterans, of which he was a member. Services were delayed pending the arrival of his daughter, Mrs. Charles Wheeler, of Philadelphia. He is survived by three daughters and a son. Bridges enlisted in the CSA in 1861, Co. I, 50th Virginia Infantry, Jackson's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia and participated in all battles of that army including Gettysburg. He was taken prisoner at the Wilderness and was in prison at Fort Delaware until the surrender.

Fort Worth Democrat, 9 August 1879

On Thursday night, the neighborhood in the vicinity of the Red Light was aroused by a woman's voice screaming for help as well as the gruff tones of a man. The woman got away and made tracks up town to inform police. Her assailant left at once, but happened to cross the path of Constable Maben who knew his description. The man at first strongly denied having beaten any woman, but when Maben proposed to take him to her house, he admitted it and is now in jail. He claims the woman was threatening him with a knife and he had to knock her down to save his own life.

A. Lewis, the barber who kept his shop open last Sunday in violation of the Sunday law, was arrested and brought before Justice McClung yesterday. He was fined ten dollars and costs - the lowest fine the law allows.

Daily Democrat, 13 August 1879

At a meeting of the fire department Saturday, a subscription was taken up and $5 raised to pay Rev. W. W. Brimm for conducting funeral services of the late George White. The gentleman declined to accept, saying he felt only too proud of the honor conferred on him in being selected to contribute to the last rites of their brave brother.

John Bradley, formerly of White Settlements, died at the Battle House yesterday under rather strange circumstances. He was taken ill several days ago and it is said that had he been properly cared for, his death could have been prevented. It is believed that exposure to excessive heat first caused his illness. He was buried in the afternoon.

Fort Worth Daily Democrat, Wednesday 20 April 1882

Stephen F. Blaine and Miss Bessie G. Harris, both of this city, were married last evening in St. Andrew's Rectory, Rev. W. W. Patrick officiating. The happy couple took the westbound train for California.

Fort Worth Record, Thursday, 31 August 1905

Miss Myrtle Cook, age 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cook, died suddenly yesterday morning. Mr. Cook is the manager for Monnigs and is away in the east on a buying trip. Services will be delayed until his return.

Fort Worth Record, Friday 14 February 1908

Mrs. H. G. Deering, 53, died yesterday afternoon at her home in north Fort Worth. Services will be held today from the residence with burial in Oakwood. Survivors include her husband, two daughters, Mrs. D. G. Perkins and Mrs. J. J. Johnson of Oklahoma and sons, Fred, Henry, Jr. and Dee, all of Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Record, Tuesday 22, Dec. 1908

An old fashioned housewarming, a first class Christmas entertainment and a successful church social - all in one - ccelebrated the completion of the new pastor's (Kentucky Avenue Baptist Church) home last night. Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Boone moved into their new home a few days ago and wanted to thank members of the congregation who made it possible. There were plenty of refreshments and a hearty exchange of holiday greetings.

Fort Worth Record 30 June 1909

Mrs. Maggie Cassidy, wife of Mike Cassidy, died suddenly last Tuesday of heart failure at her home on Pecan Street. She was only 38 years old and had been in good health. The funeral was held Wednesday at St. Patrick's Church with burial in Calvary Cemetery. She is survived by her husband.

Fort Worth Record, 5 October 1910

The funeral of Mrs. B. A. Arnold, who shot herself at her home Monday morning was conducted Tuesday from the residence, with burial in Greenwood Cemetery. She is survived by her husband.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Saturday 16 October 1915.

D. M. Williford, a Royal Arch Mason, died at the Masonic Home for the Aged in Arlington Friday. He formerly worked for the T & P Railway. Survivors include his widow, daughters Mrs. Cora E. Lewis of Fort Worth and Mrs. Laura Hammill, Arlington, 4 grandchildren. Services will be conducted at the Masonic home Saturday with burial in the Arlington Cemetery.

Fort Worth Record, 5 July 1920.

O. W. Gillespie was the chief speaker to the veterans of the R. L. Camp at its meeting Sunday afternoon. His subject was "The Fourth of July, Its Significance and Celebration." He spoke of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the recent World War. W. T. Shaw, Camp historian, read the ninth of his series on the Civil War. Mrs. W. L. Langston and Mrs. James Binyon furnished the entertainment for the meeting. State Commander Wright of the Sons of Confederate Veterans gave a short talk concerning increasing membership before the Houston convention in Cecember.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Sat. 16 Oct. 1920

J. H. McKay and Mrs. Mearl Tate announced their recent marriage in Dallas and will leave immediately for a honeymoon trip to New Orleans.

Fort Worth Record, Friday, 3 June 1921

Ernest Myers, employee of the Record and Miss Marie Darby, popular young lady formerly of this city, now living in Rogers, Ark., were married Thursday afternoon at the courthouse, Rev. Thomas Reece officiating. For the present they will live with Myers mother, Mrs. Emma Pugh, and set up housekeeping on their own later.





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