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Dallas Morning News, Monday, March 17, 1913

Miss Louise Long, of Kansas City, who won some $1500 at the Fort Worth Horse Show, will donate her winnings to charitable organizations - the Fort Worth Relief Association, the North Fort Worth Emergency Club, and others of similar character. Miss Long will keep only the silver services and cups awarded to her.

Miss Alma Pendery and Charles Monroe will be married Tuesday evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Pendery of South Lake Street.

W. T. Norton, 20, died today in St. Joseph's Infirmary from injuries received when he was struck by an automobile last week on Seventh Street.

Mrs. Sarah O'Daniel, 70, died yesterday at a local hospital. Services will be held tomorrow at Robertson's Chapel with burial in Oakwood Cemetery.

St. Patrick's Day was observed at St. Patrick's Cathedral today, with another service scheduled for tomorrow. High mass will be held Monday and a special sermon preached by Rev. J. J. Campbell of Gainesville.

Arrangements have been made for an Easter Egg hunt at Trinity Park next Saturday under the auspices of the Parent-Teachers' clubs of the First and Eleventh Wards. More than 100 dozen eggs will be hidden in the park and an admission will be charged to participate in the hunt. The girl finding the most eggs will receive a gold ring and the boy finding the same will receive a pair of roller skates. Prizes will also be given to the girl or boy selling the most tickets. Special eggs will be: two gold eggs worth $5 each in gold; one silver egg worth three silver dollars and two worth one silver dollar each.

The churches in Fort Worth are making preparations for Easter services with special sermons and music.

It is estimated that 20,000 people visited the Armour and Swift plants during the Fat Stock Show, with the largest crowd being on Fort Worth Day. More than 6,000 went through the Armour plant with fully as many at the Swift house.

The Polytechnic Missionary Society will meet Tuesday afternoon at the home of Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Bloodworth. Several speakers will address the subject of "Woman in the Home."

The residence of R. L. May, 1104 Alston Avenue, was destroyed by fire, said to have started from a gas stovepipe.

Capt. W. E. Wheeler, juvenile and humane officer for six years, died in a local hospital Saturday. Services will be held tomorrow.

Mansfield News. Mrs. R. P. Newsome is visiting her son in Paris. Miss Verda Kelley of Midlothian visited Mrs. John Board last Friday. An entertainment at Lillian last Friday evening was attended by Misses Mary Wilson, Amelia Sparlman, Ruth Quickenstead of Hillsboro, Bonnie Wallace, Birdie Lee Mahoney and Messrs. Bob and Bert Wilson, Willet Smith and Hayden McElvaney.

Arlington News. Mrs. A. W. Collins has returned from San Antonio. Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Copeland are visiting in Shreveport. Mrs. Blue of Comanche is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Yates, Sr.


Dallas Morning News, Saturday, March 22, 1913

Mrs. R. M. Henderson was struck by a street car tonight while crossing the street at Seventh and Houston, and is reportedly painfully injured. She was taken to her father's home on Second Street, where she lives, for medical attention. The worst injuries were to her head and she was semi-conscious for more than an hour after the accident.

Mrs. Mattie A. Bemeron, 77, died this afternoon at her residence on East Fourth Street. Services will be held Sunday afternoon at the Fort Worth Undertaking Chapel with burial in Mount Olivet Cemetery. She is survived by a grandson, R. A. Arbuckle of Fort Worth and two granddaughters of China springs, Texas.

Mrs. Ben Wilson, 23, died this morning at her home on Market Street on the North Side. Her body will be sent to Dallas for burial. She is survived by her husband.

J. C. McCabe, freight agent for the Rock Island, who was stricken with paralysis at San Antonio ten days ago will be brought to Fort Worth immediately. Dr. Henry Trigg, the family physician, left for San Antonio tonight. Mrs. McCabe is already at her husband's bedside.

Marriage licenses: Sandy Cate and Cecil Louis of Dallas; Curtis Rutherford and Lennie Pullins, city; Clarence O. Gesorke of Dallas and Miss Hazel Latham of Hugh, Okla.

The Adams home at the corner of Fifth and Lamar Streets has been purchased by the Young Women's Christian Association for $16,000. The lot is 100 feet square and will be the site of the new building to be erected within the next few years.

Suits filed in District Court: Mrs. Joe Edwards vs. James Pyle for damages; M. F. Hedges vs. J. M. Hedges, divorce; Essie Guery vs. Ed Guery, divorce.

Judge Tom Bradley will be the speaker for the meeting Tomorrow night of Railway Carmen Lodge No. 483 at Ben Hur Hall, Sixth and Throckmorton Streets.


Dallas Morning News, Sunday, March 23, 1913

Miss Margaret Burney entertained members of the History Club last Monday with a St. Patrick's Day tea. Vocal selections were rendered by Mrs. Katherine Rose and little Misses Margaret Patterson and Ruth Ratliff.

Miss Lucille Gage was hostess to the Thirteen Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon at her home on Pennsylvania Avenue. Miss Kate Hill won first prize. Lunch was served to Misses Mae Taylor, Mattie Stubblefield, Carrie Stewart, Beth Montgomery, Maude Movenkamp, Kate and Agnes Hill, Josephine French, Emma Dunway, Winifred Davis, Lucille Coffman, Anabell Brown, Mrs. Paul Brown, Mrs. Myrtle thomas and Miss Lucille Gage.

Court News:

The will of Ernest L. Thielemann, deceased, was filed for probate by T. P. Thielemann.

Inventory and appraisement of the estate of John G. Waples as filed in Probate Court, puts value of property at $522,000. His will, filed some weeks ago, left the bulk of the estate to his daughter, Mrs. Lloyd H. McKee. The homestead, valued at $16,000, and other property, were left to the widow.

Mandy Blake vs. J. E. Blake, divorce; Mrs. Mary Bird vs. Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway Company, damages; J. B. Bookout vs. Essie Bookout, divorce; Nora E. McCutchan vs. J. D. McCutchan, divorce.





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