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Abstracts from the Fort Worth Daily Democrat
September - December 1879
Originally published in Footprints, Aug 1990, v.33 no.3

Compiled by Barbara Knox



[Note: Terms "inst" and ult" are very often seen in old newspaper articles. "Inst" means that the event occurred in the present month. "Ult" implies that the date referred to was in the previous month.]


Sept. 4, 1879

Mr. E. J. Tyler and Miss Lee Majors were married Thursday evening at the home of the bride's father, Judge C. C. Cummings officiating.


Sept. 9, 1879

Dr. M. N. B. Williams, old citizen of Fort Worth, died yesterday. Funeral will be held with full Masonic honors.

Col. E. M. Morton and Miss Maggie Redish were married Sunday evening 6th inst.


Sept. 10, 1879

Mr. G. F. Bell and Miss M. C. Flanagan, both of this county, were married last Monday, 12:30 p.m. at the Trans Continental [Hotel], Rev. W. W. Brimm officiating. Dinner was served in the dining room following the ceremony.


Sept. 11, 1879

E. C. Shugard and Miss Ella Daugherty were married last evening at the Presbyterian Church, Rev. W. W. Brimm officiating. The bride, an orphan, is one of the Fort's most favored daughters and the groom is a salesman in the hardware house of Henry and Underwood. A private reception was held at the residence of R. F. Tackaberry following the ceremony.

John Hood of Tupelo, Miss. and Miss Sallie H. Daniels of this county were married Aug. 17th at the home of J. R. Daniel, Elder H. C. Renfro officiating. Mr. Hood became ill with spinal meningitis on Aug. 19th and died some 15 days later. [Item from Johnson's Station]

Mrs. Mary, wife of Rev. A. Fitzgerald, died Sunday, Sept. 7th at Red Sulphur Springs. She will be buried in Fort Worth city cemetery Monday morning.


Sept. 12, 1879

The Grand Military Ball, social event of the season, was held on the 15th at Evan's Hall, with 400 attending. Want was the caterer and the music was excellent. Serving on the committee in charge were Surgeon A. D. Ansell, Dr. J. P. Booth and Lt. T. H. McMahon.


Sept. 13, 1879

Mr. C. C. Slaughter of Dallas, one of the largest cattle holders in the state, gave a wine and oyster supper at the National Hotel for some of his many friends. He will leave today for a two month visit to his ranch in "the far west."


Sept. 17, 1879

H. J. Stockett and Miss Emma Berry were married last night at the Southern Methodist church in the presence of a large number of friends. The bride wore a beautiful steel colored silk dress. After the ceremony, a sumptuous repast was served at the home of the groom's sister, Mrs. j. T. Melton. The bride is the adopted daughter of Rev. M. H. Wells and the groom has been a resident of this city for several years.


Sept. 30, 1879

J. Cull Walton died of consumption last Sunday morning, Sept. 28th.


Oct. 2, 1879

John R. Leonard died of Phthises pulmonalis [sic]. He was proprietor of a store on Granbury Road, 6 miles from town and leaves a wife and four children.

E. B. Test, partner in the lumber firm of Williams and Test, married Miss Alice Badger last evening at St. Andrews Church, Ft. Scott Kansas. After a brief trip, the couple will live in Fort Worth.


Oct. 9, 1879

B. L. Samuels, old citizen of Tarrant County, died at 10 o'clock yesterday on his farm one mile northeast of the city. He was born in Todd County, Ky., in 1803 and came to Tarrant County in 1856. His first wife died soon afterward and he married the daughter [name not given] of Dr. J. P. Woods and sister of our county clerk, Jim Woods. He is survived by his second wife and two married daughters by his first wife. He had one sister and three brothers, deceased, none of whom married. The funeral will be held this morning at 10 o'clock at his home on Samuels Avenue.


Oct. 10, 1879

Miss Malinda Bishop and A. G. Brooks were married last evening at the Baptist church, Rev. Gillespie officiating. A reception was held at the home of the bride following the ceremony.


Oct. 25, 1879

Miss Nettie E. Harrell and Edgar W. Hope were married on the evening of the 23rd at the home of the bride's brother, C. L. Harris.


Oct. 30, 1879

Miss Fannie Darnell and Henry W. Tucker were married on the 29th inst. at the residence of Thomas Whitten, Rev. Burnett officiating.


Nov. 4, 1879

After 25 years of separation the eight brothers and sisters of Steven Mulkey were reunited at his residence on Saturday, Nov. 1st. Rev. McKenzie, his wife and daughter, close friends of the Mulkeys' parents, were also present. The oldest family member present was Dr. Mulkey of Kaufman and the youngest, Mrs. Orgain, wife of our postoffice clerk.

Miss E. Buford and C. D. King, both of this county, were married Oct. 30th, at the El Paso [Hotel]. They will go east on the bridal tour.

William Preston and Miss Mary Castele were married Friday evening, 7th inst. at St. Andrews Rectory, Rev. W. W. Patrick officiating.


Nov. 12, 1879

Our county commissioner, Tobe Johnson, received news yesterday of the sudden death of his sister, Mrs. M. L. Lee of Wise County. She will be buried on her farm about 15 miles from Fort Worth.


Nov. 13, 1879

One of "the most noted marriages ever in Fort Worth" took place Tuesday evening when Mr. Hendrick Henderson, 34, was married to Mrs. Caroline D. Witwa, 66. The ceremony was performed by Judge McClung.


Nov. 14, 1879

Miss S. E. Pugh and G. H. Herrell, both of Arlington, were married yesterday at the Trans-Continental Hotel. Deputy Sheriff Isbell summoned the groom for jury duty during the "sumptuous repast" following the ceremony.


Nov. 26, 1879

T. A. Howeth and Mrs. S. J. Seasell, both of Alvarado [Johnson Co. Tex.] were married by Rev. M. D. Fly.


Nov. 27, 1879

G. T. Brewer and Miss A. E. Renfro (another Alvarado) were married early yesterday at the European Hotel, Rev. J. W. Stone officiating.


Dec. 2, 1879

E. M. Wells of Fort Worth and Miss Willie A. Pollard were married Thursday, 27th ult. at the home of the bride's uncle in Lee;s Summit, Mo.


Dec. 9, 1879

Thomas R. Sandidge, well known hardware man married Miss Nannie A. Thornton "one of the Fort's finest," Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 6th, at the home of the bride's father, J. A. Thornton.


Dec. 11, 1879

Miss Rosa Wenor, well known in society here, will be married to Aaron Goldstein next Sunday. The groom, formerly a resident here, now lives in Gailesville.


Dec. 12, 1879

W. C. Fly and Miss Fannie Waggoman were married last evening at the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Rev. M. D. Fly officiating. Attendants were Mr. John Lewis, Miss Jennie Alford, Mr. Richard Wilkes and Miss Nellie Buchanan. A reception was held after the ceremony at the home of Capt. Lyles, brother-in-law of the bride.


Dec. 14, 1879

Mansfield. William H. Stahl and Mrs. Ann Genkins were married on the 9th. On the same date, Dennis Mahoney and Mary A. Wallace and John B. Graves and Octavia Wallace were married in a double ceremony.


Dec. 17, 1879

S. M. Fry and Miss Annie S. Brooks were married last evening at the Presbyterian Church, Rev. W. W. Brimm officiating.


Dec. 21, 1879

William P. Brazelton, "promising young lumberman," will be married to Miss Hannah Jones of Cincinnati, Ohio, on Christmas Eve. Miss Jones spent last winter here with her brother, Major David Jones.


Dec. 26, 1879

James S. Davis, prominent young lawyer, and Miss Susie C. Kennedy were married last evening at the home of Capt. O. S. Kennedy, Rev. Allen officiating.


Dec. 27, 1879

Frank Leslie Fox, stepson of Col. J. P. Smith, died yesterday morning at the Smith residence. He was born in Carroll Co. Miss. July 7, 1862. A resolution of respect was passed by A & M College and six uniformed cadets were present at the large funeral service.


Dec. 30, 1879

Prof. F. W. Prewitt of fort Worth and Miss Effie Emery were married at the home of the bride's father (Elder V. I. Stirman) near Kaufman, Texas.





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