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Abstracts from the Fort Worth Democrat, 1873
Originally appeared in Footprints, Feb. 1992, v.35 no.1
As contributed by Nelita Snow



[Note: Reel 1 of the Fort Worth Democrat, housed in the Periodical Department of the Fort Worth Public Library, contains the earliest known Fort Worth newspapers. The Democrat, B. B. Paddock, Editor, later became the Fort Worth Gazette. This microfilm is cracked and taped, making difficult reading. Some portions are missing and some dates are out of order. No attempt has been made to rearrange the order of filming.]


March 29, 1873

Mr. Willey was killed last Wednesday when his horse fell on him. He lived near Mr. Tandy on the Dallas Road, some five miles from town.


March 3, 1873

Grand Jurors serving in District Court: J. P. Lipscomb, B. G. Lawrwence, E. W. Farmer, Jesse McClure, Charles Neece, T. W. Morris, Chas. Hardesty, C. Marques, J. D. Jefferson, Hosea Green, J. A. Bergoom, J. W. Chapman, John Flint, T. M. Ewing, P. B. Smallwood, H. C. Johnson, Hugh Roberts, C. B. Daggett.

Capt. Wm S. Oldham of Fort Worth and Clara O. Marshall, daughter of Col. John Marshall, formerly editor of the Auton State Gazette were married in Galveston by Dr. R. F. Bunting. Capt. Oldham is a son of Judge Wm. S. Oldham, former Senator from Texas in the Confederate State Congress, and was formerly associated with Col. Marshall as editor of the Gazette.

J. P. Alexander announced as candidate for alderman.

May 3, 1873

Fifty-six droves of cattle have passed through Fort Worth this Spring. Mr. J. T. Litton kept a record of the number, names of owners and countiy of residence. The largest number is 6,000 and tghe smallest 550.

Capt. Sam Evans, Tuck Boaz and Mr. Foitzgerald left for tyler to answer charges of violating the Ku Klux Bill.

S. Terry was appointed administrator of the estate of I. R. Worrell, deceased.

Julius Plaudke [sic] filed a complaint against William Lehr, dated 11 April 1873 - owes L. Caperas and Co. $25.

Partnership of J. T. Litton and M. A. Hearne has been dissolved.

James M. Gray filed in District Court against Mrs. Uriah Burns regarding a lost deed of conveyance of Peters Colony Certificate No. 56. The land was patented to heirs of Alexander Thompson and the defendant is Thompson's only heir.


March 1, 1873

The sheriff of Tarrant County has been ordered to summon G. W. Crawford and Robert Toombs, non-residents of the State of Texas, to answer petition of E. G. Bower, administrator of estate of George W. Guess, deceased, and Z. E. Combs, administatos, administrator of estate of J. K. P. Record, deceased. Alledgedly, Guess and Record were partners on Aug. 16, 1866 and continue to represent Crawford and Toombs in the land interests in Tarrant, Parker and Wise Counties and have defaulted.


March 8, 1873

The Hook and Ladder Company was entertained by the DeVere Silver Cornet Band and refreshments were provided by the Ladies Palace Ice Cream Parlor. Miss Sallie Johnson was named the most popular young lady. Others were Miss Ann T. Harper, Nola Mackey, Kitty Andrews, Mrs. Ellison, Miss Letitia Tucker and Miss Emma Knight.

Mrs. S. E. Ellison will give a vocal and instrumental concert, with proceeds to be given to the Company, which was named by Miss Sallie M. Johnson in honor of her father, Col. M. T. Johnson.

V. L. Benton, painter, left Ft. Worth on the 19th, taking with him a Glazier's diamond belonging to Geo. Jackson. The suspect is 45 years old with a "Flattened nose nestled in a bushy mustache." A deadbeat and proven swindler.

Capt. M. B. Loyd, member of the Board of Trustees of the North Fort Worth Cemetery Association, has engaged the DeVere Troupe for the benefit of the cemetery fund.


May 31, 1873

N. H. Wilson has returned from an extended tour of the West.

Mr. Harch and Mr. Ransom, injured when their vehicle overturned on the Dallas Road, were treated by Dr. Isbell at the Prairie House.

Subscribers to the Hook and Ladder Company who still owe amounts:

Field and Handley, Waterman, Well and Starr, H. C. Holloway, Newman, Young and Burrs, John Hamm, W. H. Overton, J. G. Smith, Pendery & Wilson, W. A. Wilson, J. J. Jarvis, B. C. Evans, D. Getty, A. B. Fraser, Frank Rutley, N. M. Maben, J. C. Smith, J. C. Terrell, J. Dahlman and Bro., Bowdry & Co., Davis and Overton, B. F. Barkley, G. H. Day & Co., Pearson and Massie, Geo. Jackson, Shiel and Coles, Z. E. B. Nash, Boaz and Ellis, L. Steel, P. B. Smallwood

Desdemona Cheek and T. F. Cheek, execotors of the estate of Pendleton cheek, deceased, filed petition in District Court of Tarrant County to sell certain lands belonging to the estate.


June 7, 1873

Fort Worth is six years old; population 2500; about 20 stores, four hotels, two banks and three newspapers. The town is built in the old Mexican style with the plaza and courthouse in the square.


July 12, 1873

J. G. Smith, executor, filed for letters of administration on the estate of Virginia E. Smith in District Court July 4, 1873.


July 19, 1873

Guests present at the festivities at Col. Moore's home: Mrs. Brewster, Mrs. Maddox, Mrs. Ellison, Miss Katie Moore, Miss Thomason, Miss Kittie Andrews, Miss Josie Gant, Miss Boaz of Birdville, Miss Lillie Loving of Carrolton, Miss., Miss Emma Knight, Miss Mollie Overton, Miss Ann T. Harper, Judge Wilkins and lady, Dr. Verdier and lady, Gov. Throckmorton and Capt. Daggett.

William Taylor has sold his interest in the Ladies Ice Cream Parlot to W. W. Dunn.

Captain Tarrant has gone to Sulphur Springs for his health.

Mrs. E. Terry, an esteemed early resident of Ft. Worth, died Monday p. m. of consumption.


July 26, 1873

The truck for the Hook and Ladder Company will soon arrive from New York.

Strayed or stolen: A bay horse formerly belonging to Dr. Cheek, dimly branded P C on the left shoulder. Reward for any information. P. J. Norwood.


August 2, 1873

Mr. Spart Marshall was thrown from his horse but escaped serious injury.

L. B. Hudson and J. B. Brown from the south portion of the county visited Thursday.

A Mr. Hawkshaw, professing to be the State Inspector of Hides and Animals, has been in the County Jail for some time on charges of theft. He and other criminals escaped Monday night.

W. G. Kirk, B. R. Booker, Wm. S. Metcalf, and Jas. Prewett left on the 31st for Galveston.

Dr. Van Zandt will pay a liberal reward for the recovery of his stolen saddle.

Birdville. July 19, 1883. The Democratic Executive Committee, met to elect the delegate to the County Convention to be held in Fort Worth on August 2. A. F. Leonard was called to chair with E. Farmer secretary. Committee to draft resolutions: I. D. Parker, Henry O'Neal, Jeff Earle, C. B. Daggett, F. Smith and Dr. Wallace.

A meeting of Precinct 2 was held at Johnson's Station on Saturday, July 2. Dr. A. K. Middleton nominated S. H. Tummins Chairman and Thomas Spruance Secretary. Delegates sppointed to the Convention: John Ray, Dr. A. K. Middleton, Walter Beale, L. L. Joplin, J. W. Ditto, J. W. Sublett, T. N. Buchanan, C. H. Childers, Frank Christman and J. W. S. Morrison.

In Precinct 1, Hon. K. M. Van Zandt appointed Sam Furman secretary with the following delegates: John Hanna, S. Terry, W. R. Gause, J. P. Smith and P. B. Smallwood.

Citizens of Precinct 3, John Trigg, President, met at Spring Garden. Delagates nominated: S. D. Sanson, A. H. Boyd, C. W. Smith, A. B. Clark, R. B. Sigler, W. W. McGinnis, J. C. Tharp, J. S. Chapman, E. Crowley and James Joyce.

Seven prisoners escaped the jail with the aid of an iron spike and pocket knife. Geo Cooley and Boz Molden declined to leave. Sol Bragg, a convicted murderer, would have been sentenced at this term, but escaped.





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