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Hidden away in the bottom of an old trunk, old albums on a top shelf in the closet, a cigar box full in the attic.....? I'm talking about old pictures of people, places, or things you can't put a name with - you know, high school classmates of your mom or dad, an unknown street scene, or even an old automobile you can't identify. Well here is your chance (I know it's slim) to have the photo identified. Scan the photo (or photos) and send them along with any details that might tell where they are from, to Hugh Swift. I will place the images, any comments, and your first name on this website and maybe, just maybe, someone will recognize a photo and let us know!


Joshua Key is trying to identify this potograph made in Abilene Texas by the Rex Photographic Studio. While the date of the photo is unknown, it was likely made between 1900 and 1930. Joshua indicates the photo is probably of either the Morris family of Hood County, Texas or the Key family of Denton County, Texas. If you have information about the persons shown in the photo or have information about Rex Studio please let me know and I will add the information to this web page.

Jerry Spencer sent this photograph of a number of the Spencer and Graves families. The picture is thought to have been made about 1920 in the town of Merkel, Texas. If you can identify any of those shown, please send the information to Hugh Swift. Thanks Jerry!

Little, lonesome Booker Cemetery is in a country setting on the brow of a small rise which gives it a view of the rural area South and West of Tuscola, Texas. There are only a few graves and many of the headstones have been 'knocked about' by cattle before the fence was put up. Neverless it has always been one of my favorite cemeteries and I often wondered about the "Booker Family" buried there. Recently Carol Woolf happened across the Taylor County Cemetery page with the pictures and a copy of the burial list. She couldn't have known how pleased I was when she offered two pictures of the many of the Booker family members. The first is a turn of the century photo of the Booker Family. None of the people shown are identified. The second is a picture of several generations of the women in the family and Carol's greatgrandmother, grandmother Josephine and Aunt Kate are among those shown. Both pictures were taken in Buffalo Gap, Texas. Anyone who can identify persons shown in either photo are asked to send the information to Hugh Swift so I can put the information on the website. Many thanks to Carol for sharing these pictures.

Greg Henderson sends this picture with the following comments.
"I have an unidentified pic. It was taken in Abilene who knows when. On the back it says Dr. Henry J. Henderson and wife. Well I have more than one old photo of Henry Henderson and this is not him!!!! Now this photo comes from a Bill Stevens in Ft. Worth who is a descendant of Henry Henderson. His grandfather W. H. Stevens is the person who wrote on the back of the photo and said it was Dr. Henry J. Henderson. While he was mistaken as to which Henderson it was, some of the other pics we have that he also misidentified still turned out to be a just took us a while to figure it out".

From this I think it is likely the gentleman is a "Henderson" though not Henry J. nor necessarily a doctor. Search your memory well and see if you can come up with an identification. If you do, CLICK HERE and send me an email.

Cathy found a box of old pictures left behind by someone when the funiture was moved from a popular storage unit here in Abiliene. She would like someone to identify a living member of this family so the pictures can be returned. If you lost these pictures or recognize any of the photographs as being family members of someone you know, please CLICK HERE and send me an email. I will see that Cathy gets the information

Picture number 1 (above) was marked on the back "Mr. & Mrs. W.L.Herring"

Picture number 2 (above) was marked on the back "S.W. Lanke"

On the back of picture number 3 (above) the word "Steahr" appears

Picture number 4 (above) has "Uncle Ludie Reid" written on the back.

Picture number 5 (above) has "Rugh & Rafy and Kids" written on the back

The final picture (above) has " Steahr" on the back which makes no sense at all.


Randy provided two pictures which are an interesting part of Abilene's recent history. The first is an interior view of the Abilene Brick Company (plant 1). Leonard Arrick is shown in light colored coveralls. If you can identify others in the pictures, I will be glad to include the names on this page.

This second photo shows Crew 2 at the brick plant. None of the individuals are identified.

Do you want to see a larger copy of this photo? If so CLICK HERE!


Reba sends us an interesting picture which is clearly marked "Ross Trial - 12 Sep. 1923". It would be very interesting to know the details of this trial and the location in Abilene where the trial was held.


Carolyn Payne has answered most all the questions about the Ross Trial

The Tom Ross Trial was held in the old courthouse on Oak St. Tom Ross was from around Seminole and he was on trial for the 1 April 1923 murder of H.L. Roberson, cattle inspector, at Gaines Hotel in Seminole, Texas. Not sure of the outcome.(they had ask for the death penalty) Also, Milt Good was on trial for the murder of W.D. Allison, also a cattle inspector. Allison was murdered at the same time and place as Roberson. Good was given 25 yrs. They moved the trials from Lubbock to Abilene.

Lex sent me the following note concerning the murders.

"I just finished the book Fearless Dave Allison, by Bob Alexander. According to him, both Ross and Good were tried in Lubbock for the murder of Dave Allison, they were then sent to Abilene to be tried for the murder of H.L. Robertson. I don't know why they were tried in different places for the murders, as the murders took place in Seminole , Gaines county. The story doesn't end there ! Both Ross and Good escaped from Huntsville and worked ranches in Montana. They eventually split up, and Good was recaptured and sent back to Huntsville. Ross crossed over into Canada, and worked up there, until he argued with a camp cook and ended up beating the cook to death with a club. After this he crossed back into Montana and worked another ranch, and again gets in an argument with a man there. He shoots this guy dead then kills himself. Good spends several years in jail until Governor Ma Ferguson pardons him....I am not sure of the date. He ends up down around Catoula and is killed in 1960 or 61 when his car slips out of gear and pins him to a ranch gate post. He was also a world champion roper before the murders, and had won the title in Shreveport some time prior to the murders. This was a very interesting book, and all those involved led very active lives."

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