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Newton Hayes Family Resume


On the Hayes family's way to Texas from Alabama or Georgia, Newton Hayes' father died, and was buried. The family went on to the Georgetown area around Austin. Newton's mother was first generation of her family in Texas. Newton's mother married a man by the name of Johns. Newton didnít cotton to his stepfather, so he left home and went to west Texas.

Later, Newton came back to East Texas, maybe because by then jobs were plentiful in the lumber business. Newton was an accomplished mechanic and carpenter. People would come to him to get him to build a coffin when they needed one. He also knew the shorthand that was the forerunner of Gregg shorthand. Newton married Laura Rotan Hayes. Their son was George Hayes.

Newton Hayes died around 1915 and is buried at Mt Hope Cemetery near Chester, Texas. Since Newton's mother did make it to Texas, Newton was the second generation in Texas, but in the first generation of Hayes of his strain in Texas.

George Hayes was the son of Newton Hayes and Laura Rotan Hayes. George Hayes married Ida Waldrep. George and Ida's son was Garland Hayes. Garland Hayes was born August 21, 1912 in Jasper, Jasper County. Garland's mother Ida's parents were Joseph Andrew Waldrep and Josephine Lockhart Hayes, of the Midway area. She was a native of Tyler County.

George Hayes, his wife Ida, and their son Garland moved back and forth between Jasper and Pineland. Garland started school at Pineland about 1923. Then the Hayes family lived in Colmesneil. The family moved to Chester in 1925. The Hayes family lived the next few years in the area near the Gulf Pump Station and MT Zion, on the old pump station road. Among other things, George Hayes had a grocery store there. They lived across from the McQueen's, and Garland's friend Roy Pickett, who lived nearby. George Hayes was in the second generation of his branch of Hayes in Texas.

Garland attended Chester High School and did the 11th grade at Jasper. To go to school in grade 11, Garland lived with his grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Waldrep in Jasper. When Garland finished high school in Jasper, he went to Tyler Commercial School in Tyler, Texas, Smith County.

September 1, 1935, Garland married Jimmie B. Vinson born September 14, 1911, of Chester. Jimmie also lived on the pump station road of MT Zion in the old George Vinson settlement. She was the daughter of James A. Vinson and Ada George Vinson. She went to MT Zion school and then pre-college and college at Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College. She majored in mathematics and received her degree in 1933. Her sisters were Ruby (Barclay), Zelda (Seamans), Mona (Bush) and her brother was Aldridge Vinson. Jimmie taught school at Woodville before her marriage.

Garland Hayes worked for Gulf Oil for 41 years and 8 months. He started at Sour Lake at the pumping station as a Morse telegrapher operator. From there, Garland went to Houston in 1943, still with Gulf Oil, where he was a pipeline dispatcher. Later still, Garland eventually was the chief dispatcher and scheduling supervisor for Gulf Oil for the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana and New Mexico. For many years, Garland;s office was in the Gulf Building in Downtown Houston. He held an executive position.

In Houston, the Garland Hayes family made their home at 1515 Thornton Street in Northwest Houston in Oak Forest. The family church was Oak Forest Baptist Church. Garland has been retired now about twenty years. In retirement, Garland, his wife Jimmie, and their daughter Linda, live in Woodville on Beech Street. Their home is near the Woodville to Chester Highway. Garland Hayes was in the third generation in Texas.

Garland and Jimmie's daughter Linda Janell Hayes is the great granddaughter of Newton Hayes. Linda was born Sept 19, 1941, at Hotel Dieu in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas. She was educated in the public school in Houston and graduated from Reagan High School in Houston. Linda graduated from the University of Houston in Houston where she majored in mathematics. She was a teacher of Algebra and Geometry for 14 years with the Houston Independent School District at Hamilton Junior High School and Waltrip High School. She has served as secretary of the First Baptist Church of Woodville for the past 15 years. Linda Hayes is in the fourth generation of this strain of Hayes in Texas.

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