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Lisse Moore McBride   8 Nov 2011  

I know BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MOORE's information starting with his marriage but I haven't been able to document his parents and their family.   His death certificate lists his father as ELIAS MOORE.   Benjamin named his first son "Elias".   The son, Elias, was born in Bronte, Coke Co, TX., on 29 Jun 1889.  

Benjamin F. Moore died in Terry County on 25 Jan 1926.   His wife, TENNESSEE ALICE FERRIS
(b. 30 Apr 1869) also died in Terry  County, Texas, 10 Jan 1929.   They are buried at Brownfield Cemetery.

I would appreciate any information about Benjamin's ancestral family - his parents, Elias Moore and wife, his uncles, grandparents, etc.    Thanks!     Lisse Moore McBride.

Quintin Parker   4 Sep 2010

We are looking into the life of our ancestor, Quintin Bone, who was one of the early settlers of Terry County.  We have read an article written by Lee Brownfield which was copied from "A Collection of Family Memories" provided by Linda Brownfield Sacra of Midland, Texas.  Would the Brownfield family be able to give us further information?   How can we find further information in addition to what we already have, about Quintin Bone?   Many Thanks.   Quintin Parker

John Vogler  12 May 2010

What was the location of the old Wines Hotel in Brownfield?  My grandmother died there in 1948.   The hotel no longer exists but I would like help in finding where it was located in the town.  Thanks. John Vogler, Beaverton, Oregon.
(John received a response from a Brownfield resident who gave him the old location [downtown] of the Wines Hotel.  He will be coming through on a trip and wanted to visit the site where his grandmother died.  Shirley Webb)

Anna  29 Mar 2010

Am looking for Nancy Elizabeth Winford born between 1942 and 1946, I believe.    I need her father and mother.  She was born in Brownfield, Texas, Terry County.   Sincere thanks. 
Anabelle Kelley Ward.

Ray Stephens  8 Jul 2009

George Thomas Mathes is buried in Terry Co Memorial Cem.   I am looking for any info on him.  He was born 9 Feb 1900 and d. 24 Oct 1960.  I think he was a contractor in Terry County.   His wife, Pearl R. Mathes, is also buried in Terry Co Memorial Cem.  She was b. 27 Apr 1903 and d. 4 Dec 1978.  I would very much like to know where they were married, if they had any children and what kind of contractor he was, etc.  Thanks

Yvonne 29 Apr 2009

Looking for information on A. W. Jarrett, believed to be the brother of James William Jarrett who was murdered in Hockley Co., on 28 Aug 1902.   A. W. may have been called "Drew".  He settled on  land in Terry County with his brother in 1901 or 1902 and built a "sod house" at first.   I believe he was a single man but did he marry later?  What happened to "Drew"?   Any help will be appreciated.
Yvonne in Lubbock

 Lolene  10 Jan 2009

Richard Figley (Fegley?) REED died in Meadow, Terry County 6 Oct 1931, according to his death certificate at family   I find his grave listed as R. F. Reed in the Meadow Cemetery.   But his wife who is shown as Alice MACK Reed on the death instrument, is not listed in the cemetery.   Richard was the son of Pleasant Reed and Amanda HERRIN.   He is a descendant of Isaac Reed, pioneer Baptist minister.   I would like to find descendants and exchange information.   I am a Reed descendant but of a different line.   Lolene

 Pat Eddins  20 Sep 2008   

I am looking for the gravesite of JOSALIN REINITZ.  She is supposed to be buried in Meadow Cemetery in Terry County but she isn't listed online.  If anyone knows how I can find if she is buried there and in what part of the cemetery, I would appreciate hearing from you so I can find her grave.  Thanks for your help.   Pat

Marty Hiter  21 Oct 2007

Is there or was there a town named Bodice in Terry County?  This name came from a Death Certificate and so might be misspelled or some variation of mispronunciation, etc.  I did not find it on the list of Texas towns and cities.  It was not specified as a Terry County town on the Death Certificate which named it as place of birth for Dr. Joseph Charles Midkiff, dod 1946 in Terry County.  My guess would be that Terry County was not his place of birth. 

Thanks for any geography lesson you might have to offer.  Marty Hiter

Marty has found a town named Bedias in Grimes County, Texas, which appears to be where Dr. Midkiff was buried.
Shirley Webb, Terry Co. Coordinator

Liz Gillpatrick 16 Apr 2007

I am looking for information on Carrie M. GILLPATRICK, died in Terry County on 21 Jun 1969.  I have reason to believe that she wasn't buried in Texas and am hoping to locate an obituary to find out her place of burial.   All help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!  Liz

David Richardson 1 Apr 2007

Seeking burial location for Robert Henry BROWN b. 30 Oct 1872 in Arkansas and d. 23 Jan 1935 in Brownfield, Terry County, Texas.   Robert's death certificate does not name any interment location.  Roy B. Collier of Brownfield is listed as the undertaker.

(15 Apr 2007:   David has found out that Roy B. Collier sold his funeral home but the name did not change.  It is still Brownfield Funeral Home.   David contacted them and found they had Robert H. Brown's record and that he was buried in Brownfield Cemetery.)   Shirley Webb - Terry Co Coordinator

John Lebens   1 Jul 2006

Willie E. PIERCE was killed in action south of Ligneuville near Hunnert Hill in Belgium during
World War II.  He is buried at the American Cemetery in Henri-Chapelle.   I have adopted his
grave and hope to find some family members in the United States who can tell me something
about him.   I have a photo of his gravestone I can send to them.    He was in the 117th Regiment,
30th Infantry Division, Company  E (or G), and was born in 1915 and died 16 Jan 1945.   He was
living in TERRY COUNTY, TEXAS, when he enlisted and was working as an automobile
serviceman.   Please e-mail me if you know anything about him.  Thanks

Charles E. Carroll 26 May 2006

Researching the family of Henry Clay ZORNS 1882-1943, Terry County, TX.   Henry is buried at Meadow Cemetery.  Does anyone know where his wife, Laura Maud (CUNNINGHAM) ZORNS is buried?

Barbara 26 Jul 2005

Lula Pulliam Biggerstaff GAINER _____, is supposed to be buried at the Terry County Memorial Cemetery in the PULLIAM family plot.   Apparently she remarried after the death of husband, Tom Gainer.  I cannot confirm her burial location without knowing her surname at time of burial.   She was born 6 Sep 1860 and died 14 Feb 1945.   I would certainly appreciate help with this.  Thanks!

Reecie Stanley   28 Mar 2005

I am looking for information on the John W. BOWLIN family who ended up in Terry County by way of Shelby, Williamson and Coryell Counties.   His wife's name was Ida GREEN.   If anyone has any info on this family I would like to correspond with you.   Thanks.   Reecie Stanley, Center, Texas.

June 1997
BEAUCHAMP, Alonzo (Year uncertain) Brownfield, Terry County, TX. Am looking for Alonzo Beauchamp. Used the name Loni and Lon. We think he died in Brownfield. His wife's name is Jemima, but I don't think she was there with him. I would like any information that can be found on him. I am freely willing to exchange information.
Karen Beauchamp Harris


March 1997
MOORE, Benjamin Franklin (1926) Brownfield, Terry County, TX Looking for information on Benjamin Franklin MOORE born 1866 in ?. He married Celice Paddick (?Farris?). and they had at least 7 children.
1. Elias Denton (1889 - Wichita, Co - 1963 Wheeler Co) 2. Luther (in Carlsbad, NM in 1963) 3. Roy (in Brownfield in 1963) 4. Elmer (Lubbock dentist)5. Ethel (Brownfield in 1963)
6. Nellie and 7. Maude (?) Apparently Benjamin Franklin died 25 Jan 1926 in Brownfield, and his wife died that same year or the next. Willing to share info.
Lisse Moore McBride March

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