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Upcoming Speakers

Meeting Schedule:

 Meetings are the second Monday of the month at 7:00 PM, September - May at the Humble Senior Activity Center with the exception of December which is the holiday party.

6:00 pm ~ Book Sale Begins
6:30 pm ~ Help Desk Opens
7:00 pm ~ Featured Speaker
8:00 pm ~ Society Business Meeting

Guests are invited to attend a meeting to learn more about our group before joining our society. To join THAGS, complete this membership form.

Meeting Schedule:

10 October 2016 ~ Family History in a Digital Future

Stephanie LynchStephanie Lynch  is a Legacy Maker consultant with Legacy Republic. She helps families preserve and share their memories that are trapped on old formats.

More about Topic:  As we shift toward an increasingly digital world, relics from the past, like photo albums and vintage videos are at risk of disappearing. We are at a pivotal point where bridging our tangible past to our pixelated present is still possible, but it's our responsibility to act now.

During this session, you'll learn how to preserve the memories stored in family photo albums, scrapbooks, videos and more as a means to enrich your family legacy, using online technology and resources. Don't risk leaving future generations without all the memories that make up where they came from.

14 November 2016 ~  Going to Clayton Library? Here's How You Get Prepared Before You Go

More about the topic: 
This is not your usual "Make sure you bring sharpened pencils, quarters, and a sweater to the library" presentation. This presentation covers how to systematically go through online resources to make your trip to Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research the most productive it can be for your research success. This presentation is adapted to your particular area for going to Clayton, and it also can apply to any genealogical library in other areas.

Caroline PointerCaroline Pointer is genealogist, a family historian, a  freelance writer, and a blog author. She has blogged stories about her ancestors since 2009 on Family Stories. Additionally, she's had 'epic results' combining family history, genealogy, technology, tutorials, videos, and reviews on this blog She loves  helping people to learn how to write and blog their family history on

When she's not blogging about dead people and coaching others on how to find their dead people, sh can usually be found in an antique store searching for papers, letters, post cards, tickets, photos, books, etc. once owned by dead people.

9 January  2017 ~ What's Your Genealogy Goal for 2017

Amy LenertzAmy Lenertz has a Masters of Library and Information Science with a concentration in Special Libraries. Extensive graduate-level training in sound research principles and strategies.

Also experienced in archives, library project management, and family history writing. Well versed in the utilization of tech tools in information management including genealogy.

13 February 2017 ~ Finding Strangers in Your Pagjamas

Andrew LeeAuthor of the humorous book How to Fail High School English With Style, Andy Lee loves to tell the stories of his life and the life of his ancestors. He recently unraveled the mystery as to why his fraternal family line is not really “Lee.” Much of this was found by combining ‘old fashioned’ genealogy with genetic genealogy to establish the connection and the fascinating story behind his ancestor’s name change. Andy is a presenter at RootsTech 2016 in Salt Lake City.

Andy grew up in many parts of the country but claims Tulsa, Oklahoma as his hometown. During college, he took a two year break to serve a Mandarin Chinese speaking mission in Vancouver, British Columbia. After graduating from Texas A&M University in engineering, he has worked in Texas, New York, South Carolina, and Iowa.

13 March  2017 ~ DAR: Application Process Tips

Debbie Carlson

10 April  2017 ~ Estate Planning for Genealogists

Victoria Fair WooVictoria Fair Woo has been practicing probate law for 20 years. She also became hooked on genealogy at the ripe old age of 8 and has been working on her family tree ever since. Victoria has been lucky to be able to combine her love of genealogy along with her legal career in assisting the Court with the identification of unknown heirs. When she’s not helping clients or poking around a library she can be found volunteering at local schools or traveling with her family.

8 May  2017 ~ What's Your Genealogy Goal for 2017

Linda WorshamLinda Worsham started her genealogy quest in 1973 when she attended her new husband’s family reunion. The family tree was drawn meticulously and carefully on a roll of butcher paper and was on the wall for everyone to admire. As she was studying it, she quickly came to the realization that she could have married her cousin. That day is when her journey began.

She has since acquired mounds of information, documents and pictures regarding her family, made numerous trips to cemeteries, to libraries, to nursing homes to interview relatives, attended funerals, marriages, and gone to courthouses.