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Cemetery located 7 miles northwest of Woodson on State Hwy.183, then  3 miles north on FM 923.

Located on west side of road.

By:  Patti Pattillo


NAME                     BIRTH       DEATH        REMARKSANDREWS, EWELL A.         05/27/1895  05/04/1976ANDREWS, J.A.             03/04/1869  05/22/1914   -  WOODSMAN OF THE WORLDANDREWS, LUCINDA          04/23/1854  12/11/1914ATKINSON, (unreadable)    no dates    00/00/1932ATKINSON, BABY GIRL       no dates    06/22/1934ATKINSON, GRACE           02/19/1886  05/10/1990ATKINSON, JIM BOB         06/09/1930  07/00/193(?)ATKINSON, THOMAS A.       07/28/1886  07/13/1942CARPENTER, LORA           03/26/1891  01/31/1925COLE, J.H.                00/00/1859  00/00/1989  "FATHER"COLE, MARY                00/00/1861  00/00/1937  "MOTHER" - WIFE OF J.H. COLEFANT, IDA BELL (REDWINE)   02/02/1889  01/30/1931 - "MARRIED 11/21/1907FANT, WALTER B., SR.        04/13/1881  04/16/1947FISCHER, GEORGE           00/00/1902  00/00/1961  "IN LOVING MEMORY DADDY"FISCHER, H.T.             08/16/1855  01/25/1933FISCHER, J.N.             04/25/1839  10/24/1911GANDY, MARY P.            05/29/1905  06/24/1980  "BELOVED SISTER"GOYNE, BESSIE             11/10/1893  11/23/1965  "MOTHER"GOYNE, JIMMIE LEE         12/21/1888  10/22/1958  "FATHER"HARRIS, MARY LOUISE       05/00/1875  10/28/1954  "DAU.OF MR. and MRS. R.S. MOORE"HIBBITS, ADDIE            07/06/1900  11/07/1997  "MARRIED 09/19/1919"HIBBITS, ELMER            09/19/1895  03/18/1983HICKS, DOCK MITCHELL      00/00/1922  00/00/1997  VETERAN WWIIH.N.H.of A.B.H           no dates    no dates    SANDSTONE MARKERHUNT, JOSIE E.            06/07/1909  11/23/1911  "DAU. OF MITTIE and  W.D. HUNT"JACKSON, KATIE VIOLA      12/02/1909  07/16/1910JOHNSON, (NO NAME)        12/16/1909  12/16/1909  "INFANT SON OF J.W. and ETTA JOHNSON"JONES, LEONARD            05/27/1884  11/17/1938  "MASON"JONES, MARTHA A.          12/28/1861  02/07/1946  "MOTHER"JONES, W.A.               02/16/1854  07/09/1928  "FATHER"KILLMAN, ADDIE            12/12/1909  02/13/1994KILLMAN, EULAH B.         06/28/1875  12/16/1966KILLMAN, HENRY            12/08/1906  02/16/1985KILLMAN, HENRY D.         07/25/1848  04/28/1927KIMRRELL, (NO NAME)       no dates    no datesKIRBY, WILLIAM MARION "BILL"    03/13/1865  03/18/1958; s/o A.B. Kerby & Polly CarsonKIRBY, LEE A.             00/00/1869  00/00/1907LANE, J.C.                11/02/1844  12/20/1923LANE, MARY                04/06/1883  09/25/1972LANE, RACHEL              01/03/1848  03/23/1909LANE, W. TAYLOR            00/00/1868  00/00/1933LAWSON, ARLESS            00/00/1890  00/00/1943LAWSON, BABY              01/24/1908  02/04/1908LAWSON, COMMIE            05/02/1892  06/25/1939LAWSON, EDNA M.           02/18/1896  07/04/1950LAWSON, JERRY MACK        12/06/1952  01/22/1953  "OUR BABY"LAWSON, JEWELL            00/00/1901  00/00/1964LAWSON, MANSON N.         08/05/1932  07/07/1961LAWSON, MILDRED           00/00/1916  00/00/1917LAWSON, WILLIAM           00/00/1923  00/00/1929      LAWSON, OTTO JEFFERSON    04/08/1909  10/22/1939LAWSON, SUSAN V.          02/24/1867  08/03/1942LAWSON, TRUMAN            00/00/1928  00/00/1930LAWSON, W.R.              02/03/1861  12/09/1934  WOODSMAN OF THE WORLDMCNUTT, ELMERIA C.        06/07/1909  11/23/1911MERRILL, JAMES SHERWOOD   08/12/1854  09/28/1920MOODY, CAROLYN L.         08/16/1939  08/08/1992  "MOTHER"MOODY, PATRICK F.         08/28/1937  08/26/1985  "FATHER" -  MARRIED 06/03/1977MOORE, MARY LOUISE        02/13/1949  01/20/1942MOORE, ROBERT S.          12/20/1833  09/19/1917  CSA CO.G 9th TX.INF.Pension #16675: Application dated July 7,1909 states his age as 74, born in Marengo Co. Alabama.  Has resided in the 
State of Texas since 1860 and has lived in Throckmorton Co.since Oct.1906.Enlisted Oct.8,1861 and discharged April12, 1865 at Pittsburg, Upshur Co.(?)Texas.  Mortuary Warrant states he died Sept.19,1917 in Throckmorton County,Tx.,
in the home of his son, HOMER MOORE.Signed by W.D. HOWSLEY & SON, Undertaker of Throckmorton and attending physician W.L.B??Y (can't make out signature) of Throckmorton.ODELL,                   01/22/1913  01/22/1913  INFANT OF MR. and MRS. B.W. ODELLODELL, AUNT LEE           04/23/1878  09/03/1971ODELL, BELL               05/24/1873  02/21/1939ODELL, JOHN T.            11/28/1872  07/22/1955ODELL, EDWARD D.          01/01/1877  12/16/1935ODELL, JESSIE NISH        no date     04/28/1933  SON OF MR. and MRS. E.D. ODELLPIGG, BILLY GENE          03/18/1927  03/21/1963  - VETERAN WWII - BELOVED SONPIGG, EDNA                02/16/1911  01/13/1994  BELOVED SISTERPIGG, LOU DORA            06/21/1885  03/03/1963  MAMAPIGG, ROY E.              11/09/1917  12/15/1995  O'PAPIGG, WYLIE OSCAR         10/24/1876  01/05/1959  PAPAREDWINE, BELTON E.        07/07/1894  01/09/1987REDWINE, EUNICE           08/31/1904  01/08/1988REDWINE, BRANDON SELWYN   01/23/1914  10/18/1914REDWINE, ELIZA E.         03/22/1872  04/13/1915  WIFE OF M.E. REDWINEREDWINE, H.B.             03/03/1875  10/28/1954REDWINE, HENRY HARRELL    12/25/1905  06/16/1906  SON OF M.B. and WILLIE REDWINEREDWINE, L.J.             02/22/1837  02/25/1908REDWINE, M.E.             00/00/1869  00/00/1916  WOODSMAN OF THE WORLDREDWINE, WILLIE           05/21/1878  12/21/1941RILEY,A RTIE              no date     no date     LITTLE ARTIE RILEYRILEY, AUNT MIMIA         09/14/1888  03/04/1971Obituary: Miss Margaret Jemimia Riley, 83,died about noon Thursday, March 4,1971 inthe Throckmorton County Memorial 
Hospital. Funeral services were held at 2p.m.Friday,March 5,1971 in the Throckmorton Church of Christ withNovel Baize of Baird officiating.  Burial was in Bush Knob Cemeterysouth of Throckmorton under the direction of 
Merriman Funeral Home. She was born Sept.14,1888 in Palo Pinto County.  Her parents were JOHNJACKSON and 
HARRETT VAUGHT RILEY.  She was a member of the Church ofChrist and had lived in Throckmorton 61 years. 
Survivors include six brothers, J.E.RILEY of Clyde, C.P.RILEY of Waco, T.P.RILEY of Throckmorton, J.O. RILEY of 
Whitney, CLAUDE RILEY of Albany and L.R. RILEY of Midland;two sisters, Mrs. ALICE COUGAR of Mineral Wells 
and Mrs. AUDIE HEROD of Throckmorton.RILEY, H.M.        06/05/1870  06/00/1912  MOTHERRILEY, J.J.           05/10/1860  01/09/1923  FATHERRILEY, JEWELL    09/13/1911  07/26/1994 -  DOUBLE WITH OLEN RILEYObituary: Dr. Jewell "Doc" Riley,82,of Abilene, died Tuesday in an Abilene hospital.Graveside services will be at 4p.m.Friday in 
Bush Knob Cemetery with Paige Baize and Novel Baize officiating, directed by Merriman-Archer Funeral Home. 
Mrs. Riley was born in Alba in Wood County and graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1939. She moved to 
Throckmorton in 1941 and to Abilene in 1979. She worked as a chiropractor for 40 years.  She was a member of the 
Church of Christ and was the widow of OLEN RILEY, whom she married in 1943 in Stamford. Survivors include one 
son, O.J. RILEY of Abilene; one brother, JOHN USRY of Carlsbad, Texas; four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.RILEY, OLEN    07/04/1903  12/05/1969Obituary: Funeral services for Olen Riley,66,were held Saturday, December 6 at4p.m. in the Chapel of Merriman Funeral Home 
and interment was in Bush Knob Cemetery.  Novel Baize of Baird conducted the service. He had beenin poor health 
for about a year. Born July 4,1903 in Palo Pinto County, he moved to Throckmorton County in 1909. He married 
JEWEL USRY in 1943.  He was a pumper and had been in the hospital about two weeks before hisdeath. He is 
survived by his wife of Throckmorton; one son, O.J. of  Throckmorton; six brothers, J.E. of Clyde, C.P. of Waco,
T.P. of Throckmorton, J.O. of Whitney, CLAUDE of Albany and L.R. of Midland; three sisters, MIMA RILEY of 
Throckmorton and Mrs. AUDIE HEROD of Throckmorton and Mrs. ALICE COUGAR of Mineral Wells; and 
3 grandchildren. His nephews served as pallbearers.RILEY, JOHNNY BAIZE       02/24/1972  02/06/1975  LITTLE ANGELObituary: Johnny Baize Riley, two-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. O.J. RILEY, died Saturday night in a Throckmorton hospital. 
His funeral was held Monday afternoon,Feb.9,in the Merriman Chapel with Novel Baize, Church of Christ minister 
of Baird, Texas, assisted by Lynn Gannaway of Abilene, officiating. Burial was in Bush Knob Cemetery. 
Born Feb.24,1972 in Stamford, young Riley had lived most of his life in Throckmorton.  Surviving are his 
parents of Throckmorton; one brother, MAROLEN and three sisters, JEWELL, CHRISTY and TOMMY JO, 
all of the home; grandmothers, Mrs. JEWELL USRY RILEY of Throckmorton and Mrs. CHRISTINE OLGLESBY 
of Wicks, Ark.; great-grandparents, Mr.and Mrs. MARSHALL GLOSSUP of Abilene;and one great-great-grandmother, MIRTIE GLOSSUP of Abilene.RINEHART, EFFIE N.        00/00/1899  00/00/1980RINEHART, WILLIAM W.      00/00/1876  00/00/1963SHANKLE, BILLY FRANK      02/22/1932  12/30/2002Obituary:  Billy Frank Shankle, age 70, died Monday, December 30,2002 in the Graham Medical Center in 
Graham, Texas. Graveside services were held Tuesday, December 31,2002 at 4p.m. under the direction of 
Merriman-Archer Funeral Home of Throckmorton in the Bush Knob Cemetery with Larry Jernigan, 
officiating. Billy was born to PRESLEY MAJOR (PAT) and GLADYS (LONG) SHANKLE on February 22,1932, 
Bush Knob in Throckmorton County.  Billy was a lifetime resident of Throckmorton County. He married MARIE KELLEY on October 31,1953 in Throckmorton. He worked for Throckmorton Independent School, 
Rigid Tank Company and Throckmorton County, Precinct #1. Billy was a Baptist. He is survived by his 
wife, MARIE SHANKLE of Throckmorton; daughter, GAYLE FOWLER and husband RAY of Throckmorton; 
son, GREG SHANKLE and wife SANDY of Newcastle; three grandchildren, MARY ANNE JERNIGAN and 
husband LARRY; AMY FOWLER and DAVID FOWLER; one great-grandson, BRADLEE JERNIGAN.SHANKLE, GLADYS LONG      05/22/1901  08/08/1975SHANKLE, P.M. "PAT"        01/13/1902  12/18/1974SINGLETON, JOHN           11/22/1839  04/20/1911 - note:headstone broke in halfSTORY, MAMIE LARUE        00/00/1902  00/00/1995STORY, MARVIN C.          00/00/1914  00/00/1991WHITE, ARTIE MAE          06/21/1911  03/15/1963



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