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Ann Eliza McCarver



Ann Eliza McCarver
Wife of T.J. McCarver
born Jan 18 1853
died Mar 13 1877

The story is that the family of T.J. McCarver and his wife Ann Eliza were passing through
in a wagon. It is not known if they had other children but she was pregnant and had her baby 
boy during a heavy rain. The baby lived but she died. The water was so high that they could 
not get to a cemetery to bury her so they buried her on the only high ground nearby. 
Later, my grandfather Kirkpatrick bought the land and built his house near the grave. Sometime about 
1950, the grandson of that baby boy came looking for his grandmother's grave. After visiting 
it, he came back and placed a marble headstone but the weather, lichen and cattle have broken 
it and almost destroyed the information it held. 
One of the Cribbs family who bought the property from Grandpa had taken a sandstone and 
carved the information on it. Time is taking the toll on it too. The current owners, Larry and Cathy 
Cribbs are planning to put their home on the site of Grandpa's old house and to fence and cleanup 
the brush and weeds around the sad little grave. 
They have copied the information and plan to have a pewter plaque made with the details and place 
a wrought iron fence around the rock covered grave.

Thank you Larry and Cathy and Larry's mother, now Mrs. Walter Timmons, for taking me to 
the grave site and helping me to get these pictures and the story. It is good that someone still cares 
even when she was not one of your own.