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 History of Throckmorton County, Texas


The following was written of Throckmorton in the 1893-1894 Annual Catalog of Throckmorton High School: Throckmorton And Vicinity. 

The town of Throckmorton is situated almost in the geographical center of Throckmorton county, and by the elevation of this town, we
mean mentally, morally and physically. 

The town extends from an elegant rounded plateau on the north and west, southward the distance of quite 
a mile over a gradual descent to the valley of Elm Fork. There are two railroads near enough for all demands, with flattering prospects 
for one through the town at an early date. 
Throckmorton is not on a "boom" but we do claim that it is growing steadily and rapidly, and our advantages are such that draw a
desirable class of citizens. The annual acreage of wheat in this county shows an average yield equal to any county in Texas, while 
corn gives a fine return. Here cotton can be raised as fine as in any place in the south outside of what is termed "bottom land". 
The country is well watered by numerous tributaries, besides the main Salt Fork of the Brazos on the north, and the Clear Fork on the south, and surely nowhere else can the angler find such lucrative enjoyment as here. The streams are of living water all the year through, being perfectly free from the obnoxious alkalies and "gyp" of counties north of us through the Panhandle. The
Texas trout, or more properly called Black Bass, here attains his perfection in size and numbers, while other fish common to Texas 
waters are found in plenteous numbers. 
Not the least of her many advantages is the magnificent school which the people of our town have seen fit to put in operation. The
Throckmorton High School is a pupil institution and is now on a permanent basis, with splendid location. The pupils who live 
in the district have a public term of the entire scholastic year, and wood, fuel, chalk, brooms, buckets, etc., are furnished gratis. 
Boarding pupils are charged the amounts as hereinafter described. 

Our people are of a most pleasant and agreeable turn of disposition, all boarding pupils will undoubtedly receive nothing but 
courteous demeanor from all with whom they come in contact here. The various churches are represented here, and have services 
monthly while LOCAL OPTION has kept whisky from our boys from our boys and men for many years, and for two more years we 
are guaranteed to be free from this demon of drink who has wrecked the souls of myriads. 

Trent McKnight--