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"Say My Name"

Say My Name is dedicated to African American families with Trinity County roots.  Included are family group sheets, biographies, photos, obituaries and research notes.  It is a work in progress, and I hope to add more soon.  Please contact me at if you wish to list your African American family listed on this site, or if you have any information you'd like to share about your Trinity County Family. 

 hear you callin' my name Child, I haven't heard my name in 100 years
You're so far away Child, let me light the lamp so I can find my way
Keep callin' my name Child, I'll come your way
I see your sweet face Child, and I know you are dear
Say my name again Child, and I'll be near
You called my name Child, I am not dead
You called my name Child, Bless Your Heart
Since you called my name Child, we shall never part
Walk the ground where I once tread, I'll show you the way
Light the lamp in my heart Child and I'll never go away
For it is in your heart I will always stay

Susanne Waller, 2015

Carter, Jefferson Calhoun [Jernigan] Includes photo of Sarah Alice Randolph Carter

Horace, Isom Sr.

Johnson, Wayne Wright

Lacy, Amos Sr.

Lewis, Jessie and Beatrice Reynolds

Ligon, Christopher Columbus

Ligon, Robert L. "Uncle York" Includes Ligon Family Members: Betty Calvin Ligon, George Ligon

Mark, John Wesley "Jack

Mark, Robert Monroe  Includes photo of Mark Family Members, ca 1930

Mark, Monroe  

Randolph, Sarah and Nancy Contains Welch family probate and slave information. 


Mr. Jim Ligon, Sunrise, February 23, 1929-Sunset, July 17, 2016

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