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Trinity County Cemeteries
1982-Present - Trinity County Historical Commission
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Contact:  Susanne Waller,, regarding historical cemetery designations and markers. 

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Cemeteries by Name and/or Name Changes



ANDERSON-ELLIS CEMETERY  Updated February 25, 2010

Cemetery photos 1


Beasley Cemetery see PERRY-BEASLEY CEMETERY, Apple Springs


Bell, "Rich" Plot


Bennett Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery  This cemetery is extremely large.  Some computers may experience slow download times. 

Updated: April 2015

Cemetery photos 1


Bennett Grave


Benton Cemetery

Cemetery photos 1


Blackshear Cemetery-Historic Texas Cemetery


Boggy Slough Burial Plot Updated  May 3, 2005

Cemetery photos 1


Bohemian Cemetery A found cemetery! Updated  May 3, 2005

Cemetery photos 1 2


Boontown Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery  Updated April 20, 2016

Boontown Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photos 1  2 3


Burke Town Cemetery see BURKETOWN CEMETERY


Burketown Cemetery

  Burketown Tombstone Pictures


Cemetery photos 1


Calvary CemeteryHISTORIC TEXAS CEMETERY Updated: October, 2014

Cemetery photos 1


Carlisle Cemetery Historic Texas CemeteryUpdated: July 30, 2007




Chita Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery  Updated: July 27, 2010

Cemetery photo 1


County Line Cemetery

County Line Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Craddock Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Davy Crockett National Forest Site A found cemetery!! Updated  May 3, 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Dean Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery Two signs at cemetery read: John Dean Cemetery Updated April 2004

Cemetery photo 1


De La Fosse Cemetery

De La Fosse Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Dorn, Nora Family Cemetery  (Black)


 Durdin's Graveyard see TAYLOR CEMETERY




East Prairie (Possum Walk) Cemetery  Updated June 3, 2010

East Prairie Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Ellis Prairie Cemetery  Updated October 02, 2007

Ellis Prairie Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Erickson Cemetery  Updated May 10, 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Flat Prairie Cemetery/Foster Cemetery 

Flat Prairie Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1






Foster Cemetery see FLAT PRARIE CEMETERY




French Memorial Cemetery  Updated March 2005

Cemetery photo 1


 Glendale Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery This is a large cemetery and a large file. Updated September 2014

Glendale Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Glenwood Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery  This is a large cemetery and a large file. Updated March 2005.  

Cemetery photo 1


Hickman Cemetery


Hickman Place, On Old


Hill Cemetery  Updated June, 2004

Cemetery photo 1


Holly Cemetery  Updated December 2007

Historical Marker

Cemetery photo 1


Indian Burial Grounds see PINE HILL CEMETERY


Inman-Mason Cemetery (Lost cemetery)


Johnson/Tullos Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Josserand Memorial Park Cemetery (Black)

Josserand Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


Lacy Cemetery  (Black)

Lacy Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


Lane Prairie Cemetery see HILL CEMETERY


Lester, Child, Plot  Updated: May 10, 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Lost Places (Graves and Cemeteries)


Mc Bride Scrub Creek Cemetery Lost cemetery


McClain Cemetery (McClain)

McClain Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


McClain, Zid Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


 Millican Chapel Cemetery see MILLIGAN CHAPEL CEMETERY


Milligan Chapel Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1 2


Moore & Rogers Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Moore Family Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery

Moore Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


Mount Zion Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery  Updated April 22, 2010

Cemetery photo 1


Native American or Pine Hill Cemetery Lost cemetery.


New Church Cemetery 

New Church Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1


New Prospect Baptist Church cemetery see THORNTON CHURCH CEMETERY


New Zion Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery Updated April, 2005

New Zion Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo  1

Nigton Cemetery  (Black) Updated April 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Old Railroad Street Graves Lost cemetery


Otis, Israel, Family Burial Plot  (Black)


Parker Ridge Cemetery (Black)

Parker Ridge Tombstone Pictures 

Cemetery photo 1


Patterson Plot

Cemetery photo 1


Pennington Cemetery  Updated March 10, 2010

Cemetery photo 1


Pennington Cemetery (Black)  Added May 4, 2004

  See above for more information


Perry Cemetery, Glendale area


Perry Cemetery, Apple Springs see PERRY-BEASLEY CEMETERY, Apple Springs, TX


Perry-Beasley Cemetery , Apple Springs area

Cemetery photo 1


Pleasant Hill Cemetery see BENNETT CEMETERY


Possum Walk Cemetery see EAST PRAIRIE CEMETERY


Randolph/Potts Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Red Branch Cemetery see WHITE ROCK CEMETERY


Rice Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery

Rice Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2

Saron Cemetery UPDATED June 3, 2010

Saron Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


Scrub Creek Cemetery see MCBRIDE CEMETERY


Skains Chapel Cemetery 

Cemetery photo 1


Skains, William Henry, Family Cemetery Updated July 18, 2004

Cemetery photo 1


Smith, John Cemetery  (Black)


Smith, Roy Grave   Updated May 10, 2005


Sumpter Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery Note: Sumpter is fully integrated. Updated October 2004

Sumpter Tombstone Pictures

Cemetery photo 1 2


Sumpter Cemetery  (Black Section) Added October 2004

See tombstone pictures above 


Taylor Cemetery  Historic Texas Cemetery Updated July 2005

Cemetery photo 1


Teeter Family Burial Plot

Cemetery photo 1


Thomas Grave


Thomas, Rev. Harry Family Burial Plot  (Black)


Threadgill Family Plot Historic Texas Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Thornton Church Cemetery

Cemetery photo 1


Thornton Family Plot

Cemetery photo 1


Trevat Cemetery  Updated April 7, 2011.

Cemetery photo 1


Trinity Cedar Grove Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery Updated March 2, 2010

Cemetery photo 1 


Trinity Community Cemetery  (Black) Added September 8, 2004, Updated June 29, 2010 

Cemetery photo 1 2




White Rock Cemetery  (Black)

Cemetery photo 1


Wiggins Hill Cemetery -- Lost cemetery


Wilkey Tombstone has been returned to French Memorial Cemetery


Williams, Chriss, Burial Site  (Black)


Williamson Cemetery see NEW CHURCH CEMETERY


Zion Hill Cemetery  Updated October 2004

Cemetery photo 1

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