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Confederate Indigent Families List
Texas 1863 -1865


Please be aware that only an index of [soldiers with families in need] names appears at this site. Linda Mearse has transcribed the records on file in the State Archives in her book, Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas 1863-1865. In order to help preserve the original records, please request the Mearse transcription through interlibrary loan. Please contact your local library for further details.

The original "Indigent Families List" are located in the collection of the Archives Division of the Texas State Library and contain approximately 24,000 entries. These lists were created as a result of an "Act to Support the Families and Dependents of Texas Soldiers" passed by the Texas Legislature on 15 December 1863. Due to the absence of men, inflation, and market conditions, many Texas families had difficulty supporting themselves. This Act designated $1,000,000 for annual distribution to the families, widows, and dependents of soldiers who were serving in the State or Confederate forces or had been killed or disabled in service. In addition, in November of 1864 600,000 yards of cloth and excess thread manufactured by state penitentiary was designated for distribution among these families.

The lists primarily contain the following information:

the soldier's name or the current head of household, either his wife, widowed mother, etc. and,
the total number of his dependents.
The family relationship of the dependents is sometimes indicated such as wife and three children, widowed mother, two sisters, etc. Some lists also give additional information, such as noting if the soldier is missing, wounded, or deceased, his company name, etc.
At the end of each counties list is the name of the chief justice and the total number of individuals receiving aid for that county....

1. TEXAS STATE ARCHIVE Confederate Indigent Families Lists (1863-1865)
2.Confederate Indigent Families List of Texas 1863 -1865 Transcribed by Linda Mearse, 1995  Linda Mearse, 7841 Paso Del Robles, San Marcos, Texas, 78666  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

List of Indigent Families by Soldiers Name
A  B  C D  E  F  G H  I  J  K L  M  N  O  P  R  S  T  V  W
Ainsworth, D
Ainsworth, J L
Allen, J J
Allen, W F
Allen, W T
Arnold, T J

Barton, A
Barton, G
Barton, H
Barton, J
Bass, H
Belegmy, J F
Benedict, A
Benett, R
Boon, J
Bowers, G
Butler, Aaron
Butler, C
Butler, H C
Butler, James

Capps, B
Carter, W
Caswell, W
Chandler, A J
Chandler, Jessee
Chandler, R D
Cherry, J
Chessher, James
Christian, James
Cobb, W L
Cook, J N
Craft, D
Cuningham, J E
Curtis, J

Daniels, F A
Davis, Joe
Davis, W W
Derryberry, J
Derryberry, S
Derryberry, T
Diggs, D M
Dominey, S
Donly, T
Dulaney, James
Dunham, J

Eastman, James
Eaves, E B
Eaves, J S
Edwards, F M

Ferrell, W
Ford, John
Foster, G W
Fry, B
Furgerson, J
Fuzel, J

Gibson, J
Goodsons, W
Green, C B
Green, J R
Gunn, J

Hall, H C
Harriss, F
Hasham, G W
Hathhom, J H
Hathhom, M
Henderson, J
Henderson, J
Herrington, L
Hickmon, T
Hislep, J
Hodges, W
Hoopper, W
Hopkins, R
Hopper, W
Hornsby, H
Houston, A
Howell, D
Hutto, R

Ivey, R

Jackson, J
Johnson, C
Johnson, G
Johnson, Issack
Johnson, W D
Jones, J L
Jones, James A
Jones, John

Keys, T
Kirby, J
Kirgan, E M
Knox, J W

Lane, J
Lawrence, G W
Legett, R
Lock, G

Macey, Allen
Magee, E
Maning, M
Martin, W
Maxey, P
Mcclure, James
Mckim, S
Mcmikel, R B
Merrell, R B
Mongomery, J
Moore, J
Moore, James
Moore, R
Moore, W W
Morgan, D D
Morgan, W M
Murry, J
Murry, Kit

Newman, H

Osbourns, L

Parker, W
Pate, J
Patterson, M
Peavey, T
Perry, R
Pinston, H
Pinston, J W
Pinston, N
Pope, E
Popham, A
Pruett, B E

Ragan, J R
Reading, H
Reder, J
Reeder, A
Roach, J P
Roach, J R
Roach, T J
Roach, W
Rook, W
Ruff, A
Ruff, John

Sims, E
Skaines, G C
Skaines, V
Skinner, J
Slater, F M
Slaughter, G
Smith, J
Snell, J N
Spencer, W N
Spires, S A
Stanley, J A
Stevens, J D
Stevenson, J J
Storther, W
Strother, J
Stuart, John
Sulvester, W W
Sweat, A
Swor, D

Thomas, W
Thornton, James
Thornton, R
Thornton, R D
Tipton, Eli
Todd, W
Travathan, J
Trawick, A T
Tullos, M
Tullos, W
Tullos, W
Turner, A S
Turner, J
Turner, P
Turner, R A
Turner, S
Tynes, R H

Vinzant, E
Vinzant, J

Walker, A
Warren, J
Watson, Jane
West, A J
Wilcox, H A
Williams, R Y
Wise, J
Wood, G
Write, J
Write, J
Write, R
Write, T

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