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Author of the Personnel of the Texas State Government

"Tis not in mortals to command success, but
We'll do more, Sempronius, we'll deserve it
- Addison's Cato




We make no apology for the publication of this work; we feel that it will be interesting, and will find a host of appreciative readers. Everything that pertains to Texas is read with interest, — recently a terra incognita — the home of the buffalo and the savage, later of the cowboy and the cayote,—it is now an empire of civilization teeming with its millions of educated inhabitants, the home of skilled industry busy in the development of its tathomless stores of wealth; producing one-fourth of the cotton exported from the United States;—a State which has the finest school system and the largest school fund in the world. The present and coming generations will, we feel assured, read with interest the details in the lives of those men who have been foremost in that grand development; who have shaped the destiny of the State, made its beneficent laws, wrought order and system out of confusion, and given the Lone Star State its position in the galaxy of sister States in the Union; men who have built up colossal fortunes in the peaceful pursuits of life, or achieved renown in her legislative halls.

Man is most unstable; generations spring up, strut their brief hour on the stage, and disappear to be succeeded by others, who, but for their foot-prints—the record of the biographer—would know nothing of them. Such records stand as beacon lights to guide us, as adown the ages we go, to eternity.  Men perish, but the good they do live after them.

"The good, thro' all the ages 
Ling'ring in historic pages, 
Ever gleam and grow immortal."

In this volume we have endeavored to present a type of the men "successful" in the various walks and pursuits of life. Here are recorded the data in the life and career of the artisan, the tiller of the soil, the architect, the soldier, merchant, jurist advocate, physician, the speculator, the herdsman, the teacher, the minister of the gospel. Defective we know the work is, yet should it serve the purpose for which it was written — to preserve from oblivion the antecedents of representative men of Texas of this day and generation —the author will feel amply repaid for his pains. 


Transcriber's Note: The page numbers that were part of the original work have been 
replaced here with the county/counties (within parenthesis) where each biography can be found.

Archer, Osceola
Atlee, E. A.
Abney, O. L.
Atkinson, R

Burke, James A  (Goliad)
Burroughs, Sara R
Becton, E. P

Blum, Leon (Galveston)
Bundy, Z. T.
Benavides, Santos

Barham, S. H
Brown, H. W.
Baird, W. T.
Beall, E. J.
Bickler, Jacob
Brackenridge, R. J.
Brown, Leander
Brown, Ella B

Chilton, F. B. (Travis)
Christian, Edward (Travis)
Carhart, J. W. (Lampasas)
Cook, Gustave (Harris)
Clark, Isaac E.
Clark, Eugene (Caldwell)
Cook, T. C.
Cummings, J
Castleton, E. L. E.
Coombs, E. L.
Caven, Wm. J.
Cooper, O. H.
Caldwell, C. G.

Dean, John F (Travis)
Darr, H. H. (Burleson)
Douglass, J. W. (Anderson)
Davis, J. A.
Duffau, Justus
Doak, A. V.
Daniel, F. E.
Daniel J. W.
Doremus, Frank

Everett, T. J.
Eastland, O.
Ellis, L. A.

Finlay, Geo. P (Galveston) (3)
Fulton, R. L.
Fant, D. R. (Goliad)
Ferris, J. H. (Clay)
Fly, A. W.
Fennell, J. W.
Flewellen, Robert T
Feris, Geo. A.
Faust, Joseph
Fulmore, Z. T.

Gibbs, Barnett (Dallas)
Garwood, H. M. (Bastrop)
Glover, D. A.(Hays)
Gresham, Walter (Galveston)
Garza, Leonard (Bexar)
Graham, L. J.
Gaines, Wm. B. P.
Green, Ed J. L.
Gaines, Wm. P.
Gribble, Robert
Ghent, H. C.

Hayes, W. R. (Bee)
Harrison, R. H.
Holland, Sam E
Harrison, Robert H., Sr
Hons, J. M. (Washington)
Hadra, B. E. (Galveston)
Harmer, J. R.
Holloway, F. H.
Hardy, L. H.
Hill, F. M. D.
Hamilton, C
Herring, M. B.
Hutchison, W. O.
Hurth, Rev. P. J.
Hamby, W. R.

Ireland, John

Johnson, John (Collin)
Jameson, W. G. (Rusk)
Jester, George T (Navarro)
Jones, A. C. (Bee)(4)
Johnson, Adam R.
Jones, John C
Jackson, J. A.
Jordan, P.
Knox, R. T.
Kerr, G. W.
King, W. B.
Kendall, W. A.
Kone, E. R.
Knittel, H

Longcope, Edmond McLeod (Dallas)[1]
Littlefield, Geo. W.
Lowry, S. T.
Lane, John J.
Lubbock, F. R.

Maynard, Wm. E
Marr, D. P. (Frio)
McComb, John E
McCrary, E. R. W.
Myers, M. M.
McLeary, W. T.
McDonald, John
Martin, F. R.
Moore, J. M

Nettles, R. C.
Newning, C. A.

O'Neil John (Calhoun)
O'Connor, Dennis M
Olive, N. A.

Page, R. M. (Tarrant)
Paine, J. F. Y. (Galveston)
Phillips, John W. (Travis)
Perrenot, E. A. (Victoria)
Perkins, A. N. (Jefferson)(5)
Preston, John
Powell, W. P.
Peeples, D. L
Pryor, Isaac T
Pfeuffer, Geo

Rodriquez, Jose Maria
Reeves, W. W.
Roberts, O. M.
(San Augustine),[2])
Renfro, J. C. B. (Fayette)
Ross, J. M.
Reeve, J. R.
Robertson, J. W.
(name appears
to be Bobertson)
Rentfro, R. B
Rogers, C. M
Rutherford, R

Stout, S. H. (Eastland)
Savage, W. S.
Sledge, Robert J (Hays)
Sweatingen, R. M
Stormfeltz, Geo. (Goliad)
Stuart, D. F.
Shackelford, S. S
Sterrett, M. D.
Swepton, E. A.
Silliman, C. H. (Travis)
Smith, Bat
Styles, S. F.
Simkins, E. J.
Starley, S. F.
Sayers, J. D.
Seele, F. H
Sterzing, Fred
Sheeks, David

Thames, J. J.
Taylor, M. A.
Tyler, O. T.
Tyler, Geo. W
Tye, R. P.
Threadgill, J

Vance, Chas P (Willaimson)
Vidaurri, Atanacio

Wells, James B
Wallace, D. R. (Dallas)
Wortham, P. K.
White, F. S.
Wilson, D. J.
Wadgyman, A. (Dimmit)
Wooten, Dudley G
Wilson, W. H.
Walton, Geo. S.
Welch, C. H
Walton, Wm. M.
Wooten, T. D.
Wortham, W. B.
1. The biography for Edmund McLeod Longcope can also be found at Fayette and Lampasas counties.
2. The biography for O. M Roberts can also be found at
Shelby, Smith, Travis, and Upshur counties
3. The biography for George Preston Finley can also be found at Calhoun county.
4. The biography for Alan Carter Jones can also be found at Nacogdoches and Goliad counties.
5. The biography for A. N. Perkins can also be found at Jasper county.

It is with much gratitude that we wish to thank the following 
volunteers who assisted in the transcribing / editing / proofing of this book:

J. Barker
Charlie Vines

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