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Gage Family History
The Family of Benjamin Gage of Upshur County, Texas & Related Families

Thanks to David Joe Gage for this wonderful information.

Benjamin Gage came to texas from Indiana.  He traveled through Kentucky, on to Tennessee and from Tennessee to Texas camping along and scouting about.  He was one of the old "Trail Blazers", helped build bridges, etc.  He camped at the Phillips Springs three miles north of Gladewater, Texas but the location did not suit him.  So he scouted around a few days and located on Little White Oak Creek about 12 miles northwest of the springs.  There he established a gristmill and tan yard.

Upshur County was organized at that time.  The Governor of texas appointed Benjamin Gage, Benjamin Fuller and (N.N.?) Robertson commissioners (confirded by the legislature in 1849) to select a site for the county seat of the newly created county.  They selected and bought the present site of Gilmer from Matthew Cartwright, famed trader and early Texas land owner.

When the Gage home was built along White Oak Creek, his nearest neighbors were several miles away.  The area rapidly filled with settlers in the first few years after Texas became a state.

Two men were paid $1.00 in gold for each log they hand hewed for the Gage home.  They were Alec Marsh and Billy Green whose descendants reside in and around Upshur County today. (1960)

When the men had finished hewing the logs which were hauled from Jefferson, the neighbors joined in a house raising.  They used wooden pegs to fasten the logs together and constructed a two story house 17 1/2 x 30 feet.  It had a large fireplace at one end and one large porch on the front with another on the back.

This house is still standing and in the 115 years old structure are members of the same family, William Alton Gage, a great grandson of the builder and his daughter Mrs Judy Holden, the fifth generation to reside in the house.  This is probably the oldest house in Upshur County still being used by the same family.  Since the house was originally built four more rooms have been added.  One of the porches has been rebuilt, electricity and gas have been installed and the house now has an imitation brick siding.

Benjamin, as an heir of James Standifer, a large land owner in this area inherited 640 acres of Texas land.

Benjamin Gage was born about 1802-1804, South Carolina by one record and in Kentucky by another record.  He died near Gilmer, texas, January, 1858.  He was married in 1827 or 1828, probably in Alabama, to Sarah Elizabeth Harrell.  She was born about 1802 or 1804 in Georgia.  She appeared in the census of 1860 but did not appear in the census of 1880.

Their children:

100 David Ferdinand Gage, born about 1827-29, Alabama. 
101 Jushua Gage, born about 1829-30, Alabama.  Never married.
102 Gassaway Gage (Called Gad) born 4/12/1831, Alabama
103 Henry Gage, born about 1834-35, Alabama
104 Robert H Gage, born about 1836-38, Texas.
105 Oliva Gage, born 1/31/1840, Texas according to one record, and Alabama according to another.

100 David Ferdinand Gage, born about 1827-29, Alabama.  Date of death unknown.  Died Upshur County, Texas.  Buried in Hoover Cemetery located on State Highway 155 southwest of Prichett, Texas several hundred yards westward from the highway.  He was married about 1845 in Texas to Nancy Hoover who was born in Indiana, 11/22/1829 according to one record, and in Ohio, according to another record.  She died 11/22/1892, and is also buried in Hoover Cemetery.  About 1891 David Ferdinand gave some of his land for the Cross Roads school.  This school has now been consolidated with Big Sandy for several years.  He also gave land for the New Hope Church, which was moved from its original location near the cemetery to another place in the community.  The church buildking is now located on the Gilmer-Big Sandy Highway about a quarter of a mile up the road from the old Gage place.
    200   Benjamin Gage, born about 1847-50, Montague County, Texas, m. Sarah Lovina (Lov) Tottie.
    201   R L Gage, born about 1850, Texas
    202   Thomas Jefferson Gage, born 1/14/1850, Texas
    203   Abraham Gage, born 527/1853
    204   Sarah Gage, born about 1856-57, Texas. m. Joe Sanders. 1 child 314 Franklin Sanders
    205   Orelia Gage m. Dave Sanders
    207   Mancil Gage, born 11/20/1859, Texas
    208   David Gage, born 10/20/1860, Texas.  Died 11/8/1866
    209   Adaline Gage, born 1863-64, Texas
    209A Rachel Gage, Born 1866-67, Texas
    209B Henry Gage, born 9/1870, Texas.  Died 1876 Upshur County, buried Hoover Cemetery.
    209C Jane Gage m. Francis Green

102 Gassaway Gage (Called Gad), born 4/12/1831, Alabama, died 9/18/1889, Upshur County, Texas, buried Hoover Cemetery.  Married 1st about 1855 - Rhoda Jane Hoover (?Caffey) born 9/1832.  She died about 1875-76.  Buried Hoover Cemetery.
    210 Elizabeth Gage, born Texas
    211 Locky Gage, born about 1858, Texas.  m. Peter W Carrington.
    212 Clarisa (Tess) Gage in Upshur Countyl 1860
    213 John Gage, believed to have been a son and lived in New Mexico.
    215 Margaret Gage, born Texas about 1865-66.
    216 Clio Anna Gage born about 1867-68, Texas
    217 Dora Gage born Texas about 1869-0.  m. Tom Carrington.

Gassaway Gage married as a 2nd wife Mrs Miriam Elvira (nee Cox) Dubose.
    217A Y S Gage m. Amy Chronister
    217B Zera Gage m. William Baird

103 Henry Gage, born about 1834-35 in Alabama.  Died before 1879.  Married Mary Frances Cox, a sister of Asbury G Cox.  After the death of Henry Gage, Mary Frances Cox married Daniel W Stanley.  Lucinda Cox, a sister of Mary Frances Cox was Daniel W Stanley's 1st wife.
    218 Malphonetta Gage (called Sis) born about 1870, Texas.  m. George Ballard
    219 Henry Asbury Gage (called Bud) born about 1871, Texas.  m. Margha Frances Loway.

104 Robert M Gage, born about 1836-38, Texas, according to one record and in Mississippi according to another record.  Married 1st: ?
    220 Lucius Gage, born about 1867
    221 Charles R Gage, born about 1870.

    Married 2nd Eda ?
    222 Fairey Gage born 7/1879

105 Olivia Gage, born 1/31/1840 in Texas according to one record and in Alabama according to another record.  She died 9/20/1874, Upshur County, Texas.  Married 10/7/1850 in Upshur County to Asbury Garrison Cox, born 11/27/1836, Alabama, buried Upshur County, Texas.
    223 Richard Ferdinand Cox 8/23/1859 to 8/11/1931, Upshur County, Texas
    224 Ira McMillan Cox, born about 1863, accidently killed 1/10/1882, Upshur County.  Unmarried.
    225 Malinda Cox, born about 1865, m. William Hodges.
    226 wilburn Cox, born about 1868, m. Mollie McIntosh.
    227 Sallie Cox, born about 1872, m. William Mathis

Note: After the death of Olivia Gage Cox, her husband Asbury Garrison Cox married Sarah Jane McIntosh.

    228 Harmon Cox, m. Delia Compton
    229 Annie G Cox, m. Ike Pankey
    230 Lela Belle Cox, m. Sam Pankey

200 Benjamin Gage, born about 1847-50, Texas.  Born and died in Montague County, Texas.  (From 1880 census Ben was 32 making him born in 1848)  Married Sarah (Lov) Lovina Tottie.  After his death, his widow and children moved to Lone Wolf, Oklahoma.  Sarah died in 1920 and is buried in Lone Wolf Cemetery.
    300    David Ferdinand Gage ("Ferd") born 1874
    300A Anna A (Gus) Gage born 1872, died 1943, m. Ben A Page who was born 1872, died 1939.  Both buried Lone Wolf               Cemetery, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma.
    301    Frank Gage born Aug, 1877, m. Pearl ? who was born Oct 1880.  One daughter Bertie
    302    Allen Gage
    303    Mary Jane Gage born 1871
    304    Rhonda May Gage born 1887
    305    Nannie B Gage born 1890

202 Thomas Jefferson Gage, born 1/14/1850, Texas.  Died 7/23/1912 Upshur County, Texas, buried Hoover Cemetery.  Married Mary Malinda Spencer, born 1848 Tennessee.  Died March 22, 1923, Upshur County, Texas.  Also buried Hoover Cemetery.
    306 Nancy E Gage, born about 1874
    307 Henry Ferdinand Gage, born ab out 1879, m. Annie Shepherd
    308 Alfred Gage, born 3/15/1881, died 10/26/1960, m. Mamie (Bell) Marsh on 10/4/1908, born 12/26/1890, died 1/19/1957,            buried Hoover Cemetery, Upshur County, Texas."
    309 Thomas Jefferson Gage born about 5/1888, died 1962, buried Hover Cemetery, m. #1 Kate Burgins, #2 Evan ?
    310 Louis Gage, 1885-1951.  Married Lavonia Jamison buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

203 Abraham Gage, born 5/27/1853, m. Cindy Wolf.
    312    Nancy Gage, m. Tom Smith
    313    Amanda Gage, m. Henry Baird
    314    Elizabeth Gage, m. Jesse Harper
    315    Mary Gage, m. Rueben McDonald
    316    Rachel Gage, m. John Willaby
    317    Martin Gage, m. Ossie Mooney
    317A Draper Gage, m. Gertrude Squires Caffey
    317 B Wona Gage, m. "Bus" Wilson

205 Orelia Gage, m. Dave Sanders
    317C Walker Sanders
    317 D Betty Sanders
    317 E Cora Sanders

207 Mancil Gage, born 11/20/1859, Texas, died 6/10/1914, Upshur County.  Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery.  Married Beatrice Fitzgerald.  When Mancil Gage, the father died, the property was inherited by William Alton and his David Ferdinand Gage (Dee).  The inheritance consisted of 60 acres.  This was divided, William Alton Gage receiving 29 1/2 acres and the old house, the balance going to his brother David.
    318     William Alton Gage, born 1/1887, Upshur County Texas, m. Ivy Naomi Sanders.  Lived Big Sandy Texas.
    319     David Ferdinand (Dee) Gage, 2/24/1889
    319A  Martin VanBuren Gage, born 7/11/1892, Upshur County, texas, died 12/10/1917.  Buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Upshur
               County, Texas.  141st Infantry, TX National Guard, Camp Bowie, CSA.
    319B  Vander Gage, died age of 9 months.

209 Adaline Gage, born about 1863-64, Texas, m. #1 Jepton Rogers, #2 "Bud" Eitel.
    320 William E Rogers, m. Rosalie Price
    321 Mary E Rogers, m. Robert Hale
    322 Presley Rogers, m. A Fitzgerald
    323 Ferdinand Rogers, died young.

209A Rachel Gage, born 1866-67, Texas, m. A N Eitel or Bud Eitel
    325 James Anderson Eitel, born 1/18/1889
    326 Maggie Eitel
    327 Rufus Eitel
    328 Huston Eitel (Bob)
    329 Earnest Eitel

209C Jane Gage, m. Francis Green
    329A Ada Green, m. Ed Oliver
    329B della Green, m. John Shirley Weaver

211 Locky Gage, born about 1857, Texas, m. Peter W Carrington, born 1859, Georgia
    330 Locky J Carrington, born about 1878
    331 Dooly G Carrington, born 12/1879
    332 Lita Carrington
    333 Gad Carrington
    334 Asbury Carrington
    335 Henry (Ariraho) Carrington
    336 Bell Carrington
    337 Tr Jr Carrington?

212 Clarisa (Tess) Gage, Upshur County 1860.  Married Lewis Upton Cox, born about 1857-58, Texas, son of Taliaferro Lewis and Lucinda (Bentley) Cox.
    338 Ezra Cox, 1863, Texas, m. Willie Hayes
    339 Sidney Cox, m. Maggie Stegall
    340 Vera cox, m. Frank Williamham
    341 Gertrude Cos, m. Jesse Hill
    342 Emerson Cox, m. Gladys White
    343 Bessie Cox, m. Arthur Vessel
    344 Pearlie Cox, m. Willis McGee
    345 Surrelda Cox, m. Lon Baird

217 Dora Gage, born in Texas about 1869-70, m. Tom Carrington.
    346    Corrine Carrington, m. Odell Barber
    347    Naomi Carrington
    347A Ruth Carrington
    Also 2 sons, Gordon Carrington & ? Carrington.

219 Henry Asbury Gage (Bud) born about 1871, Texas, m. Margha Frances Loway
    348 Daniel Webster Gage, 12/3/1886, lived Pritchett Texas, m. 1922 Mabel McLain - no children.
    349 Ora Daria Gage, 6/4/1889, died at age 16.
    350 Martha Frances Gage, 5/1891, m. Clyde Ray 11/25/1917.
    351 Meheim Lambrett Gage, 8/21/1896, died at age 14.
    352 Nettie Larie Gage, 2/1900, died at age 7.
    353 Henry Asbury Gage, 3/3/1903, m. 8/8/1939 to Sadie Nobber.
    354 Willis Joshua Gage, 8/13/1909, m. Dollie Fay Humphries - had 3 children.

223 Richard Ferdinand Cos, 8/23/1859 - 8/11/1931, Upshur County, Texas.  Married 7/1/1880 to Winnie Adeline Mackey (10/4/1864-7/9/1935) Upshur County, Texas.
    355 Frances Olivia Cox, born 1883 Texas

300 David Ferdinand Gage (Ferd), born 1874 in Texas, died 1939 and buried in Hobart Cemetery east of Hobart, Oklahoma.  He m. Mattie B Thompson who was born 1881 and died 1960.  She is buried in Hobart Cemetery.  When they first came to Oklahoma from Montague County, Texas, they had a farm in Greer County.  They traded this farm for a farm in Kiowa County, 7 miles north of Lone Wolf.
    434 Edwin Gage born 1898, died 1923
    435 Joseph Benjamin Gage born 1900, died 1976
    436 Edith Gage

300A Anna A (Gus) Gage born 1872, died 1943, m. Ben A Page who was born 1872, died 1939.  Both buried Lone Wolf Cemetery, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma.
    429 Roy Page
    430 Lula Page
    431 Joe Page  
    432 Guy Page
    433 Buford Page

303 Mary Jane Gage was born 1871 and died 1960.  She m. Samuel H Parsons who was born 1859 and died 1940.  Both are buried in Hobart Cemetery, Kiowa County, Oklahoma.
    437 Robert Parsons

304 Rhonda May Gage, called May, was born 1887 and died 1948.  Married Charles E Trentham, who was born 1886 and died 1958.  Both are buried in Hobart Cemetery, Kiowa County, Oklahoma.
    438 Leon Trentham
    439 Inez Trentham
    440 J B Trentham
    441 Rene Mae Trentham
    442 Ed Trentham
    443 Roy Thentham

305 Nannie B Gage, born 1890 and died 1973.  Married Robert A Hudson who was born 1888 and died 1958.  Both are buried in Hobart Cemetery, Kiowa County, Oklahoma.
    444 Ralph Hudson
    445 R B Hudson
    446 Glen Hudson
    447 Louise (Sis) Hudson
    448 Jimmy Hudson

309 Thomas Jefferson Gage, born 5/1888, died 1962, buried Hoover Cemetery.  Married #1 Kate Beraine Burggins
    400 Chester Gage, m. Zelma Burnett

Married #2 Erin Welch (a widow)
    400A Chestel (Buster) Gage, m. Edna Hall
    400B Ira Gage, m. Miss White
    400C Maryh Gage, m. ? Yandel
    400D Lewis Gage (twin), m. ?
    400E Lois Gage (twin), m. ?
    Boyce Gage (twin)
    Joyce Gage (twin)

318 William Alton Gage, born 1/1887 Upshur County, Texas.  Married Ivy Naomi Sanders.  Lived Big Sandy, texas.  William Alton Gage has lived all of his 73 years (1960) except 3 in this old house.  Two of these three years he lived at Rosewood and operated a telephone exchange there for his father, the owner.  Then he worked for some time at the Johnson's saw mill and shingle mill.  After her was married, he returned home.  During WWII he built houses at the North American Aviation Plant at Grand Prairie.
    410 Haskell Dee Gage, m. Gladys Capp
    411 Lancelot Arnold Gage, born 9/21/1914, m. Lara Lou Dell Lee
    412 Emma Lucille Gage, m. Edison Marsh
    413 Eura Lena (Judy) Gage, m. P D Holden.

319 David Ferdinand (Dee F) Gage, born 2/24/1889, m. #1 Mary Craton (Seperated)
    414 Bery Malone Gage
    415 Eula Mae Gage

Mary Cragon Gage remarried a Gerhart and gave the above children the Gerhart name.

Married #2 Ollie Buchanan - no children.

344 Pearlie Cox, m. Willis McGee
    416    Farrell McGee m. Frankie Willoughby
    417    Dean McGee
    417A Buford McGee m. Velma Welch
    417B Frances McGee m. Odell Davis
    Mataline McGee m. Cleaman
    Bernice McGee m. John D Reeves

345 Surrelda Cox, m. Lon Baird
    418    Juanita Baird . Babel Painter
    419    Barney Baird - unmarried
    420    Theodore Baird
    421    Orbie Baird - unmarried
    422    Dewey Baird, m. June Mitchell
    423    Harold Baird
    423A Travis Baird, m. Miss Foster
    423B J D Baird, m. Bernice Rodgers

355 Frances Olivia Cox, born Texas 1883, died 1958.  Married 1900 John Emmett Collins, born Texas 1880, died 1955.  He was the son of John Henry and Sarah Andeline (Ray) Collins.
    424 Gladys May Collins
    425 Myrtice Ray Collins
    426 John Atwell Collins
    427 Thurlaw Paulina Collins
    428 John Emmett Collins Jr

435 Joseph (Joe) Benjamin Gage, born near Altus in Jackson County, Oklahoma.  He was born 1900 and died 1976.  He is buried in Hobart Cemetery.  He married Grady Lovera Cox who was born Naples, Oklahoma in 1908.  Joe farmed the old home place 7 miles north of Lone Wolf for many years.  He spent the latter years of his life in retirement in Hobart.


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