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Last Name First Name Cemetery Name
Deadmond Ruby  Community
Deadmond Sammie Joe   Community
Deal Donie        Morris
Dean Alene Dauphin Rosedale
Dean Caroline M Sunset
Dean Frances Elizabeth Powell  Willow Oak
Dean Gerald Raymond    Lafayette (White)
Dean Hannah I Chilton
Dean Haskel J  Hoover
Dean J.H.     Sand Hill
Dean Jane Holmes Sunset
Dean Jerry Sunset
Dean Joel Lee Chilton
Dean John Mack Sunset
Dean Joseph Bryan Sunset
Dean Joseph Chandler Willow Oak
Dean Lindall L Chilton
Dean Maggie Alice Sunset
Dean Matilda A   Gilmer City (old)
Dean Mattie A.    Sand Hill
Dean Michelle    Union Grove (Black)
Dean Parmelia R    Lafayette (White)
Dean Tempa Rosedale
Dean            Dollie     Lafayette (White)
Dearing Arthur Grow   Union Grove
Dearing Bridget E.   Union Grove
Dearion Adrian Todd Red Rock
Dearion Darnell "Teena" Red Rock
Dearion Nellie B Webb Red Rock
Dearion Ocie Lee Jr Red Rock
Dearion Ocie Lee Sr Red Rock
Dearion Ocie Victor Jr Red Rock
De'arion Victor O Jr Red Rock
Dearman Alfred Rosedale
Dearman Eugene LaMar Concord
Dearman Euna Mae  Concord
Dearman Melvin Lee Concord
Dearmore Barnett Old Coffeeville
Dearmore Gilly A Old Coffeeville
Dearmore Martha S Old Coffeeville
Dearmore N B    Lafayette (White)
Dearmore Thomas B Old Coffeeville
Dearrion Eliza Red Rock
Dearrion Willie Red Rock
Deason Bruce    Union Grove
Deason Mollie    Union Grove
Deaton Genelle Lee Gladewater Memorial
Deaton James A Gladewater Memorial
Deayon Girllee  Community
Deayon Joe S    Community
DeBerry Fannie Lee       Ore City aka Murray League
DeBerry Gaston W Jr   Ore City aka Murray League
DeBerry Gaston William Sr Ore City aka Murray League
DeBerry Gracie Myrtle East Mountain (Old)
DeBerry Joseph E. East Mountain (Old)
DeBerry Mary Denise        Ore City aka Murray League
DeBerry Minnie Ore City aka Murray League
DeBerry Rita P          Ore City aka Murray League
DeBerry Tom Ed        Ore City aka Murray League
DeBerry Tom Newsome       Ore City aka Murray League
Decena Jerry C.               Pleasant Hill
Deckard Matthew   Valley View Baptist
Dedman Bruce Ivy Jr           Ore City aka Murray League
Dedman Darl G Red Rock
Dedman Ester W Red Rock
Dedman Henry A Red Rock
Dedman Katherine A Boone "Katy"         Ore City aka Murray League
Dedman O D Red Rock
Dedman Otis D Red Rock
Deeds Gary Allen Rosedale
Deeds James R Rosedale
Deeds Jo Ann Reed Rosedale
Deeds Joe Allen Rosedale
Deeds Mark Reed Rosedale
Deeds Mary Pearl Rogers Rosedale
Deen Evalena  Oak Hill
Deen Thomas Minor Oak Hill
Deen William Edwin Oak Hill
Dees Edgar Ralph Gladewater Memorial
Deese Barron Gladewater Memorial
Deese Clara Gladewater Memorial
Deffenbaugh James Franklin   Union Grove
Deffenbaugh Rebecca Jane   Union Grove
DeGerolamo Aunt Ilse Gladewater Memorial
Dehart Barney Coy         Ashland
Dehart Genell C           Ashland
Dehart James B.        Ashland
Dehart James W            Ashland
Dehart Sarah E           Ashland
Dehring Cheryl             Morris
Deishler Thomas Henry Sunset
Delaney Pauline  Oak Hill
Delay Ross Gladewater Memorial
Delay Wanda E Gladewater Memorial
Delephimne Donna Spicer                Glenwood
Dellinger Marie Floyd Gladewater Memorial
Dellinger Paul William Gladewater Memorial
DeMoss Eugene    Union Grove
Demoss Ima Pitman Sunset
DeMoss John Emmitt   Union Grove
DeMoss Mary    Union Grove
DeMoss W. M.   Union Grove
Dempsey Charlie A   Willow Oak
Dempsey Mrs W P  Willow Oak
Dempsey Nancy P Moon Willow Oak
Dempsey Zula Petty   Willow Oak
Denman Jerry Lynn Sunset
Denmark Wilma J Scott Christian Hope aka Eubanks
Denney Julia Ann Lavender Walnut Creek
Dennis Chappel S Enon
Dennis David D Gladewater Memorial
Dennis Floyd Spencer  Soules Chapel
Dennis John S Enon
Dennis Wilma R Enon
Denny De Lisle  Bethlehem
Denson Ben F             Pleasant Grove
Denson Bomar Sunset
Denson Bruce    Union Grove
Denson Effie Mae   Union Grove
Denson Ford    Willow Oak
Denson G W           Pleasant Grove
Denson Georgie                Pleasant Grove
Denson Graves P   Willow Oak
Denson J              Pleasant Grove
Denson James E         Gilmer City (old)
Denson Jesse Knox   Willow Oak
Denson Lee Donia         Gilmer City (old)
Denson Madison Monroe   Willow Oak
Denson Margaret Alice                Pleasant Grove
Denson Mariah Vaughn Bates  Willow Oak
Denson Mary E          Ben F     Pleasant Grove
Denson Mollie    Union Grove
Denson Mrs M E  Willow Oak
Denson Robby Jo Sunset
Denson Roger    Willow Oak
Denson Sarah D         Ashland
Denson Sarah Elizabeth   Willow Oak
Denson Vera Mae Wallace Glenwood
Denson Victoria Moody Willow Oak
Denson W B   Willow Oak
Denson Zelma Dell Stillwell Willow Oak
Dent Anna Irene Powell      Ore City aka Murray League
Dent Deedra L Ore City aka Murray League
Dent Edward T Ore City aka Murray League
Dent George F      Ore City aka Murray League
Dent Jesse James Walnut Creek
Dent Jesse James     Ore City aka Murray League
Dent Samuel      Enoch
Denton A B                 Gilmer City (old)
Denton Alan Brian     Kelsey
Denton Alice Jane      Morris
Denton Audrey Louise    Kelsey
Denton B Frank Gilmer City (new)
Denton B M "Scamp"    Enoch
Denton Blanton L         Mitchell
Denton Charity "Tinch" Elizabeth Smith   Enoch
Denton Chrisopher Michael    Kelsey
Denton Connie Lindsey    Kelsey
Denton Creed S           Mitchell
Denton Crockett          Mitchell
Denton Darrel      Morris
Denton Donna Jean     Kelsey
Denton Edwin E Kelsey
Denton Ellie         Gilmer City (old)
Denton Elnora     Kelsey
Denton Elsa Jean Darnell        Glenwood
Denton Elvin/Edwin E "Pete"   Kelsey
Denton Eugene          Morris
Denton Everett Rosedale
Denton George            Mitchell
Denton Infant              Gilmer City (old)
Denton Infants            Morris
Denton J H (Dofe)  Morris
Denton Jack Dempsey     Enoch
Denton James C           Mitchell
Denton Jeremiah A        Mitchell
Denton Jessie L Gay-Hagan
Denton John Franklin    Kelsey
Denton Joseph            Mitchell
Denton Julia A     Enoch
Denton Lanora            Mitchell
Denton Laverine          Mitchell
Denton Lucinda           Mitchell
Denton Marvin Rudolph    Kelsey
Denton Mary Blanche Luton   Kelsey
Denton Mary Eliza Grisham Ernest  Kelsey
Denton Mattie B. Gay-Hagan
Denton Michael Sunset
Denton Mollie Morris
Denton Patsy Gillon      Mitchell
Denton Pleasant Ciscro "Rouser"    Enoch
Denton Richard Floyd    Kelsey
Denton Ronald Melvin    Kelsey
Denton Thomas Grisham    Kelsey
Denton Unknown Gay-Hagan
Denton Virginia F             Gilmer City (old)
Denton William           Mitchell
Denton Zenia C Gilmer City (new)
Denty C L                 Gilmer City (old)
DePotty David S  Soules Chapel
Derbin John M Coffeeville (Old Section)
Derbin John Roy          Coffeeville (Old Section)
Derbin Margarett Coffeeville (Old Section)
Derbin Myrtle F Coffeeville (Old Section)
Derbin William Ray          Coffeeville (Old Section)
Derrick Arthur Houston aka Lake Providence
Derrick Avery Community
Derrick Bobbie   Derrick
Derrick Catherine  Community
Derrick Ernest   Fonda
Derrick Essie Elder Piedmont
Derrick Floyd   Fonda
Derrick George Jr  Community
Derrick Gordon Houston aka Lake Providence
Derrick Jane   Derrick
Derrick Joe Lee   Derrick
Derrick Joseph   Derrick
Derrick Lucetta Ragland            Gilmer City (old)
Derrick Mack  Community
Derrick Mildred D  Piedmont
Derrick Mrs Tessie  Elam Springs
Derrick Robert          Fonda
Derrick Rosie L   Community
Derrick Roxanna  Derrick
Derrick Roy Lee   Community
Derrick Theodore R  Piedmont
Derrick Unknown   Snow Hill
Derrick  A.E.    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Derrick  Arthur G.   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Derrik Derrik   Lee
Deshotel Lee B         Ore City aka Murray League
Deshotel Theresa A Ore City aka Murray League
Deshotel Willie Harris         Ore City aka Murray League
Deslongchamp Hazel M Gladewater Memorial
Detwiler Frank Coffeeville (New Section) 
Detwiler Oscar E. Rileys Chapel aka County Line
Devall Corine Perryville
Devall Lawrence Perryville
DeVance John         Crossroad (African American)
DeVance Johnny P Gladewater Memorial
DeVance Mark Jackson Gladewater Memorial
DeWeese Frank E                  Mings
DeWeese George Corwin Chilton
DeWeese George Robert Chilton
DeWeese Grace Orena Chilton
DeWeese Herbert K Jr Chilton
DeWeese Herbert Kelly Chilton
DeWeese Johnnie I Connell Chilton
DeWeese Little Bud                Mings
DeWeese Maggie M                 Mings
DeWeese Norman Mings             Mings
DeWeese Robbie Sue "Kay" Chilton
Dexter Derrick   Shady Grove (African American)
Deyoung Barbara Sunset
Diab Nichola L Gladewater Memorial
Dial Dr John D Sr Chilton
Dial Jodie Walnut Creek
Dial John D Jr Chilton
Dial Maude Meason Chilton
Dial Mavis M      Ore City aka Murray League
Dial Oswood C Walnut Creek
Dial Ray C         Ore City aka Murray League
Diamond Amos Hickory Hill
Diamond Vernell Hickory Hill
Dibrell Helen              Gilmer City (old)
Dibrell Pope Daniels            Gilmer City (old)
Dice Harold F   Gilmer City (old)
Dick Raymond C Gladewater Memorial
Dickason John W     Enoch
Dickason Sarah V     Enoch
Dickens Calvin Red Rock
Dickenson Leroy Wilburn Ore City aka Murray League
Dickerson Annie E Lizzie Rosedale
Dickerson H. H. Ashland
Dickerson Josephine Peteet           Ashland
Dickerson Ozell Robertson       Glenwood
Dickerson Richard E Gladewater Memorial
Dickey Clarence T Sunset
Dickey Stella L             Rileys Chapel aka County Line
Dickey William T            Rileys Chapel aka County Line
Dickinson Edward C  Hoover
Dickinson J H  Bethlehem
Dickinson Martha R  Bethlehem
Dickinson We'zhena Edwina M  Hoover
Dickinson William            Bethlehem
Dicks Brandon Neil Gilmer City (new)
Dicks Calvin Gladewater Memorial
Dicks Marie Gladewater Memorial
Dicks Roy Neal Sunset
Dickson Alice J Shepperd Rosedale
Dickson Cassandra     Lafayette (White)
Dickson children of    Lafayette (White)
Dickson Ira D    Lafayette (White)
Dickson J Walker Rosedale
Dickson R H    Lafayette (White)
Dickson Robbie Nelwyn Rosedale
Dickson W W               Gilmer City (old)
Dickson William Crain            Gilmer City (old)
Dickson        Mollie K    Lafayette (White)
Dickson          J H    Lafayette (White)
Dietz A F "Tony" Sunset
Dietz Cuegette Sunset
Diles Jerameil   Lee
Dill Glenda Ruth Gilmer City (new)
Dill Sally Gilmer City (new)
Dillard Albert Bruce             Floyd
Dillard Artee Mount Lebanon
Dillard Clara Belle  Floyd
Dillard Erskin Donald Gladewater Memorial
Dillard Infant             Floyd
Dillard Joseph W (Joe)  Floyd
Dillard Leroy             Floyd
Dillard Mary Virginia  Floyd
Dillard R Lee           Floyd
Dillard Vivian Dean Gladewater Memorial
Dillard Volusia B  Floyd
Dilley Dottie Avon    Kelsey
Dillion Bertie L                Coffeeville (Old Section)
Dillion William A              Coffeeville (Old Section)
Dillon Arthur    Ore City aka Murray League
Dillon Beulah         Ore City aka Murray League
Dillon Cecil Clure                Pleasant Grove
Dillon Celia A         Ore City aka Murray League
Dillon Doughty D       Ore City aka Murray League
Dillon Electra Pearl McClure            Pleasant Grove
Dillon Eunice Ore City aka Murray League
Dillon James Franklin             Pleasant Grove
Dillon John B        Coffeeville (Old Section)
Dillon John C        Ore City aka Murray League
Dillon John Teal               Pleasant Grove
Dillon M E          Coffeeville (Old Section)
Dillon Mahaley Ore City aka Murray League
Dimmer Alberta    Community
Dinger Ralph L. Glenwood
Dinger Virginia Glenwood
Disheroon J D       Ore City aka Murray League
Disheroon Ruth F        Ore City aka Murray League
Diviney Billy Joe Gladewater Memorial
Diviney Joe Don Gladewater Memorial
Diviney Joyce Ann Gladewater Memorial
Dixon Angie Graham Albright   Kelsey
Dixon Annie Coffeeville (Black)
Dixon Ava Ellett    Kelsey
Dixon Benjamin Cluff    Kelsey
Dixon Betty L Crossroad (African American)
Dixon C J New Hope
Dixon C J      New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Dixon Clemens G  Floyd
Dixon Clyde Edward    Kelsey
Dixon Dorothy Jean               New Mt.
Dixon E Loretta Shore   Kelsey
Dixon Eleanor G    Kelsey
Dixon Evelyn L    Kelsey
Dixon Hallie Hickory Hill
Dixon Harold Maurice    Kelsey
Dixon Jessie B  Floyd
Dixon Kathleen Morgan New Hope
Dixon Kathleen Morgan New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Dixon Larcie Laurie    Kelsey
Dixon Larry Wayne Gladewater Memorial
Dixon Matthew H    Kelsey
Dixon Maurine Wanda    Kelsey
Dixon Minnie B Luna   Kelsey
Dixon Norman               Fonda
Dixon Phyllis Kay Bryant   Kelsey
Dixon Richard J    Kelsey
Dixon Sallie   Dixon
Dixon Susan Frances Morris
Dixon T C Morris
Dixon Van Smith    Kelsey
Dixon Wayne Talmadge    Kelsey
Dixon William T    Kelsey
Dixon Willie                 Coffeeville (Black)
Dixson Vinnie   Lee


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