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This database was compiled & submitted by Anita Huggins Nolan.


Last Name First Name Cemetery Name
Habel Sybil Earp Morris
Hacker Mable  Sewell         Gilmer City (old)
Hackett Marshall H Rosedale
Hackett Mildred F Rosedale
Hackler A. J. Oak Hill
Hackler Ada Hill  Oak Hill
Hackler Allen  Oak Hill
Hackler Alva             Simpsonville
Hackler Arlan Duncan          Simpsonville
Hackler Aron J          Simpsonville
Hackler Aunt Bell Oak Hill
Hackler Bertha Oak Hill
Hackler Carrie Johnson Oak Hill
Hackler Connie Mae Enon
Hackler Crabtree  Oak Hill
Hackler Curtis Leo Sunset
Hackler Dorothy Marie Hart        Simpsonville
Hackler Estelle  Oak Hill
Hackler Frank Oak Hill
Hackler Fred N. Oak Hill
Hackler George T. Oak Hill
Hackler Gladys E Sunset
Hackler Henry F Sunset
Hackler Irene E. Oak Hill
Hackler J S              Matinburg
Hackler J. H. Oak Hill
Hackler J. W. Oak Hill
Hackler John Stanley Oak Hill
Hackler Lawrence  Oak Hill
Hackler Lucy Sunset
Hackler Sally Jane Oak Hill
Hackler Uncle Bill Oak Hill
Hackler Willie  Oak Hill
Hackler Wilma Jo Yallo Busha
Hadaway B Austin Sunset
Hadaway Dale Locust Grove
Hadaway Dorothy Locust Grove
Hadaway Elijah Clint         East Mountain Baptist Church
Hadaway Ernest Clint Locust Grove
Hadaway Lois Fowler Sunset
Haggard Malinda S            Gilmer City (old)
Hagler Alma Shaw Gilmer City (new)
Hagler Beulah   Summerfield Community
Hagler Clarence C Gilmer City (new)
Hagler Clifton   Summerfield Community
Hagler Earnest   Summerfield Community
Hagler Elton Lavoy                              Sand Hill
Hagler Florence Lillian   Sand Hill
Hagler Jenie   Summerfield Community
Hagler Jimmie Yvonne   Sand Hill
Hagler Jodie   Summerfield Community
Hagler Joe Walter III Summerfield Community
Hagler John Buford                          Sand Hill
Hagler Joseph Walter Summerfield Community
Hagler Lewis   Summerfield Community
Hagler Lossie   Summerfield Community
Hagler Luella   Summerfield Community
Hagler Marion Stevens   Sand Hill
Hagler Martha Ophelia   Sand Hill
Hagler Marva   Summerfield Community
Hagler Melvin   Summerfield Community
Hagler Norman Leroy    Sand Hill
Hagler Oscar   Summerfield Community
Hagler Paralee  Community
Hagler Robert A  Summerfield Community
Hagler Rodney L   Sand Hill
Hagler Rue Calvin  Summerfield Community
Hagler Sarah   Summerfield Community
Hagler Sondra Kaye Sondie   Sand Hill
Hagler Stella Lee  Summerfield Community
Hagler Stella W  Summerfield Community
Hagler Tammy   Summerfield Community
Hagler Vera   Summerfield Community
Hagler Verl David         Sand Hill
Hagler Young Oliver Gilmer City (new)
Hahn John                   Gilmer City (old)
Hahn Joseph Jr Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Hahn Joseph            Gilmer City (old)
Hahn Judy M Gladewater Memorial
Hahn Lynn Sunset
Hahnert Helen M Rosedale
Hahnert Howard V Rosedale
Haigwood Angeline Locust Grove
Haigwood Averelle Locust Grove
Hiagwood Baby Locust Grove
Haigwood Benjamin B Locust Grove
Haigwood Clemmie  Hoover
Haigwood Ida Snider Locust Grove
Haigwood James R Locust Grove
Haigwood Loys M Locust Grove
Haigwood Medie Locust Grove
Haigwood Ola Gee Locust Grove
Haigwood Onella Locust Grove
Hail Ada B Shady Grove
Hail Alton E Shady Grove
Hail Alver Shady Grove
Hail Denny W    Little Mound (New Section)
Hail Dovie Shady Grove
Hail E G Gilmer City (new)
Hail Effie Della Shady Grove
Hail Elias Granville Shady Grove
Hail Emma Holeman Shady Grove
Hail Herman E    Little Mound (New Section)
Hail Infant Shady Grove
Hall Jackie Dean West Mountain
Hail James Monroe Shady Grove
Hail John E Shady Grove
Hail Lawrence Shady Grove
Hail M Frances White Shady Grove
Hail Margaret E Shady Grove
Hail Nancy J    Little Mound (New Section)
Hail Rachel E Shady Grove
Hail Wesley Ray Shady Grove
Hail         Wendell Ervin    Little Mound (New Section)
Hair Homer T Sunset
Hair Rosa Ann Gilmer City (new)
Hair Roy Logan Jr Gilmer City (new)
Hair Roy Logan Sr Gilmer City (new)
Hair Thomas Viehugh Gilmer City (new)
Halcomb Joe Hopewell
Halcomb Martha Hopewell
Halcomb Mary Luler Hopewell
Hale Adolphus L.  Valley View Baptist
Hale Alma Louise Jones  Community
Hale B E "Bose" Gilmer City (new)
Hale Betty   Valley View Baptist
Hale Buelah            Gilmer City (old)
Hale Corein        New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hale Dewight Edwyn  Valley View Baptist
Hale Dorothy Jett  Valley View Baptist
Hale Eugene Worth Shady Grove
Hale H A            Gilmer City (old)
Hale Henry Lewis  Valley View Baptist
Hale Iona Johnson
Hale Jeff Jr "Bose" Gilmer City (new)
Hale Juanita Hargest   Zion Hill
Hale Judy Sunset
Hale Lasaphine     New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hale Laura   Valley View Baptist
Hale Leamon     Valley View Baptist
Hale Lester V "Cattail"   New Hope
Hale Lester V Travis "Cattail"         New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hale Lorein                 Gilmer City (old)
Hale Maggie Lee   Valley View Baptist
Hale Mari New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hale Medie   Valley View Baptist
Hale Minnie N New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hale Nannie E Gilmer City (new)
Hale Nannie Green  Valley View Baptist
Hale Nina Johnson Sunset
Hale Overa Smith  Community
Hale P. H.  Valley View Baptist
Hale Patricia Lynne Gladewater Memorial
Hale Pauline Gilmer City (new)
Hale Robert M                Gilmer City (old)
Hale Russell Leon "Snoot" Valley View Baptist
Hale Sailvanion   Valley View Baptist
Hale Sandra Kay Gladewater Memorial
Hale Vince     Valley View Baptist
Hale Zeb   Valley View Baptist
Hale Zebe      New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hale  Eliza    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hale  Jenkie    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hale  Mary Lou   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hale  Sarah    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hale         Arsenue    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hales Anna A           Gilmer City (old)
Hales Ella                Gilmer City (old)
Hales J S              Gilmer City (old)
Haley Archie Watson "Big Jack" Chilton
Haley Duaine Joe      Coffeeville (New Section) 
Haley Emalou Walker Chilton
Haley Joseph Walker Chilton
Haley Mary Alice Chilton
Hall Alice Odelia Aymond Rosewood
Hall Aunt Theo Oak Hill
Hall Barney Wilson                Gilmer City (old)
Hall Berma Jean Head Red Rock
Hall Bernice   Cherokee
Hall Bowman C Gilmer City (new)
Hall Callie D Shady Grove
Hall Campbell     Kelsey
Hall Clarance Ore City aka Murray League
Hall Cullie Mae Gilmer City (new)
Hall David Jr Gladewater Memorial
Hall David Lee Ore City aka Murray League
Hall Edward Clarence Rosewood
Hall Essie   Piedmont
Hall G H Shady Grove
Hall G S Schiffman Gilmer City (new)
Hall George C   Willow Oak
Hall Grady Vernon Walnut Creek
Hall H. M. Walnut Creek
Hall Hillary Otis Rosewood
Hall Horace Earl     Ashland
Hall Howard Franklin Gladewater Memorial
Hall Jacob Harold               East Mountain (Old)
Hall James Gladewater Memorial
Hall James G.                 Pleasant Hill
Hall James W Sunset
Hall James          Coffeeville (Old Section)
Hall Jessie Tramel Gilmer City (new)
Hall John Calhoun "Cap" Rosewood
Hall Johnie Elbert Rosewood
Hall Johnnie Piedmont
Hall Katy B Kennedy  Willow Oak
Hall Kenneth C Rosewood
Hall Leland Burnell Sunset
Hall Lessie Mae Davis East Mountain (Old)
Hall Lorine Martin Gilmer City (new)
Hall Louis R  Cherokee
Hall Marietta      Ashland
Hall Marjorie L               Ore City aka Murray League
Hall Martin           Gilmer City (old)
Hall Mary A Coffeeville (Old Section)
Hall Mary E  Cherokee
Hall Mary E. Walnut Creek
Hall Mattie          Gilmer City (old)
Hall Miss Mamie Hopewell
Hall Monnie Junior Gladewater Memorial
Hall Myra "Joan"              Pleasant Hill
Hall Nellma Jean Rosewood
Hall Noel James    Little Mound (New Section)
Hall Odar L Rosewood
Hall Paul Baber Gilmer City (new)
Hall Peggy Knight           Kelsey
Hall Robert E            Ore City aka Murray League
Hall Rosa Etta   Mattox
Hall Scott Stacy Sr         Coffeeville (New Section) 
Hall Steven Tramel Gilmer City (new)
Hall Suzanne Gladewater Memorial
Hall Thelma Bivins Gladewater Memorial
Hall Tommy Piedmont
Hall William Harold        East Mountain (Old)
Hall       J C  Cherokee
Hall              Van Edward     Enoch
Halley Ben Jr Rosedale
Halley Ben M Sr Rosedale
Halley Lucy Inez Rosedale
Hallford James Claude Gladewater Memorial
Hallman Benjamin Thomas Scott Sunset
Hallman Brady T                Morris
Hallman Gayron           Morris
Hallman Ila Bea Reeves             Morris
Hallman James Hansford            Morris
Hallman James Homer Morris
Hallman James Lee          East Mountain (Old)
Hallman Jean Ann East Mountain (Old)
Hallman Lennie Ezzie Jane "Janie Turner         Morris
Hallonquist Burley C Perryville
Hallonquist Ella Perryville
Hallonquist Genie Perryville
Hallonquist Henry B "Hambone" Yallo Busha
Hallonquist Henry Bonner "Bon"        Matinburg
Hallonquist James H. Glenwood
Hallonquist James Laurent Glenwood
Hallonquist Jessie        Perryville
Hallonquist Joe Perryville
Hallonquist L F         Perryville
Hallonquist Laurent Oren Perryville
Hallonquist Lindsey V          Perryville
Hallonquist Lyle Robertson            Glenwood
Hallonquist Maggie A Perryville
Hallonquist Martha Henson Perryville
Hallonquist Minnie      Perryville
Hallonquist William C "Will"            Perryville
Hallonquist Willie Louisa Overstreet  Matinburg
Hallonquist             Laurrent William   Matinburg
Halton Mary M Community
Halyard Berta    Willow Oak
Halyard Clifford Reginald   Willow Oak
Halyard Freddy Marcus   Willow Oak
Halyard Marcus Willow Oak
Halyard Marcus A   Willow Oak
Halyard Myrtle May Willow Oak
Ham Samantha    Willow Oak
Hamberlin Albert S Enon
Hamberlin Cornelia G    Kelsey
Hamberlin Daniel I Enon
Hamberlin Effie (Irwin)    Kelsey
Hamberlin Epsie Irvin Enon
Hamberlin Gertie Leigh    Kelsey
Hamberlin Infant Enon
Hamberlin Infant Sunset
Hamberlin Irwin Enon
Hamberlin Iva Enon
Hamberlin James D Sr            Kelsey
Hamberlin James David Jr           Kelsey
Hamberlin Julia H    Kelsey
Hamberlin L Lamar    Kelsey
Hamberlin Lela Ovena    Kelsey
Hamberlin Marie Sunset
Hamberlin Myrtle Lindsey    Kelsey
Hamberlin Otis Lamar    Kelsey
Hamberlin Rosa Pearl B   Kelsey
Hamberlin Sidney Kelsey
Hamberlin Snapper Sunset
Hamberlin Talmadge G Enon
Hamberlin Ulon Enon
Hamberlin Victor Carl    Kelsey
Hamberlin Virgil H Enon
Hamberlin Walter Moroni    Kelsey
Hamblin Margaret K                 Pleasant Grove
Hambright Elizabeth Ore City aka Murray League
Hambright James L               Gilmer City (old)
Hambright Mary A           Ore City aka Murray League
Hambright Ruth           Ore City aka Murray League
Hambright Sadie               Gilmer City (old)
Hambright Wm Ore City aka Murray League
Hamill Bryson Osgood Chilton
Hamill Dr Thomas B         Ore City aka Murray League
Hamill Estelle L         Ore City aka Murray League
Hamill J W H Ore City aka Murray League
Hamill Joseph C        Ore City aka Murray League
Hamill Mabel Bird Chilton
Hamill Maude E       Ore City aka Murray League
Hamill Rosilee "Pankie" Chilton
Hamilton Anna F Rosedale
Hamilton Aubrey Sunset
Hamilton Bertha    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hamilton Billie Marie "Kemp" Ore City aka Murray League
Hamilton C L                  Gilmer City (old)
Hamilton Cress Hart Chilton
Hamilton Frank Enon
Hamilton Gail Rosedale
Hamilton Hubert                    East Mountain (Old)
Hamilton Jesse James Sr Ore City aka Murray League
Hamilton Josephh R Gladewater Memorial
Hamilton Karen J Gladewater Memorial
Hamilton Mae Rosedale
Hamilton Mary F           Gilmer City (old)
Hamilton Mildred I Enon
Hamilton Nona Enon
Hamilton Oma L Orchard Gladewater Memorial
Hamilton Truman  Chilton
Hamilton William W Rosedale
Hamilton  Alex    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hamilton  Chester A.   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hamilton  Mary J.   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hamilton  N.R.     Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hamlett Ida W Gladewater Memorial
Hamlett W H Gladewater Memorial
Hamm Ben Enon
Hamm Claude L Perryville
Hamm Eufaula E Gilmer City (new)
Hamm Fannie E Perryville
Hamm Mattie Hughes Rosedale
Hamm Robert Earl Perryville
Hamm W A "Fred" Gilmer City (new)
Hamm Winnie Mae Perryville
Hammer Ida Pearl Gladewater Memorial
Hammer Infant Gladewater Memorial
Hammer Larna Jeanne Gladewater Memorial
Hammer R Buck Gladewater Memorial
Hammer Richard W Gladewater Memorial
Hammer Roy Seth Gladewater Memorial
Hammett Barbara Sue Maxwell          Mattox
Hammett Colin                    Mattox
Hammock Alice  Chilton
Hammock Carrie O. Chilton
Hammock F Marion  Little Mound (Old Section)
Hammock J G  Little Mound (Old Section)
Hammock J Granville Chilton
Hammock J J   Willow Oak
Hammock John F Shady Grove
Hammock Mary Inez Chilton
Hammock Mattie    Willow Oak
Hammock Mollie E Shady Grove
Hammock Nannie J  Little Mound (Old Section)
Hammock Otis R Chilton
Hammock Rebecca Coffeeville (Old Section)
Hammock Sarah Ann   Willow Oak
Hammock William J   Willow Oak
Hammock          Infant   Little Mound (Old Section)
Hammon Baby     Perryville
Hammon Baby       Perryville
Hammon J T Sr       Morris
Hammond Cynthia Marie Gladewater Memorial
Hammond Elvis Bee Gladewater Memorial
Hammond Juanita Lewis Gladewater Memorial
Hamner Mary E Todd Rosedale
Hampton Adeline C Gladewater Memorial
Hamric Edward Melvin         Gilmer City (old)
Hamric Ruth Adkins         Gilmer City (old)
Hancock Allison Roy Gladewater Memorial
Hancock Clifford G Gladewater Memorial
Hancock Cullie Marie Rosedale
Hancock Elizabeth C Gladewater Memorial
Hancock Ethel Duncan Edwards
Hancock Gladys G Gladewater Memorial
Hancock Joe Neil Edwards
Hancock Loyce Alton Rosedale
Hancock Mark Steven Edwards
Hancock Mary Leola Humphries Gladewater Memorial
Hancock R S "Sam" Gladewater Memorial
Hancock Robert Lee Gladewater Memorial
Hancock Stella Beene Gilmer City (new)
Hancock Toka Wynona Gladewater Memorial
Hancock Walter Edward Gilmer City (new)
Hancock Walter Otis Gilmer City (new)
Handy Charles M                Mattox
Handy Doris Bynum          Mattox
Handy Majorie Nell Clay Red Rock
Hanes Casey                    Pleasant Hill
Hanes Doyle Wayne        Coffeeville (New Section) 
Hanes Ercey L.           Coffeeville (New Section) 
Hanes Homer Gladewater Memorial
Hanes Jerrell Dean            Pleasant Hill
Hanes Joyce Gladewater Memorial
Haney B.F.     Sand Hill
Haney Benjamin Herman   Sand Hill
Haney Bobbie R.   Sand Hill
Haney Clarence S.                       Sand Hill
Haney Daniel M Dan   Sand Hill
Haney Delmar Stovall   Sand Hill
Haney Dovie Mae   Sand Hill
Haney Gary Concord
Haney Geneva   Cherokee
Haney Grady   Cherokee
Haney Grady Allen  Cherokee
Haney Joan Concord
Haney Lester Ray             Ore City aka Murray League
Haney Martha Lillie    Sand Hill
Haney Salley Concord
Haney Stella     Sand Hill
Haney T Gordon  Cherokee
Haney Viola Green   Sand Hill
Haney Walter Edward   Sand Hill
Haney William A.    Sand Hill
Haney Willie Mae   Sand Hill
Hankins  Bobbie E  Reed
Hankins  Derril L  Reed
Hankins  E Faye Jane Reed
Hankins          Dorthy J  Reed
Hankins           Douglas B  Reed
Hankins              Roy M  Reed
Hanna Alta N Perryville
Hanna Daisy Gladewater Memorial
Hanna Earl Perryville
Hanna Mark Gladewater Memorial
Hansen Irene M Sunset
Hansen T M "Cap" Sunset
Hanson Alex Red Rock
Hanson Billie Red Rock
Hanson Bob Red Rock
Hanson David Ore City aka Murray League
Hanson Dressie Red Rock
Hanson Harietta Red Rock
Hanson Iba Sunset
Hanson Kitty Ore City aka Murray League
Hanson Ossie H Sunset
Hanson Polly C Chilton
Hanson Ruby Lee Gladewater Memorial
Hanson  Chrystelle Tucker        Simpsonville
Hanson  Eddy Caroline       Simpsonville
Happy Alice G Sunset
Haralson C L "Frog"  Willow Oak
Haralson I B "Jack" Gladewater Memorial
Haralson Jimmy Lewis Gladewater Memorial
Haralson Lois "Cricket" Gladewater Memorial
Haralson Melba Ruth Gladewater Memorial
Haralson Opal Presnell Willow Oak
Harbin J B         Gilmer City (old)
Hardaway Burt Locust Grove
Hardaway Emma E Locust Grove
Hardaway H Hickory Hill
Hardaway J T Locust Grove
Hardaway John T Locust Grove
Hardaway Joseph T Locust Grove
Hardaway Rosetta Hickory Hill
Hardee A E      Rosedale
Hardee E T, Mrs     Rosedale
Hardee  Lee      Rosedale
Hardeman Clareace  Community
Hardeman Ennis Community
Hardeman Jim           New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hardeman Margaret  Community
Hardeman N L Community
Hardeman Son J   Snow Hill
Hardeman  Edward C.   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hardeman         Curlee Celoise   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hardemon Lilar New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hardemon Maggie Leen Hickory Hill
Hardemon Violet     New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Harden Alice Glenwood
Harden Hope Glenwood
Harden James C. Glenwood
Harden William S. Glenwood
Harden Winfred Orland Glenwood
Hardiman Sansom      New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hardin Barbara H     Ore City aka Murray League
Hardin Hubbard R Ore City aka Murray League
Hardin Jeff D          East Mountain Baptist Church
Hardin Louis Carl           Ore City aka Murray League
Hardin Mary Jane Short          Ore City aka Murray League
Hardin Max Ray    Sand Hill
Hardin Nelwyn R   East Mountain Baptist Church
Hardman Johnny Ray "Fuzzy"   Kelsey
Hardman Robert Oren    Kelsey
Hardman Thomas        New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Hardman Walter New Mt.
Hardman          Rhaunal "Ray" A   Kelsey
Hardmon Doris   Community
Hardwick Bill  Chilton
Hardwick Jon Lee Grice
Hardwick Tommye C Chilton
Hardy Bobby Gladewater Memorial
Hardy Maude Locust Grove
Hardy Miss S.D. Coffeeville (Black)
Hardy         Hallowood    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hardy          Jessie M.   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hare Druza Mae Chilton
Hare Glenda Ruth Gilmer City (new)
Hare Ioma Clara Chilton
Hare Luther H Chilton
Hare Mildred Gilmer City (new)
Hare Rufus Cecil Chilton
Haren Richard L Sunset
Hargest A.R.    Zion Hill
Hargest Adolphus    Zion Hill
Hargest Carrie    Zion Hill
Hargest Chester L.            Zion Hill
Hargest Ethel    Zion Hill
Hargest Geneva Granville              Zion Hill
Hargest H.O.    Zion Hill
Hargest Herman E.   Zion Hill
Hargest Hilliard B            Zion Hill
Hargest Lucille              Zion Hill
Hargest Marcia D.   Zion Hill
Hargest Millard B  Zion Hill
Hargest Nola Mae Lewis   Zion Hill
Hargest Onie T.           Zion Hill
Hargest Ozell               Zion Hill
Hargest Theophilus              Zion Hill
Hargraves Bettie Gene Lawrence Gladewater Memorial
Hargraves John               Gilmer City (old)
Hargraves Ruth              Gilmer City (old)
Hargrest Nola Mae Lewis  Zion Hill
Hargrove   Shady Grove
Hargrove Adrian Fields            Gilmer City (old)
Hargrove Emett Shady Grove
Hargrove George L Gilmer City (new)
Hargrove Hupert H Shady Grove
Hargrove W Jean Gilmer City (new)
Harguess Enola Shady Grove
Harguess Lester Shady Grove
Harkey Addison Hickory Hill
Harkey Ann Eliza T Soules Chapel
Harkey Catherine   Soules Chapel
Harkey F L Hickory Hill
Harkey Lillie Hickory Hill
Harkey Martin   Soules Chapel
Harkey Rachel     Soules Chapel
Harkness Mae Gladewater Memorial
Harkness William J Gladewater Memorial
Harlan Callie Stringer & Son Shady Grove
Harlan Nina Kathleen  West Mountain
Harlan William Henry  West Mountain
Harless      Infant     Kelsey
Harley Fannie Red Rock
Harley Mariah Red Rock
Harlow Homer Floyd   Union Grove
Harlow Olivia Mathsen   Union Grove
Harman Emma Jean Hopewell
Harmon Clinton D Rosedale
Harmon Melvina C Oak Hill
Harnage Arthur L Gladewater Memorial
Harnage Helen Gladewater Memorial
Harper Bertha L Askew  Hoover
Harper Clifford Hickory Hill
Harper Corean Red Rock
Harper David Harry         Hoover
Harper Ellison Red Rock
Harper Emanuel Hickory Hill
Harper Ernest F Gladewater Memorial
Harper Fonzo Red Rock
Harper Francis Levy Rosedale
Harper Henry Red Rock
Harper James Otis Jr        Crossroad (African American)
Harper James Otis Sr. Crossroad (African American)
Harper Jewell Waits Gladewater Memorial
Harper Johnnie Mae   Community
Harper Joyce R Red Rock
Harper Larney P   Zion Hill
Harper Mary            Christian Hope aka Eubanks
Harper Mattie Corine Red Rock
Harper Nancy Ann Decker Hoover  Hoover
Harper Ora Lee        Crossroad (African American)
Harper Ruby Red Rock
Harper Saul                Zion Hill
Harper Unknown                  Zion Hill
Harper Will Red Rock
Harrel Sybil Morris         Matinburg
Harrel        Joe Marc   Matinburg
Harrel                      J W   Matinburg
Harrell Arthur E Ore City aka Murray League
Harrell Barney B          Ore City aka Murray League
Harrell Burk    Mattox
Harrell Clayton Lynn Walnut Creek
Harrell Della    Mattox
Harrell George A       Hoover
Harrell J Edd Ore City aka Murray League
Harrell John C Ore City aka Murray League
Harrell Leta H.               Pleasant Hill
Harrell Lewis Leon   Mattox
Harrell Mary C        Ore City aka Murray League
Harrell Montie H.             Pleasant Hill
Harrell Nannie J Ore City aka Murray League
Harrell Paul             Mattox
Harrell Robert L Gladewater Memorial
Harrell Thelma Durene Ore City aka Murray League
Harrelson Bessie Mae Gladewater Memorial
Harrelson Zenath Ray Gladewater Memorial
Harris A W "Dock"          East Mountain (Old)
Harris Alice A.          Glenwood
Harris Alma E  Cherokee
Harris Annie M. East Mountain (Old)
Harris Arch Coffeeville (Black)
Harris Audie "Bo"        Ore City aka Murray League
Harris Audrey Enon
Harris Authur  Oak Hill
Harris Bertie Spencer Gladewater Memorial
Harris Bettie Ann New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Harris Betty    Zion Hill
Harris Bro. John D   Piney Grove
Harris Carley    Matinburg
Harris Carola     Piney Grove
Harris Carolyn J  Smith
Harris Carolyn Phillips Gladewater Memorial
Harris Carrol         Matinburg
Harris Cassie Ellen             Coffeeville (New Section) 
Harris Cecil W Hopewell
Harris Charles E   Matinburg
Harris Clarence A        Coffeeville (New Section) 
Harris Claude S            Matinburg
Harris         Correen   Fonda
Harris Culp Allen     Enoch
Harris Curry "Jot"         Matinburg
Harris Daile Rebecca Gladewater Memorial
Harris Debra       Crossroad
Harris Demie E          Gilmer City (old)
Harris Dewey Gladewater Memorial
Harris Doris    Matinburg
Harris Doris Nell Shady Grove (African American)
Harris Doiuglas Eugene Sr Piney Grove
Harris Douglas W Matinburg
Harris   Doyle L  Cherokee
Harris Eddie Martin  Simpsonville
Harris Edward Taylor       Matinburg
Harris Elizabeth J    Piney Grove
Harris Ella Rosewood
Harris Ella   Shady Grove (African American)
Harris Ella Faye   Matinburg
Harris Ellen Nona Community
Harris Ernestine     Piney Grove
Harris Eunice O. Walnut Creek
Harris Eva B             Mattox
Harris  Fannie   Reed
Harris Gavis    Matinburg
Harris Gene Allen Gilmer City (new)
Harris George W.   Mattox
Harris Gideon Virgil        Crossroad
Harris Gladys    Matinburg
Harris Grady                   Pleasant Hill
Harris             Hazel Inez  Reed
Harris Hazel Mae          Matinburg
Harris Herman Jr Shady Grove (African American)
Harris Homer V Gladewater Memorial
Harris Horace C Rosewood
Harris Ila A    Little Mound (New Section)
Harris Infant Enon
Harris Irene Couch Sunset
Harris J C               Matinburg
Harris Jack Lee             East Mountain (Old)
Harris James A  Simpsonville
Harris James Alvin          Coffeeville (New Section) 
Harris James Don    Piney Grove
Harris James Glenn   Matinburg
Harris           James M   Matinburg
Harris Jeffery Trevez Houston aka Lake Providence
Harris         Jennie Mae Foster   Matinburg
Harris Jerry Lynn Jr Oak Hill
Harris Jessie Mae Medlin     East Mountain (Old)
Harris          Jewell B Lindley   Matinburg
Harris Jim  Oak Hill
Harris John C.         Crossroad
Harris            John H.   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Harris John Henry    Piney Grove
Harris                   John N    Kelsey
Harris John R.                Pleasant Hill
Harris Joseph Jr     Community
Harris Joseph W.   Mattox
Harris Leon    Matinburg
Harris Lester Eugene    Piney Grove
Harris          Letha Virginia Efurd   Matinburg
Harris  Lonnie   Reed
Harris Luella Shady Grove (African American)
Harris Lucillus   Shady Grove (African American)
Harris Luther Earl    Little Mound (New Section)
Harris M. J.          Crossroad
Harris         Mamie Morris Christian  Matinburg
Harris Marriah Pleasant Grove (Black)
Harris Martin Raymond          Crossroad
Harris Marvin    Matinburg
Harris Mary B.   Mattox
Harris              Mary C    Kelsey
Harris Mary Emma   Mattox
Harris          Mary Lou Pruitt  Matinburg
Harris Mattie F.              Pleasant Hill
Harris Maude Gilmer City (new)
Harris Mayvon Hopewell
Harris            Media Borens    Matinburg
Harris Mildred T Gladewater Memorial
Harris Mitchell Lynn Coffeeville (New Section) 
Harris Myra Walnut Creek
Harris N G         Crossroad
Harris Nancy Cordella   Matinburg
Harris            Nita    Matinburg
Harris Olen Crossroad
Harris Otis Shady Grove (African American)
Harris            Ovie Wylene    Kelsey
Harris Pearlie B.  Shady Grove (African American)
Harris Peggy Jeanine    Piney Grove
Harris Phillip Carrol   Matinburg
Harris  Phyllis A        Simpsonville
Harris R C (Boy)  Matinburg
Harris R D  Community
Harris R W Sunset
Harris R. C. "Bud" Crossroad
Harris Rachel Geneva    Piney Grove
Harris  Randy Gene         Simpsonville
Harris Ray Walnut Creek
Harris Richard Bruce Gladewater Memorial
Harris Robert C.          Mattox
Harris Robert E               Gilmer City (old)
Harris Robert E.  Shady Grove (African American)
Harris Robert James "Bob" Gladewater Memorial
Harris Robert James Jr Gladewater Memorial
Harris Roy Edward Gilmer City (new)
Harris Ruby I. Oak Hill
Harris Ruth Ann  Simpsonville
Harris Samantha I  Smith
Harris Shirley   Cherokee
Harris Sidney A.   Mattox
Harris Sim J    Piney Grove
Harris Spencer   Fonda
Harris Stella Lorena               Crossroad
Harris Tennie          Mattox
Harris Tessie I  Smith
Harris Thomas E   Matinburg
Harris Twin babies Baby Medlin
Harris Unknown Enon
Harris           Valley May    Kelsey
Harris Vinnie Rea Ore City aka Murray League
Harris Virgil B Rosewood
Harris W A   Matinburg
Harris W D "Buddy" Rosedale
Harris Wilda Lou Murphy Shady Grove
Harris William "Bil" Shady Grove
Harris William B Rosewood
Harris William Dewey Gladewater Memorial
Harris William M  Smith
Harris Willie New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Harris Willie C. Walnut Creek
Harris Willie Mae Young Community
Harris Zennie May Gladewater Memorial
Harrison Abram       Pleasant Grove
Harrison Alvin  Chilton
Harrison Ara Belle Fenton            East Mountain (Old)
Harrison Archie Andrew    Lafayette (White)
Harrison Benjamin Darnell Gladewater Memorial
Harrison Billie Ben  Hopewell
Harrison Bobbie Joe Hopewell
Harrison Bonnie H              Ore City aka Murray League
Harrison Charlie    Union Grove
Harrison Charlie D Hopewell
Harrison Donna Jean Johnson Gladewater Memorial
Harrison Elizabeth F   Ford Family
Harrison Elizabeth Lummer Concord
Harrison Era  Chilton
Harrison Estelle Hopewell
Harrison Ethel A Grice
Harrison Fannie   Ford Family
Harrison Fannie         Pleasant Grove
Harrison Floyd Hopewell
Harrison Floyd H.          East Mountain (Old)
Harrison Fred       Ore City aka Murray League
Harrison Geraldine Grice
Harrison Grady Earl           Ore City aka Murray League
Harrison Gussie May Hopewell
Harrison Harriett H               Pleasant Grove
Harrison Hattie M  Grice
Harrison Henry      Pleasant Grove
Harrison Henry         East Mountain (Old)
Harrison Herschel Hubbard            Gilmer City (old)
Harrison Ida Gilmer City (new)
Harrison Ida        Pleasant Grove
Harrison Ida                Gilmer City (old)
Harrison J W          Pleasant Grove
Harrison James O "Jimmie" Hopewell
Harrison Jesse C Grice
Harrison Joenat        Lafayette (White)
Harrison Johnnie P   Ford Family
Harrison Juanita V Grice
Harrison Lee Vernon Hopewell
Harrison Leona R.   Union Grove
Harrison Lillian Culberson         Gilmer City (old)
Harrison Lyle Ford            East Mountain (Old)
Harrison Maggie J                Pleasant Grove
Harrison Marion F Grice
Harrison Martha L Hopewell
Harrison Mattie Hopewell
Harrison Mildred            Ore City aka Murray League
Harrison Mollie E  Ford Family
Harrison Myrtie Maybelle    Lafayette (White)
Harrison Nat J Gilmer City (new)
Harrison Neil B Gilmer City (new)
Harrison Neil B             Gilmer City (old)
Harrison Oliver G                Pleasant Grove
Harrison Oma B Pilkington             Pleasant Grove
Harrison Rhonda Gilmer City (new)
Harrison Richard E   Ford Family
Harrison Roswell H    Lafayette (White)
Harrison Ruth                 Pleasant Grove
Harrison Sarah Kate            East Mountain (Old)
Harrison Shellie R Grice
Harrison Suzanne Denise Chilton
Harrison T J "Bloomer" Hopewell
Harrison Thelma Hackler   Matinburg
Harrison Thomas J                Pleasant Grove
Harrison W A    Lafayette (White)
Harrison William J              Pleasant Grove
Harrison Willie Mae           Ore City aka Murray League
Harrison     Floy Alice  Little Mound (Old Section)
Harrison     Infant      Lafayette (White)
Harrison       Infant      Lafayette (White)
Harrison        Artie A    Lafayette (White)
Harrison           Albert E         Lafayette (White)
Harriss J C         Crossroad
Harriss James E   Matinburg
Harriss M. C. S Crossroad
Harriss Mary L.          Crossroad
Harriss Minnie B   Matinburg
Harriss Muzado          Crossroad
Harriss           James C   Matinburg
Harrist Infant Gladewater Memorial
Harroff Ralph E             Hoover
Harry Maude Elizabeth Lee
Harry Roy W Sr Gladewater Memorial
Hart Adron   Simpsonville
Hart Alta  Community
Hart Amanda J            Gilmer City (old)
Hart Ambros   Simpsonville
Hart Audrey Nell  Piedmont
Hart Baby Ashland
Hart Bessie   Simpsonville
Hart Billy Anne          Simpsonville
Hart Blanche   Simpsonville
Hart Broyles         Olga  Simpsonville
Hart Buford   Piedmont
Hart Byron   Simpsonville
Hart C H             Gilmer City (old)
Hart Carrel M  Simpsonville
Hart Carroll         Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Hart Charles James Walnut Creek
Hart Clarence Hilton  Simpsonville
Hart Dale Piedmont
Hart David A  Soules Chapel
Hart David Albert Chilton
Hart Dessie Lee  Simpsonville
Hart Edward Louis               Ashland
Hart Edward Orman  Simpsonville
Hart Elizabeth             Gilmer City (old)
Hart Ella Rose Gladewater Memorial
Hart Eula Bullard            Gilmer City (old)
Hart Eunice Gilmer City (new)
Hart Francis B               Gilmer City (old)
Hart Gallar R  Piedmont
Hart George Calvert  Simpsonville
Hart George W  Simpsonville
Hart Gus   Simpsonville
Hart Gussie Mae  Simpsonville
Hart Harold H Jr Community
Hart Harold III "Buck" Community
Hart Hattie F Tucker Simpsonville
Hart Hula             Gilmer City (old)
Hart Ilene   Piedmont
Hart Infant   Simpsonville
Hart Infant Gilmer City - Black aka Neal
Hart Irene   Simpsonville
Hart J A  Simpsonville
Hart Jack Gladewater Memorial
Hart Jack Jr.                 Pleasant Hill
Hart James D  Simpsonville
Hart James G  Simpsonville
Hart James P Chilton
Hart James                     Pleasant Hill
Hart Joan E             Gilmer City (old)
Hart Joel A  Simpsonville
Hart John D  Simpsonville
Hart Kathy            Pleasant Hill
Hart Laura Warren Chilton
Hart Leo Gilmer City (new)
Hart Lillie M  Simpsonville
Hart Linda Jean Cruseturner Rosedale
Hart Mary A  Simpsonville
Hart Mary E            Gilmer City (old)
Hart Mary Lorene Chilton
Hart Mattie E  Simpsonville
Hart Nancy A  Simpsonville
Hart Nancy J. (Vicki)              Ashland
Hart Odessa Piedmont
Hart Paul L Jr Pleasant Grove (Black)
Hart Paul Levester Hickory Hill
Hart Rainey Piedmont
Hart Rhonda Joyce  Piedmont
Hart Robert George Bob   Simpsonville
Hart Sarah E  Simpsonville
Hart Spicy Taylor
Hart Sterling C               Gilmer City (old)
Hart Thomas Earl Rosedale
Hart Tommy Paul  Piedmont
Hart Verlie         Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Hart Vincent      Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Hart W Henry  Simpsonville
Hart William A         Gilmer City (old)
Hart William B  Simpsonville
Hart William Everett           Gilmer City (old)
Hart William H            Gilmer City (old)
Hart William H.              Ashland
Hart William Hardy       Simpsonville
Hart William Lamb          Gilmer City (old)
Hart William Spencer             Gilmer City (old)
Hart Wilma N.                 Pleasant Hill
Hart  Richard H  Simpsonville
Hart   Olga Broyles        Simpsonville
Hart   William Hardy  Simpsonville
Hart    Billy Jack        Simpsonville
Hart    G L  Simpsonville
Hart    Gertie M        Simpsonville
Hart    Hansel Darnell  Simpsonville
Hart    Hugh Edward       Simpsonville
Hart    Infant    Simpsonville
Hart    J Stirl        Simpsonville
Hart    Juanita Duncan        Simpsonville
Hart    Mamie Emma      Simpsonville
Hart    Marvin C          Simpsonville
Hart    R Claudie         Simpsonville
Hart    Sevie            Simpsonville
Hartley Annie E Gladewater Memorial
Hartley Michael Gladewater Memorial
Hartman      Mary Ann "Mollie" Bell  Kelsey
Hartman          Conrad Henry    Kelsey
Hartmann Ronald LeRoy Gladewater Memorial
Hartsell Nellie Eloise Gage   Pleasant Hill
Hartt Frank M Gilmer City (new)
Hartt Jessie Gilmer City (new)
Harty Bettie               Morris
Harty Francis Ruth Morris
Harty Paul Daniel Sunset
Harty R D (Bob) Morris
Harty W G              Morris
Harvey E L Pete Sunset
Harvey Jim Sunset
Harvey Katherine "Nanny" Sunset
Harvey Robert J Red Rock
Harvey Roxie Anna  Floyd
Harvey Thurma A. Concord
Harvey Tom Red Rock
Harvey Wendell O Gladewater Memorial
Harvey William Noel Concord
Hash Della Green   Matinburg
Hasley James O  West Mountain
Hasley Lucy   West Mountain
Hass William E Grice
Hass Wilma I Grice
Hasten Bennie Bob Gilmer City (new)
Hasten Tully Louise Simpson Gilmer City (new)
Hatch Basil M  West Mountain
Hatch Carolyn                          Pleasant Hill
Hatch Martha T  West Mountain
Hatcher Cora Mae              Pleasant Hill
Hatcher Herbert L             Pleasant Hill
Hatcher Jesse L                   Gilmer City (old)
Hatcher Mary J   Gilmer City (old)
Hathaway Johnnie D        Ore City aka Murray League
Hathaway Kenneth C             Ore City aka Murray League
Hathcoat Hillman Ray Sunset
Hathcoat Norma Jean               Mattox
Hathcoat Timothy J Sunset
Hathcoat Weldon Clay                 Mattox
Hathcoat Wendell Ray Sunset
Hathcoat Wendell Ray Jr Sunset
Hathorn Frank Donald Rosedale
Hathorn Ruth Russell Rosedale
Hatley Cora B Sunset
Hattaway  Raymond O        Simpsonville
Hattaway   Hazel         Simpsonville
Hattaway   Mary          Simpsonville
Hattaway   Unknown Simpsonville
Hatten Vernon Ray Community
Haulley Sandy Red Rock
Havens Arthur C Gladewater Memorial
Havens Earl Edward Gladewater Memorial
Havens Fred     Lafayette (White)
Havens M Imogene Gladewater Memorial
Havner Jean Stacy Coffeeville (New Section) 
Havner Lois Russell Gilmer City (new)
Hawkins Abner                        Edith   Sand Hill
Hawkins Alford Sidney Gilmer City - Black aka Neal
Hawkins Allie Hickory Hill
Hawkins Bobby Lonn Sunset
Hawkins Callie Haynes Chilton
Hawkins Carlton C Chilton
Hawkins Catherine Ore City aka Murray League
Hawkins Charles E Hickory Hill
Hawkins Cub                Ashland
Hawkins Dakota Hickory Hill
Hawkins Darrell W.    Sand Hill
Hawkins David W  Soules Chapel
Hawkins Dennis Hickory Hill
Hawkins Earnestine Red Rock
Hawkins Edith    Sand Hill
Hawkins Edythe "Eddie"    Lafayette (White)
Hawkins Ella Hickory Hill
Hawkins Frank Gladewater Memorial
Hawkins Fred W.   Coffeeville (New Section) 
Hawkins Garland Earl Red Rock
Hawkins Gilbert E Red Rock
Hawkins Hattie Jane Biggs           Ashland
Hawkins Hester        Shipp Family
Hawkins Infant son     Sand Hill
Hawkins Jacob Gladewater Memorial
Hawkins James  Shipp Family
Hawkins James   Union Grove (Black)
Hawkins Jason Adam    Sand Hill
Hawkins Jeffie Eugene Rosedale
Hawkins Jeremy Mandrell (Man)        Crossroad (African American)
Hawkins Jewell Gladewater Memorial
Hawkins Joe C Hickory Hill
Hawkins Joe J (John) Rosedale
Hawkins John E  West Mountain
Hawkins John L.  Shady Grove (African American)
Hawkins Joseph Beebe Jr.        Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hawkins Julia A  Johnson
Hawkins Kevin Lamar Hickory Hill
Hawkins L D        Matinburg
Hawkins Lillie     Sand Hill
Hawkins Luther L  Floyd
Hawkins M Rosanne Chilton
Hawkins Mary Jane Hickory Hill
Hawkins Minnie L Coffeeville (Old Section)
Hawkins Noble                  Coffeeville (Black)
Hawkins Ruby A  Floyd
Hawkins Terrel Eugene Rosedale
Hawkins Thelma I Coffeeville (New Section) 
Hawkins Thomas J Chilton
Hawkins Tristan Lee            Enoch
Hawkins Vesta Elizabeth Shepperd Rosedale
Hawkins W.H.     Sand Hill
Hawkins Walter Sunset
Hawkins William M  West Mountain
Hawkins William W Coffeeville (Old Section)
Hawkins Willie    Willow Oak
Hawkins Zillie A  West Mountain
Hawkins Zoe Carter    Lafayette (White)
Hawkins  Alice R.   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hawkins  Allen    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hawkins  Eloise    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hawkins  Geza    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hawkins  Joseph B.   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hawkins  Susie     Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hawkins        Media Turner   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hawkins          John Munson    Kelsey
Hawkins           Raymond    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Hawkins            Elmer McKinley    Lafayette (White)
Hawley Alice Jean Red Rock
Hawley Atherrene Red Rock
Hawley Buford Red Rock
Hawley Charles Zetta Red Rock
Hawley Daisy M Red Rock
Hawley Della Red Rock
Hawley Douglas Red Rock
Hawley Edward Red Rock
Hawley Elder Essik Red Rock
Hawley Hallie D Red Rock
Hawley Henry Red Rock
Hawley Katie M Red Rock
Hawley Mable Red Rock
Hawley Robert Red Rock
Hawley Sye Red Rock
Hawley Vernell "Bay" Red Rock
Hawthorne Hollis V Rosedale
Hawthorne L. T. "Tom"  Union Grove
Hawthorne Letha Opal   Union Grove
Hawthorne Victoria    Union Grove
Hay          William LeRoy    Lafayette (White)
Hayes Alma      Crossroad (African American)
Hayes Almer J New Mt.
Hayes Arthur E Grice
Hayes Donovan M            Gilmer City (old)
Hayes Eddie Ray  Elam Springs
Hayes Edgar   Valley View Baptist
Hayes Edward L  Elam Springs
Hayes Eli              Gilmer City (old)
Hayes Fred T             Gilmer City (old)
Hayes Infant              Gilmer City (old)
Hayes Jessie Mae  Elam Springs
Hayes Lalar     Valley View Baptist
Hayes Mary E Grice
Hayes  Willis    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Haynes Billy    Union Grove
Haynes Burke                 East Springfield Baptist Church
Haynes Callie M                  Mings
Haynes Carl  Chilton
Haynes Cleo Alvin          East Springfield Baptist Church
Haynes Dolma Sunset
Haynes E S "Bud" Chilton
Haynes Edward  H "Buddy" Chilton
Haynes Homer L Chilton
Haynes Huel Smith Chilton
Haynes James H Gladewater Memorial
Haynes Jeanette  Chilton
Haynes Joy Lynn Sunset
Haynes Lena            East Springfield Baptist Church
Haynes Little Floyd    Mings
Haynes Maynes          East Springfield Baptist Church
Haynes Minnie  Chilton
Haynes Morris                East Springfield Baptist Church
Haynes Ruby Jane Chilton
Haynes S S                       Mings
Haynes      Katrina Strickland  Fonda
Hays Allen B Sunset
Hays Almeda H Shady Grove
Hays Amanda C Shady Grove
Hays Arthur W  Elam Springs
Hays Elmina   New Hope
Hays George Allen Shady Grove
Hays Gladys Irene East Mountain (Old)
Hays Hulda Jane White Shady Grove
Hays J J   New Hope
Hays John Madison Gilmer City (new)
Hays John Thomas       Ore City aka Murray League
Hays Julius Parker Shady Grove
Hays Justine        Crossroad (African American)
Hays LeeRoy   Piedmont
Hays Lester Shady Grove
Hays Lisa Ann Union Grove
Hays Mattie L  Elam Springs
Hays N J Shady Grove
Hays Nellie E     New Hope
Hays Walter Rufus Shady Grove
Hays Wanda L. Ore City aka Murray League
Hays William C  Elam Springs
Hays Wylie Preston Shady Grove
Haywood Myra Smith              Pleasant Grove
Haywood Ray Sunset
Haywood Virginia Sunset
Haywood William C Gladewater Memorial
Hazel Clara Nell Chilton
Hazelton Leo M   Willow Oak
Hazelton Verna F  Willow Oak


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