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Last Name First Name Cemetery Name
Roach Billy J Community
Roach David Melvin  West Mountain
Roach Infant Walnut Creek
Roach James A  Floyd
Roach James Druary Jr          Perryville
Roach Johnnie Elbert    Ashland
Roach Lemuel M Grice
Roach Maxine Y Community
Roach N Valerie Buie        Ashland
Roach Rena Rosa Walnut Creek
Roach Verna M  Grice
Roan Lester K  Soules Chapel
Roark Curtis Monroe              Coffeeville (New Section) 
Roark Gloria O.               Coffeeville (New Section) 
Roark Julie Marie Sunset
Roark Vestal Franklin Coffeeville (New Section) 
Roark W W "Woody" Sunset
Robberson Jaicey Lyn     Glenwood
Robberson James Stailey       Glenwood
Robbins Nancy L Gladewater Memorial
Roberson Corine   Piedmont
Roberson Elsie Jeffery New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Roberson Ernest H         Hoover
Roberson Ora Geogann Chilton
Roberson Rebecca S  Soules Chapel
Roberson Roscitha D.            New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Roberson Ruth C  Hoover
Roberston Jim        Coffeeville (Old Section)
Roberston Ona Reece          Coffeeville (Old Section)
Roberts Albert C    Lafayette (White)
Roberts Albert J    Lafayette (White)
Roberts Alex John "Al" Rosewood
Roberts Alline           Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Almeda F Sunset
Roberts Armatha G.             Zion Hill
Roberts B T   Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Barnie Carter Enon
Roberts Benedict Ede"Dock" Enon
Roberts Beverly D. Oak Hill
Roberts Bob  Oak Hill
Roberts Bonnie S  Reed
Roberts Brenda Sue Gladewater Memorial
Roberts Charles Darren  Reed
Roberts Charles E  Reed
Roberts Charles H Gilmer City (new)
Roberts Clyde B          Morris
Roberts Clyde W Chilton
Roberts Cynthia M  Soules Chapel
Roberts Dave                   Pleasant Hill
Roberts Devon Willow Oak
Roberts Dora C.                Pleasant Hill
Roberts Dorothy H Gilmer City (new)
Roberts Dr Franklin F             Mings
Roberts Dr Oran D   Mings
Roberts Edna Cordell Chilton
Roberts Edna Jones Rosedale
Roberts Edward Lynn       Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Eleanor G "Honey" Gilmer City (new)
Roberts Elizabeth W    Lafayette (White)
Roberts Ethel B    Lafayette (White)
Roberts Eugene G Gladewater Memorial
Roberts Fannie Lee Chilton
Roberts Frank                  Pleasant Hill
Roberts George A                 Pleasant Grove
Roberts George    Zion Hill
Roberts Grady Barney Enon
Roberts Guy F. Coffeeville (New Section) 
Roberts Hazel Burchette Coffeeville (New Section) 
Roberts Ida B          Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Iler Lee Gladewater Memorial
Roberts Infant      Lafayette (White)
Roberts Ivory    Lafayette (Black)
Roberts Jacob Preston Rosedale
Roberts James Earl "Jinks" Chilton
Roberts James G     Ore City aka Murray League
Roberts James Grady Gladewater Memorial
Roberts Jerome R.          Coffeeville (New Section) 
Roberts Jesse C                Pleasant Hill
Roberts Joe Bailey             Pleasant Hill
Roberts John P       Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Johnnie B             Ore City aka Murray League
Roberts Johnnie Sue Willow Oak
Roberts Kathleen               Pleasant Hill
Roberts Kathryn Ann Gladewater Memorial
Roberts Kendall E Chilton
Roberts Latane Willow Oak
Roberts Latane Puckett Sunset
Roberts Laura Ella Enon
Roberts Lavenia P         Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Lena Mathis            Pleasant Hill
Roberts Lillian Rotramel   Union Grove
Roberts Lillie  Chilton
Roberts Lillie Clark             Pleasant Grove
Roberts Lois Petty Enon
Roberts Lula E    Lafayette (White)
Roberts Mamie            Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Mariam E     Enoch
Roberts Marion L Sunset
Roberts Mary A Gladewater Memorial
Roberts Mary Alice             Pleasant Hill
Roberts Mary Ethel    Kelsey
Roberts Mary F.           Coffeeville (New Section) 
Roberts Mary Jane    Kelsey
Roberts Max D Enon
Roberts Michael F. Oak Hill
Roberts Milam H Chilton
Roberts Miss Virginia Dare      Pleasant Hill
Roberts Myrtle Irene Oak Hill
Roberts Myrtle L Enon
Roberts Nora Lee Gladewater Memorial
Roberts O E                     Pleasant Hill
Roberts Oba E.                 Pleasant Hill
Roberts Oba J.                Pleasant Hill
Roberts Oliver J    Lafayette (White)
Roberts R.B.                   Pleasant Hill
Roberts Ray T Sunset
Roberts Richard Carey Gilmer City (new)
Roberts Rosalie N Gilmer City (new)
Roberts Ruth Blanche       Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Sam G    Lafayette (White)
Roberts Stuart H       Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Taft                Zion Hill
Roberts Terry Alan Perryville
Roberts Tillman Clayton Gladewater Memorial
Roberts Unicy C    Mings
Roberts Virginia Enon
Roberts W A           Gilmer City (old)
Roberts W H             Gilmer City (old)
Roberts Whitley W    Lafayette (White)
Roberts William Leo Sunset
Roberts William Leo   Willow Oak
Roberts William Samuel    Kelsey
Robertson A.B.                 Pleasant Hill
Robertson Anison              Coffeeville (Black)
Robertson Annie J.          East Mountain (Old)
Robertson Artie Newman          Pleasant Hill
Robertson Barbara Jane Gladewater Memorial
Robertson Beldon G.        Glenwood
Robertson Bennie New Mt.
Robertson Boyd Allen Chilton
Robertson Bro A D Chilton
Robertson Brosie Sunset
Robertson Buford            Gilmer City (old)
Robertson Charles Alvie               Smith
Robertson Charles F    Lafayette (White)
Robertson Charles Lee          Smith
Robertson Charles N          Gilmer City (old)
Robertson Charles W          Gilmer City (old)
Robertson Charles Wayne         Old Paron Church
Robertson Clarence Lee  Old Paron Church
Robertson Claudia Shady Grove (African American)
Robertson Connie Mae New Mt.
Robertson         Cornelia J    Lafayette (White)
Robertson Daisy Landers Gilmer City (new)
Robertson David                   Smith
Robertson Dessie May Allen            Glenwood
Robertson Dorothy N New Mt.
Robertson Durwyn Franklin Gilmer City (new)
Robertson E.D. "Dick"          Glenwood
Robertson Edna Alice  Hoover
Robertson Edward Locust Grove
Robertson Estelle                      Pleasant Hill
Robertson Fessie Jeffery         New Hope Missionary Baptist Church aka Peteet
Robertson Fitzhugh Lee Gilmer City (new)
Robertson Foy                  Pleasant Hill
Robertson Gordon   New Hope
Robertson Gustena Snow Hill
Robertson H P   Gilmer City (old)
Robertson Herbert L Gladewater Memorial
Robertson Hiram   Smith
Robertson Hula Annie            Coffeeville (Black)
Robertson Imogene Gladewater Memorial
Robertson Ina   New Hope
Robertson Infant Shady Grove
Robertson Irene C Gilmer City (new)
Robertson J.D.                 Pleasant Hill
Robertson J.P.                 Pleasant Hill
Robertson James D.            Pleasant Hill
Robertson James Davis "Piffin"  Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Robertson James J  Smith
Robertson James Q            Hoover
Robertson Jane Wilson   Ore City aka Murray League
Robertson Jefsonah             Pleasant Hill
Robertson Jewell       Lafayette (White)
Robertson Joe     Sand Hill
Robertson Joe David             Pleasant Hill
Robertson John F.        Glenwood
Robertson John Sr            Snow Hill
Robertson Johnnie Alva        Glenwood
Robertson Kiana Chantel      Zion Hill
Robertson Kimberly Rochelle  Summerfield Community
Robertson Lanell Clifton Chilton
Robertson Leah Estelle Sunset
Robertson Lila Mae Glenwood
Robertson Lucinda   Summerfield Community
Robertson Mallie V.         Glenwood
Robertson Marcus M    Lafayette (White)
Robertson Marie   Smith
Robertson Marie Frances Chilton
Robertson Mary                   Coffeeville (Black)
Robertson Mathis Ross Sunset
Robertson Minnie Tucker      Glenwood
Robertson Mollie K.            Pleasant Hill
Robertson Monson            Gilmer City (old)
Robertson Olivia Stanley       Pleasant Hill
Robertson Pamela Kay Gladewater Memorial
Robertson Ricky Lee  Cherokee
Robertson Robert Charles Lee III Gladewater Memorial
Robertson Ruth                 Pleasant Hill
Robertson S. H.       Glenwood
Robertson Sallie M          Gilmer City (old)
Robertson Samuel D.                    Pleasant Hill
Robertson Sank             New Mt.
Robertson Sarah McKinley   Union Grove
Robertson Skeen           Coffeeville (Old Section)
Robertson Sterling C.             Glenwood
Robertson Thomas Richard  Cherokee
Robertson Tommy Wayne Chilton
Robertson Virgie               Pleasant Hill
Robertson W. M. "Bill"        East Mountain (Old)
Robertson Weemer L Mattox
Robertson William R Ore City aka Murray League
Robertson William T.           Pleasant Hill
Robertson Willie B  Smith
Robertson Willie P  Summerfield Community
Robertson Zella   Summerfield Community
Robinson Abilene Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Baby Shady Grove
Robinson Benjamin F        Morris
Robinson Birdie Marie Gladewater Memorial
Robinson Bobbie Ruth         Simpsonville
Robinson Buford Franklin               Gilmer City (old)
Robinson C H Sunset
Robinson Calvin   West Mountain
Robinson Charlie A Enon
Robinson Chester Lee         Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Chester           Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Christene L.         Zion Hill
Robinson Clara May Enon
Robinson Clarence Franklin        Gilmer City (old)
Robinson Clarence L  Cherokee
Robinson Clifford B             Morris
Robinson Clifford Theodore      Pleasant Hill
Robinson Coleman H.        Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Corpus Elvin Perryville
Robinson Cumi Perryville
Robinson D G Jr Chilton
Robinson Dorsey Green Chilton
Robinson E Eugene  Cherokee
Robinson Edwin H.            Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Elbert Lecil    Lafayette (White)
Robinson Eliza Gorum Coffeeville (Old Section)
Robinson Elsie Ruth       Gilmer City (old)
Robinson Emma R Gay-Hagan
Robinson Erma Jane                Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Eula L               Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Eula M Sunset
Robinson Evangelist Lue Etta        Crossroad (African American)
Robinson Felton J Enon
Robinson Ferguson "Bubba"               Gilmer City (old)
Robinson Fred Sunset
Robinson G. W.      Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson George Enon
Robinson Gertrude Enon
Robinson Gladys I Sunset
Robinson Harry C Gilmer City (new)
Robinson Hazel E.   Union Grove
Robinson Herrietta Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Hilliard   Lee
Robinson Infant Glenwood
Robinson Infant      Lafayette (White)
Robinson Infant twins             Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Infant            Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Infant             Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Infants     Lafayette (White)
Robinson J D             Gilmer City (old)
Robinson J P Chilton
Robinson J. W.        Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Jack M Gladewater Memorial
Robinson James A Gay-Hagan
Robinson James Archie          Morris
Robinson James Dale            Gilmer City (old)
Robinson Janie L Gilmer City (new)
Robinson Jerry F Enon
Robinson Jessie F Enon
Robinson Jim D     Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Jimmie   West Mountain
Robinson Joe E      Simpsonville
Robinson John   Union Grove (Black)
Robinson Kevin Dell Enon
Robinson L Lorena Enon
Robinson L.T.                  Pleasant Hill
Robinson Lemon E.  Valley View Baptist
Robinson Leona       Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Leonard D  Union Grove (Black)
Robinson Lige Enon
Robinson Lonnie Edward Enon
Robinson Lula Jane       Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson M. F. Frank          Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Maggie E Chilton
Robinson Marvin James Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Mary A          Simpsonville
Robinson Monnie Haigwood Locust Grove
Robinson Nonnie L  Cherokee
Robinson Oscar P.   Union Grove
Robinson Paul Rosedale
Robinson Pauline Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Pauline  Chilton
Robinson Pearley A          Gilmer City (old)
Robinson Raymond O Enon
Robinson Rhoda J Johnson   Sand Hill
Robinson Sarah               Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Shannon    Mattox
Robinson T. J. Coffeeville (Old Section)
Robinson Theressa             Gilmer City (old)
Robinson Thomas E Chilton
Robinson Turner Tosh Community
Robinson Vander C.            Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Robinson Varee   Union Grove (Black)
Robinson Velma Rosman    Lafayette (White)
Robinson Viola Woodard               Morris
Robinson W A Chilton
Robinson W D "Bill" Enon
Robinson W S   Union Grove
Robinson William H. Concord
Robinson William Thomas Perryville
Robinson Willie B         Gilmer City (old)
Robinson Wm Harold         Simpsonville
Robison Annie Mae Perryville
Robison Elizabeth   Soules Chapel
Robison Jessie James Perryville
Robison Malinda Perryville
Robison Sarah A  Soules Chapel
Robison Stokes   Soules Chapel
Rockwell Cleve       Prince
Rockwell Conner B   Lafayette (Black)
Rockwell Laba  Prince
Rockwell Lottie    Lafayette (Black)
Rockwell Mrs Turner Prince
Rodda Mary Adedia Randall Tosh Kelsey
Rodebush Elsie S  Hoover
Rodebush Otto Arnold             Hoover
Roden George Red Rock
Rodenberg Glen Sunset
Rodgers Bennie David  Reed
Rodgers Conrad D Hickory Hill
Rodgers Fannie   Morgan
Rodgers Gaylord E   Matinburg
Rodgers Jewell M Hopewell
Rodgers Leonard Hickory Hill
Rodgers Maggie M Hopewell
Rodgers Mildred Hickory Hill
Rodgers Roy F Sunset
Rodgers William J Hopewell
Rodgers  Claudie Mae  Reed
Rodney William Otha   Union Grove
Rodriquez Thomas Ambro            Ore City aka Murray League
Roe A P E   Lafayette (White)
Roe Lucille C Gladewater Memorial
Roe Lucy Jane Locust Grove
Roe Norene Gladewater Memorial
Roe Ottis Gladewater Memorial
Roe Robert E Gladewater Memorial
Roe Robert E.          Ashland
Roe Roy Gladewater Memorial
Roe S J Locust Grove
Roe Vernon E Rosedale
Roebuck Bulah M Gilmer City (new)
Roebuck Edward R Gilmer City (new)
Roebuck Rachel Elaine McPeek Enon
Roebuck Raymond V Enon
Roger Smith    Snow Hill
Rogers A.T.      Pleasant Hill
Rogers Agnes Gladewater Memorial
Rogers Ara Lillian  New Hope
Rogers B Wayne Gladewater Memorial
Rogers Barron D.         Crossroad (African American)
Rogers Benedetta Gladewater Memorial
Rogers Bertha Mae Willow Oak
Rogers Bobby Rosedale
Rogers C.L.        Pleasant Hill
Rogers Carral D  New Hope
Rogers Charles Rosewood
Rogers Charles  Chilton
Rogers Charles H  Ore City aka Murray League
Rogers Charles Herman Gladewater Memorial
Rogers Charles Neely          Ore City aka Murray League
Rogers Charles S   Ore City aka Murray League
Rogers Clarence William "Bill" Gladewater Memorial
Rogers Danny        Pleasant Hill
Rogers David Michael  Hoover
Rogers Dawn Fayrene Shady Grove
Rogers Dennie & Baby  Willow Oak
Rogers Edith Neely Ore City aka Murray League
Rogers Elizabeth E Rosedale
Rogers Elsie L   Ore City aka Murray League
Rogers Elwin Lee         Ore City aka Murray League
Rogers Emmett A Ore City aka Murray League
Rogers Farris Cummings Hickory Hill
Rogers Fay Graham Gladewater Memorial
Rogers Flavious E Rosedale
Rogers Frank O Hopewell
Rogers Geneva Wallace   Willow Oak
Rogers George A        Gilmer City (old)
Rogers Gertrude J            Crossroad (African American)
Rogers Hollie Mae   Zion Hill
Rogers Horace F Sunset
Rogers Hugh Monroe Grice
Rogers Irene O Hopewell
Rogers J F Hoover
Rogers J T    Lafayette (White)
Rogers James Dewie           Hoover
Rogers James Donald Chilton
Rogers James E Gladewater Memorial
Rogers Jessie Winkler Rosedale
Rogers Jewel Chester   Willow Oak
Rogers Joe        Pleasant Hill
Rogers John Hickory Hill
Rogers John W Rosedale
Rogers Joseph Boyd Shady Grove
Rogers Leah Bates Hoover
Rogers Leola L  Hoover
Rogers Lila Dee   Willow Oak
Rogers Louie Ray Hopewell
Rogers Louise Clark   Willow Oak
Rogers Luther Hubert   Willow Oak
Rogers Maggie Red Rock
Rogers Margie Ella Blakley           Glenwood
Rogers Marie  Stegall Hoover
Rogers Mary E    Lafayette (White)
Rogers Mary Lou               Pleasant Hill
Rogers Mattie Cook   Willow Oak
Rogers Milton Hiawatha              Zion Hill
Rogers Nisa M.                Pleasant Hill
Rogers Ola Hancock Gladewater Memorial
Rogers Ovie       Pleasant Hill
Rogers Paul Lee   Willow Oak
Rogers Pearley Jane Rosedale
Rogers Presley R          Hoover
Rogers R H Rosedale
Rogers Robert A Grice
Rogers Rosalie P.             Pleasant Hill
Rogers Steven Wayne Gladewater Memorial
Rogers Susan     Lafayette (White)
Rogers Susie M Hickory Hill
Rogers Sybil H              Ore City aka Murray League
Rogers Teri Lynn  Hoover
Rogers Tilden Buck                     Pleasant Hill
Rogers Vannie R Hughes Rosedale
Rogers Vernon Ray             Hoover
Rogers Vivian T Hickory Hill
Rogers W H Rosedale
Rogers W.C.        Pleasant Hill
Rogers William     Lafayette (White)
Rogers Willie E.               Pleasant Hill
Rogers Willie Mae   Willow Oak
Rogers Woodrow    Willow Oak
Rohs John  Hoover
Rohwer Russell Wayne Gladewater Memorial
Rojo Dana Carol                Mattox
Rollins G W   Willow Oak
Rollins James D Rosedale
Rollins James D. Gay-Hagan
Roman Newlyn Glenwood
Roney Charlie Hickory Hill
Roney Vivian D Hickory Hill
Roper Albert Grover   Willow Oak
Roper Essie Mae Allen Willow Oak
Roper Gary Wayne Willow Oak
Rosa Baby Walnut Creek
Rose Alice Evelyn          Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Rose Charles H. Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Rose Charlie H.       Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Rose Grace H.   Union Grove
Rose Infant Son Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Rose James Howell   Matinburg
Rose John "Overland Jack" Chilton
Rose Lloyd M Jr Enon
Rose Mary Francis Gladewater Memorial
Rose Mattie M. Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Rose Maxine Morris   Matinburg
Rose Rex D. Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Rose Troy L Lone Mountain aka Houseworth
Rose Willie D.   Union Grove
Rose   Donna Virginia  Cherokee
Rose     Mildred Frances Buchanan Cherokee
Rose            Henry Franklin  Cherokee
Roseborough Booker T  Shady Grove (African American)
Rosebrough Jackie D  Fonda
Rosenkoetter Durene        Pleasant Grove
Rosenkoetter Frederick         Pleasant Grove
Rosenkoetter Milton R Sunset
Rosenkoetter Sue Sunset
Ross Adah J Thweatt Gilmer City (new)
Ross Baby   West Mountain
Ross Caleb Levi Robert     East Mountain (Old)
Ross Charles Orr         East Mountain (Old)
Ross Crawford R Jr          Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Ross Dick           Crossroad (African American)
Ross Dura Holder Sunset
Ross Edna Evans Smith Gladewater Memorial
Ross Eliza Red Rock
Ross Fred Jr        Ore City aka Murray League
Ross Hugh Menenol "Huey" Enon
Ross Infant Enon
Ross Iris Faye Ore City aka Murray League
Ross John Red Rock
Ross John Lee Enon
Ross John Lee Jr Sunset
Ross Johnny C Sunset
Ross Josephine W "Josie" Pendergrass Enon
Ross Lilly I Enon
Ross Mary B Enon
Ross Rheubin Lawton
Ross Ruby (Bogue)   West Mountain
Ross Ruth Warneke             East Mountain (Old)
Ross Silas Lee "Si" Enon
Ross Stevenson Red Rock
Ross Vera C McPeek Enon
Ross Verline Davis Enon
Ross Virginia Bell Sunset
Ross Woodrow Wilson Sunset
Rossano Mary Ozelle Sunset
Rosser Allen       Crossroad (African American)
Rosser Phyllis          Crossroad (African American)
Rothlisberger Harry Gilmer City (new)
Rothlisberger Lena E Gilmer City (new)
Rotramel James Carl Rosedale
Rotramel Katherine V Brewster Rosedale
Rounsaville Paul Lamar Gilmer City (new)
Rouse W H Shady Grove
Rowan A Frank Glenwood
Rowan Emmer Glenwood
Rowan Ernest Glenwood
Rowan Ola Belle        Glenwood
Rowan Samuel J. Glenwood
Rowden Pamela J (Henke) Soules Chapel
Rowe Carlton Chalmer "Jake" Sunset
Rowe Debra Jean Sunset
Rowe Mary J Walnut Creek
Rowe Myrtle Sunset
Rowe Wynemma J Spencer Sunset
Rowe  B Harry Sunset
Rowell Joseph Cecil    Piney Grove
Rowland Helen   Ore City aka Murray League
Rowland Infant              East Mountain (Old)
Rowland K B "Pete"          Ore City aka Murray League
Rowland Martine  Chilton
Rowland Marvin T Chilton
Rowley James Arthur Sr           Kelsey
Rowley Scott David    Kelsey
Rowley  R Vaughn Hamberlin   Kelsey
Roy Bernice          Morris
Roy  Lurlean Montgomery   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Royall J J Enon
Rozelle Frank O Rosedale
Rozzell Helen M Rosedale
Rozzell John K Rosedale
Rozzell Phillip C Rosedale


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