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This database was compiled & submitted by Anita Huggins Nolan.


Last Name First Name Cemetery Name
Weatherby Aldo Grice
Weatherby Buster Grice
Weatherby Charles Zelda Grice
Weatherby Florence Jane Williams Bates Soules Chapel
Weatherby G M Rosewood
Weatherby Gertrude Grice
Weatherby Hershell W         Glade Creek
Weatherby I A Rosewood
Weatherby Malone Rosewood
Weatherby Malone M Rosewood
Weatherby Meadie Fayrene Davidson Grice
Weatherby Minnie C Dacus Grice
Weatherby Mollie Rosewood
Weatherby Nora L Grice
Weatherby Otell Garrett Grice
Weatherby Rev Charles W Grice
Weatherby Sarah A Grice
Weatherby Seaborn Aldo Grice
Weatherby Tull C Grice
Weatherford Ronnie Lynn Sunset
Weatherford Ruby Lee Sunset
Weatherford William Elbert Sunset
Weathers Cevie      Pleasant Hill
Weathers D.B.       Pleasant Hill
Weathers Donald Gene                  Pleasant Hill
Weathers Frank      Pleasant Hill
Weathers Grady J.             Pleasant Hill
Weathers Hazel Runette        Pleasant Hill
Weathers Henry Walter Jr Gladewater Memorial
Weathers John D.              Pleasant Hill
Weathers Maggie      Pleasant Hill
Weathers Mary L.              Pleasant Hill
Weathers Mattie Lee           Pleasant Hill
Weathers Oscar Owen           Pleasant Hill
Weathers Roy Nelson           Pleasant Hill
Weathers Runette      Pleasant Hill
Weathers Virginia Lee Gladewater Memorial
Weathers Zelma    Pleasant Hill
Weaver Anna Frances          Gilmer City (old)
Weaver Boster New Mt.
Weaver Cillah Crossroad (African American)
Weaver Gene Hale            Gilmer City (old)
Weaver Hebert Waymon    Sand Hill
Weaver Martha            Crossroad (African American)
Weaver O B          Crossroad (African American)
Weaver Otis Crossroad (African American)
Weaver Phillip M Ashland
Weaver Victoria    Zion Hill
Webb Alma M Sunset
Webb Alvoydia Sunset
Webb Annie Mae Red Rock
Webb Arthur L            Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Barley Alfonzo        Glenwood
Webb Beatrice F Gilmer City (new)
Webb C Fletcher Ore City aka Murray League
Webb Caltrell    Union Grove (Black)
Webb Casta D Community
Webb Charles Edward Community
Webb Charles W Jr        Hoover
Webb Clarence    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Cora A Rosedale
Webb D. G. Glenwood
Webb Dessie    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Dewey Glenwood
Webb Dorothy Mae   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Edward G. Glenwood
Webb Effie Hart         Glenwood
Webb Effie Mae   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Elvin {jack} Community
Webb Essie Lee     Community
Webb Fred Sr Community
Webb Gerald M.   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Hillard    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Horace E Gilmer City (new)
Webb Hughlen             Zion Hill
Webb Ike Wesley Rosedale
Webb James Barley    Glenwood
Webb Jana R.  Old Paron Church
Webb Jimmy Otis           Floyd
Webb John A Ore City aka Murray League
Webb John H Sr  Community
Webb John     Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Johnny Gladewater Memorial
Webb Johnny Earl   Community
Webb Juanita Wallace   Community
Webb Karen Sue          Morris
Webb Lee Roger   Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Lester Glenwood
Webb Lewis S Gladewater Memorial
Webb Lindley Ray Gilmer City (new)
Webb Loudella Community
Webb Louise    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Lula Marie Community
Webb Maltida A. Glenwood
Webb Margurett Ann Hoover
Webb Marshand    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Webb Mary Nell  Hoover
Webb Melissa Anne Ore City aka Murray League
Webb Melvin Sr   Community
Webb Michael Lamar Jr Community
Webb Minnie Merle Ore City aka Murray League
Webb Nadra Kay Gilmer City (new)
Webb Nancy V Gladewater Memorial
Webb Nora Glenwood
Webb Otis G Sunset
Webb Phillip Mario Community
Webb Ray Nell Green  Floyd
Webb Rickie Dewayne Sr Houston aka Lake Providence
Webb Rogers Sr Community
Webb Ronnie Darnell  Community
Webb Ruby Johnson  Piedmont
Webb Ruby N  Community
Webb Sampson             Elam Springs
Webb Sybil Gilmer City (new)
Webb Sybil Violet Blalack           Glenwood
Webb Talbert Amos           Glenwood
Webb Una Velicia Glenwood
Webb Virginia Alyce Rosedale
Webb Vona Glenwood
Webb W H  Bethlehem
Webb W Hilton Gilmer City (new)
Webb Will Crosby  Union Grove (Black)
Webb Willie M. Glenwood
Webber Alice Eugine   Sand Hill
Webber William Ray    Sand Hill
Webber Willie Dee                      Sand Hill
Webster Veneda Susie Gladewater Memorial
Weddel Alice Mary   Willow Oak
Weddel Elmer L   Willow Oak
Wedeking Clara           Little Mound (New Section)
Wedeking Henry O       Little Mound (New Section)
Wedgeworth Emmitt D Sunset
Wedin Mary Frances   Pleasant Hill
Weech Charles E Gladewater Memorial
Weech Eva B Gladewater Memorial
Weech Ima Grace Gladewater Memorial
Weeden Bette E Sunset
Weeden James L Sunset
Weeks Deloris Louise Homer Rosedale
Weems Obe E Morris
Wehring Erich Bruno                Mattox
Wehring Florence Evelyn                   Mattox
Wehring Lia               Mattox
Weible George C   Ore City aka Murray League
Weible Mabel A Ore City aka Murray League
Weinzettle Larry M Ore City aka Murray League
Weinzettle Laura Joe Ore City aka Murray League
Weinzettle Milton Martin "Boots:       Ore City aka Murray League
Weir Joesph White Jr     Ore City aka Murray League
Weir L L Gladewater Memorial
Weir Martha Mary Ore City aka Murray League
Weiser Christian O Gladewater Memorial
Weiser Katherine A Gladewater Memorial
Weisinger Grace Helen Sunset
Welborn Catherine Hopewell
Welborn Ina Mae Gladewater Memorial
Welborn Infant Hopewell
Welborn J C Hopewell
Welborn Selwyn E Gladewater Memorial
Welborne Bettie Grice
Welborne Infant  Chilton
Welborne James  Chilton
Welborne James E Chilton
Welborne Lem H Grice
Welch A Fletcher           Hoover
Welch A G    Kelsey
Welch Alzana  New Hope
Welch Connie Stilwell         Pleasant Hill
Welch Delbert H Jr Gladewater Memorial
Welch Eathel E Ore City aka Murray League
Welch Effie Pearl Castleberry   Kelsey
Welch Eron Agnes           Hoover
Welch Eva D Chilton
Welch George Luther           Pleasant Hill
Welch Gladis  New Hope
Welch H. Glenn              Ore City aka Murray League
Welch Harry F Chilton
Welch Herbert   New Hope
Welch Jessie J Chilton
Welch Jimmy Wayne Perryville
Welch John E Rosedale
Welch Joseph E Sunset
Welch Kathleen Mary Robinson Perryville
Welch Lela Mae Gladewater Memorial
Welch Lois Kelley Glenwood
Welch May Lee Sunset
Welch Mrs. A.L.               Pleasant Hill
Welch Patsy A Ore City aka Murray League
Welch Raymond Alvin Ore City aka Murray League
Welch Stacy Marie Gladewater Memorial
Welchel Lonnie Shady Grove
Welchel Nunie Shady Grove
Welchel Wayne Taylor Shady Grove
Welder Henry T.   Union Grove
Weldon Arie E Shady Grove
Weldon Clarine Tittle Shady Grove
Weldon Clinton Perryville
Weldon Corine Shady Grove
Weldon Everett Shady Grove
Weldon Florence E. Bruner Glenwood
Weldon Green Shady Grove
Weldon Guinnie W Shady Grove
Weldon Guy Howell Shady Grove
Weldon H G Grady Shady Grove
Weldon Sarah J Shady Grove
Weldon William H Shady Grove
Welk Hazel Christine Chilton
Welk Olen L Chilton
Welk Sidney T             Smith
Well Billy G Gladewater Memorial
Wells Bryon Melrose Chilton
Wells Crawford East Mountain (Old)
Wells Delbert M Sr Sunset
Wells Dillard Marland Gladewater Memorial
Wells Dora East Mountain (Old)
Wells Dorothy Sunset
Wells E. W. Coffeeville (Old Section)
Wells Elbert H Coffeeville (Old Section)
Wells Ernest Coffeeville (Old Section)
Wells Everett Lee Hopewell
Wells Garry Elwyn      Locust Grove
Wells George Hulen Hopewell
Wells Herman E "Jack" Hopewell
Wells Ida Clara Hopewell
Wells Ima E. Concord
Wells Infant Walnut Creek
Wells John R. Concord
Wells John Willard            Coffeeville (New Section) 
Wells Kattie           Gilmer City (old)
Wells Lee? Coffeeville (New Section) 
Wells Lottie         East Mountain (Old)
Wells Lucille Bullock Sunset
Wells Oliver Francis East Mountain (Old)
Wells Otis East Mountain (Old)
Wells Paul       Morris
Wells Rosa L Coffeeville (Old Section)
Wells Sadie Lee Chilton
Wells Thomas Coffeeville (Old Section)
Wells Thomas        East Mountain (Old)
Wells Tillman J         Gilmer City (old)
Wells Tillman M.              Pleasant Hill
Wells Vera Fay Parsons Hopewell
Wells William A Coffeeville (Old Section)
Wells Willie Matthew Concord
Wells  Amy    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Wells  Aubry    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Wells  Eliza    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Wells  Flora    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Wells  John    Gilmer City (Black) aka Neal
Welsh Joseph E Sunset
Wenske Charlotte Marie Walnut Creek
Wenzel Robert Gladewater Memorial
Wenzel Sue Irene Gladewater Memorial
Wesley I F "Joe" Sunset
Wesley Jewell O Sunset
Wesley Johnny Wayne Houston aka Lake Providence
Wesley William Gay-Hagan
Wesley          John   Elam Springs
West Archie Arnold Hopewell
West Benjamin "Benny" E Hopewell
West Benjamin E    Little Mound (New Section)
West Bertha  Oak Hill
West Bertie  Oak Hill
West E. B.              Ashland
West Erien Calhoun Enon
West G R Enon
West Gertie          Ashland
West H Ervin Hopewell
West H Ervin    Little Mound (New Section)
West Jacob Amerty Enon
West Katie L Hopewell
West Martha "Mattie" H. Carter Oak Hill
West Marvin R Houston aka Lake Providence
West R R Enon
West Rubie P Enon
West Vera L    Little Mound (New Section)
Westbrook Margaret E Gladewater Memorial
Westbrook Richard C Gladewater Memorial
Westerheim Evelyn Faye Shady Grove
Westerheim Katelyn Kehimer Shady Grove
Westfall Alvin L Hopewell
Westfall Irma O Hopewell
Westfall John L Hopewell
Westmoreland Phillip Ore City aka Murray League


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