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Croley Funeral Home Records

Book 2, Croley FH   
Jan 4, 1948 - Dec. 31, 1951

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Transcribed by Merry G Smith & Nell Percer:

Funerals in 1949

Mr. Roy Remple Harris Jr.

Born: March 18, 1920 Richmond, Va.

Died: May 20, 1949 on Highway 23, near Ore city

Age: 29 years, 2 mo., 2 days


wife: Jayne Lucille ------Richmond, Va.

Daughter: Jayne Roy ---Richmond Va.

Mother: Mrs. Mable Blanche Adams -- Richmond, Va.

Mrs. Jayne Harris

HWY 238 Etherson, Va.

Was killed when car turned over at North Edge of Ore City about 5:45 p.m.,
May 20, 1949. Had skull fracture and right arm broken above elbow. Possible
internal injuries. Was shipped to Richmond, Va. 8:45 p.m. May 21.

Should arrive there on the a.m. of 23rd.

Mayor H. C. Lattimer: Ordance Aerophysic Lab.

Daingerfield Texas made all arrangments.

Deb Albert Young

Born: Oct. 22, 1886 La.

Died: 2:25 p.m. May 23, 1949 Gilmer, Texas

Age: 62 years, 7 mo., 1 day

Service: 2:30 p.m. May 24, 1949 at Croley chapel

Pastor: Bro. Kelly Simmons

Burial: City Cemetery


Wife: Mrs. D. A. Young ------Gilmer

Son: Herbert L. Young -------Gilmer

Daughter: Mrs. Doyle Croley ----Simms, Texas

sister: Mrs. Winnie Bridges ----- Kentwood, La.

five grandchildren

Lived in upshur county since 1918

Member of Baptist Church since a child

Fathers name: Dick Young --- La.

Mothers name: Winnie Travis --La.

Dr. on case: H.J.Childress

P.B?s---Frank Whitehead, Geo. spearman, geo. Schutter, glen Bennett, Loland
Bennett, Thos. Wilson

Will E. McWarter (Col.)

Born: 1889 Texas

Died: May 26, 1949 Gilmer, Texas Rt. 11

Age: 60 years

Buried: Mt. Levelton Cem.

Dr. Childress


White casket at store 6-3

Mrs. H. R. Brooke

Born: Jan. 25, 1875 Larmar co., Texas

Died: May 29, 1949 Big Sandy, Texas, 1:30 a.m.

Age: 74 years, 4 mo., 4 days

Burial: Evergreen Cem. Paris, Texas

Services: 10:00 a.m. May 30, 1949 1st. ME Church Big Sandy

Pastor: Rev. Harris of G.W. / Rev. Baird of Tyler

Dr. on case: Bragg -- Big Sandy


Husband: H. R. Brooke ------Big Sandy

Son: Harry H. Brooke ------Big Sandy

Daughter: Mrs. J. R. Heard ----Big Sandy

Grandson: Harry Rudolph Heard ----Big Sandy

Bro.: Will Rainey

Inf. Daughter C. A. Lang (Susan Elane Lang)

Born: May 29, 1949 Rag. C. Gilmer, Texas

Died: May 29, 1949 Rag. C. Gilmer, Texas

Age: 0years 0mo. 0days

Services: 2:00 p.m. May 29, 1949 Oak Hill Cem.

burial: Oak Hill Cem.


Dr. on case: Madison Ragland


Parents: Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Lang -----Gilmer

Bro.: John Arthur -----Gilmer

sisters: Lavada -----Gilmer

Robbie Joe -----Gilmer

g. parents: Arthur Lang ------Gilmer

Mrs. Addie Sturdivant ----Gilmer

Born: 2:55 a.m. Died: 3:10 a.m.

Roger Wayne Snider

Born: May 26, 1949 Rag. Clinic, Gilmer, Texas

Died: May 30, 1949 5:00 a.m. Home near Big Sandy

Age: 4 days

Services: 2:00 p.m. May 31, 1949 at Home

Burial: Smith Cem. Near Big Sandy


Dr. Hugh Ragland


Parents: Mr. & Mrs. L. w. Snider -- Big Sandy Rt. 2 Cross Roads, Corn.

Sister: Doris Elaine Snider -- Big Sandy

Grandparents: Mrs. R. H. Croley --- Longview, Texas

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Snider -- Big Sandy Rt. 2

Jobe Venn

Born: Aug. 20, 1875 Penn.

Died: June 2, 1949 6:55 p.m. Gilmer, Texas Rt. 3

Age: 73 years 9 mo. 12 days

Services: 4:00 p.m. June 3, 1949 Croley Chapel

Pastor: W. C. Holloway

Burial: Morris Cem.

Dr. Childress


Sons: W. J. Venn ------Gilmer

Marshall Venn ---Arizona

Earnest Venn ----Houston

Woodrow Venn -- Pritchett

Daughters: Mrs. Lizzie Cannon -- Gilmer

Mrs. Erin Parish -- Gilmer

Father?s name: Joe Venn -- England

Mother?s name: Jennetta Thomas -- England

Lived in Upshur Co. since a child.

Member of Church of Christ about 1 year

9 grand children 2 great grandchildren

Lived with daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Cannon, Mt. Pleasant community past 4 years

PB?s: Tim, Geo., Snooks, and Emmet Venn, Gorden Gilbert, Frank Williams

Lt. Luke Lutonsky World War II, Air Force, Army

Born: May 28, 1916, Big Sandy, Texas

Died: May 19, 1944 Germany

Age: 27 years 11 mo. 21 days

Services: first Baptist Church, Big Sandy, Texas June 5, 1949, 2:30 pm

burial: chilton Cem. near Big Sandy, Texas June 5, 1949

Pastor: Rev. J. Wesley Smith


Parents; Mr. & Mrs. A. F. Lutonsky -- Big Sandy, Texas

Sons: Tony Lutonsky

Paul Lutonsky

Joined Air Corps 1941. Rec. training, Ellington & Kelly Fields

Rec. Wings, High Honers. May 2, 1942. Served as instructior at several fields
before going overseas, April 26, 1944, as group navigator 492 nd Bombardment
group. Shot down by fighter planes on mission over Brunswick, Ger.

Air Medal & Purple Heart awards

graduate of Big Sandy H.S.1933 & N.T.S.C. of Denton Texas.

Rec. B.S. Degree, N.T.S.C. 1939

Arrived Big Sandy Texas for reburial, June 4, 1949, 5:40 p.m.

Ruby McCreary Simmons ----- Mrs. Kelly Simmons

Born: Feb. 20, 1900 Lott, Texas

Died: June 6, 1949 6:55 pm. Family Res., Gilmer, Texas

Age: 49 years 3 mo 16 days

Services: 9:00 am. First Baptist Ch. Gilmer, Texas June 8, 1949

""""""" short service at Oakwood Cem., Waco Texas

Pastor: Dr. E.D.Head, FtWorth, Rev. S.H.Maples, Gilmer

Rev. J.H.Caldwell, Gilmer

Burial: Oakwood Cem. Waco Texas June 8, 1949

Dr. Madison Ragland


Husband: Rev. Kelly Simmons -- Gilmer

Daughter: Alice Simmons -- Gilmer

Bro.: Lt. Col. Frank D. McCreary -- Germany

Sisters: Miss Alba McCreary -- San Angelo

Mrs. D. H. Cline

Thos. Yarbrough Allen

Born: Oct. 15, 1895 Stephens, Ark.

Died: June 17,1949 Magnolia, Ark. 4:00 am.

Age: 53 years 8 mo. 2 days

Services: 2:30 pm. June 18, 1949 Croley chapel

Pastor: Rev. Obie Baker & Rev. Vance

Burial: City Cemetery Gilmer, Texas


Wife: Mrs. Carmie Sanders Allen -- Gilmer, Tx

Bros: L.A. Allen -- Magnolia, Ark

Clyde Allen -- Henderson, Tx

Calvin Allen -- Stephens, Ark

Marcus Allen -- Smackover, Ark.

Guy Allen -- Bastrop, La.

Sisters: Mrs. T. A. Wheeler -- Vivian, La.

Mrs. Neal Riley -- Stephens, Ark.

Masonic services at grave by Gilmer Lodge for Stephens, Ark Lodge.

We went to Magnolia Ark. for remains, left here 8:00 am. got back 3:00 pm.
June 17 1949 (Sonny Cook)

"Owens Quartet"

Lewis Funeral Home, Magnolia Ark, emb. remains

Passed away in Magnolia Hospital.

PB?s: C.H.Roberson, Audie Rainey, Elton Petty, Posey Seago, J.A.Carroll, Joe

Ocie D. Landers


Died: June 19, 1949 3:30 pm. Ch. of Christ, Pritchett


Burial: Plesant Hill Cem.

Was brought overland to Pritchett by Truck, arriving there about 7:30 am.

Houston Funeral Home were in charge of arrangements at Houston

Mrs. W.W.Hawkins

Born: Georgia

Died: June 20, 1949 1:15 am. Gilmer, Tex.

Age: 79 years

Service: Coffeeville Baptist Church 10:00 am. June 21, 1949

Pastor: Rev. Chas. Hall & Nolan Vance

Burial: Coffeeville Cemetery


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Rose Tan Drexel Crepe int.

Survived by:

Sons: Henry, Luther, Fred, & cnb -- Upshur co.

Daughters: Mrs. Martin Hill --Upshur Co.

Mrs. Allice Collum -- Upshur Co.

Mrs. Bill Melton -- Upshur co.

Large number of grandchildren

Bros.: Star Newsom -- Ore City

Henry Newsom -- Chandler

member of Me Ch. since a girl

Mrs. Laura King

Born: Nov. 7, 1855 South Carolina

Died: June 21, 1949 Simpsonville 8:30 pm.

Age: 93 years 6 mo. 10 days

Service: Simpsonville Bap. Ch June 22, 1949 3:00 pm.

Pastor: Rev. H. V. Grey

Burial: Simpsonville Cem.

Dr. Bates of Pittsburg, Texas


Sister: Mrs. Carrie Brown -- Simpsonville

a number of nieces, nephews & other relatives

Res. of Upshur County 87 years -- moving here from South Carolina 1862

married to Paschal King 1891

Paschal King passed away 1911

Lived with sister past five years

Fathers name: J.R. Smalt N.C. --deceased

Mothers name: Elsie Williams N.C. -- deceased

Mrs. Lettie Smith

Born: Marshall Texas March 28, 1876

Died: July 1, 1949 -- 303 N. Mtgomery, Gilmer Texas

Age: 73 years 3 mo. 2 days 8:27 am.

Services: 5:00 pm. 7-3-49 first Baptist Ch -- Gilmer, Texas

Pastor: Chs. Hall, Kelly Simmons, Raymond Whittington

Burial: Alto Cemetery Alto Texas July 4, 1949

Dr. Madison Ragland


Sons: Don G. Smith -- Redondo, California

Paul L. Smith Jr. -- San Bernardino, California

Daughter: Mrs. H. E. AHhouse -- Gilmer, Texas

Grandc. Mary Belle AHhouse -- Gilmer, Texas

Paul L. Smith III -- Gilmer, Texas

One uncle, Tom Bunch -- Greenville, Texas

Sisters: Mrs. A. G. Quarles -- Alto, Texas

Mrs. J. G. Wells -- San Antoino, Texas

Mrs. J. E. Seals -- Sour Lake, Texas

Nieces, Nephews and other relatives

Fathers name: M. S. Pyle -- deceased

Mothers name: Letha Ann Bunch --deceased

Lived in Upshur Co. since a child

member Baptist church

PB?s -- Dick Gates, Thos. A. Marshall, Mitchell Marshall, Malcom Smith,
Madison Ragland,Royce Hogg, H.P.B. J.N.Free, Harry Hudgins, Dr. H.J.
Childress, Johnny McDonald, Vernon Stephens, Hamilton Daniels, Frank
Smith, C. R. Knowels, Edwin Arlidge, B. M. Fleetwood, H. Connell.

4944A Dallas, 6-6 Rose Silver, 203 Hcook

James Harvey Strange

born: Georgia, March 26, 1869

Died: July 1, 1949 2:45 am. Brumley com., Upshur Co., Texas

Age: 80 years 3 mo 5 days

Service: Union Ridge Church 11:00 am. sunday July 3, 1949

Pastor: Rev. Oneal & H. S. Morris

Burial: Plesant Grove



Sons: C. R. Strange -- Bettie Texas

Eulon Strange -- Dallas Texas

Daughter: Mrs. Clarence (Annie Belle) Williams -- Pittsburg Tex Rt. 2

Brother: Richard Strange -- Mobile ala.

Seven grandchildren, three great g.c.

Lived with daughter in Brumley community

Lived in Upshur Co. past 78 years

Member of ME. Ch 60 odd years

PB?s -- D. R. Strange, R. L. Stanley, Jas. Burnett, Edwin Smith, Billy Isom,
Chas. Isom

Mrs. Geneva B. Orr

Born: Atlanta, Georgia July 4, 1886

Died: Upshur Co. Texas Shady Grove Cem. July 4, 1949

Age: 63 years 0 mo 0 days

Pastor: Rev. W. R. smith of Dallas, Rev. H. Killian - Big Sandy

Service: Glade Creek Bap. Ch. 4:00 pm. July 6, 1949

Burial: Morris Cemetery



Sons: Rudolph Orr -- Mineola, Tex.

Orvis Orr -- Shady Grove, Tex.

Daughters: Mrs. Vaudia Green -- Shady Grove, Tex.

Mrs. Leslie Inman -- Gilmer, Tex

Bro. Arthur Vessel -- Mings Chapel

Sisters: Miss Beatrice Vessell -- Mings Chapel

Mrs. Reggie Nations -- Longview

Mrs. Arthur Sweatman -- Mings Chapel

Mrs. Mae Nations -- Mings Chapel

Mrs. Luther Meeler -- Gilmer

Mrs. Billy Sipmms -- Gilmer

Parents: Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Vessell (deceased) Mings Chapel

Three grandchildren

Res. of Upshur co. 57 years

member Baptist Ch. since a girl

John Henry Bates

Born: Upshur Co, Texas July 30, 1885

Died: 5:25 pm Home near Pittsburg, Texas July 14, 1949

Age: 63 years 11 mo. 14 days

Services: Union Ridge ME ch. 4:00 pm July 15, 1949

Pastor: Wayne Jones, T. I. Oneal, J. W. Hollingworth

Burial: Plesant Grove Cem. July 16, 1949

Dr. J. K. Bates -- Pittsburg, Texas


Wife: Sally Lee Bates -- Pittsburg, Texas Rt.

Sons: Carson Bates -- Upshur County

Leslie Bates -- Pittsburg, Texas

Royce Bates -- Corpus Christy Texas

Billie Bates -- Pittsburg, Texas

Daughters: Miss Nina Bates -- Pittsburg, texas

Mrs. Thos. Smith -- Bredy Port, Texas

Mrs. W. C. Duncan -- Pittsburg, Texas

Miss Dorothy Jean Bates -- Upshur Co., Texas

four grandchildren

Brother: Dr. J. K. Bates -- Pittsburg, Texas

Sister: Mrs. C. P. Davis -- Upshur Co., Texas

Lived in Upshur county all life.

Member ME Ch. since a child

married Sally Lee Sewell -- 1906

Member of Woodsman of the World

R.B.?s -- Lester Carpenter, Willie Cope, Abb Smith, J.T. Holmes, O.G.
Harrison, Otis Elms, Hub Taylor, Jimmie Davis.

Wm. F. Fleenor

Born: Pennington Gap., Va. May 26, 1872

Died: 9:05 pm Gilmer, Texas (New Bethlehem Com.) July 17, 1949

Age: 77 years 1 mo. 21 days

Service: New Bethlehem Baptist Church

Pastor: Obie Baker & Rev. Chas. W. Reader (grandson) of Rusk --Christian


Dr. J. W. Fenlaw --Gilmer, Texas


Wife: Lillian Isablle -- New Bethlehem com.

Sons: W.F. Fleenor -- New Bethlehem Com.

Henry Fleenor -- Banstow, Texas

Benjamin Fleenor -- Bandera, Texas

Dennis Fleenor -- Morton Texas

Robert Fleenor -- Densmuir California

Daughter: Mrs. Z. T. Reader -- San Angelo, Texas

Bros.: George Fleenor -- Pennington Gap., Va.

Henry Fleenor -- Pennington Gap., Va.

One sister: Eliz. -- Bristol, Va.

19 grandchildren

3 greatgrandchildren

Harry Raymond Brooke

Born: Plymonth, Ind. March 2, 1866

Died: Big Sandy, Texas 12:45 am July 20, 1949

Age: 83 years, 4 mo., 18 days

Services: First ME Church, Big Sandy -- 10:00 am July 21, 1949

Pstor: Rev. Leon Reed, Rev. Eugene Harris, Gladewater

Burial: Evergreen Cem., Paris, Texas

Dr. Dr. Bragg of Big Sandy, Texas


Son: Harry H. Brooke -- Big Sandy

Daughter: Mrs. J. R. Heard -- Big Sandy

grandson: Harry Rudolph Heard -- Big Sandy

Bro.: Edd S. Brooke -- Pasedena, Calif.

Res. Upshur County 30 years

member of Big Sandy M E Ch. 5 years

Retired Telegraph Operator

Masonic service at grave -- Paris Lodge in Chg.

Thas Cook funeral director in chg.

Body carried to Paris after Big Sandy service

Guy Franklin Roberts

Born: Upshur county Texas Aug. 10, 1907

Died: Coffeville, Texas 2:30 am July 24, 1949

Age: 41 years, 11 mo., 14 days

Services: Coffeville Bap. Ch. 5:00 pm July 24, 1949

Pastor: Rev. Jim Reeder, Hughs Springs, Texas

Burial: Coffeville Cemetery

Dr. Childress -- Gilmer, Texas


Wife: Mrs. Pearl Roberts -- Coffeville, Tex

Bro. Orian roberts -- Coleman Co., Tex

Sister: Mrs. H. B. "Hazel" Pinkerton -- Gilmer, Tex

Nephew: J. D. Davis -- Gilmer, Tex

Larry Max Pinkerton -- gilmer, Tex

Ewell R. Roberts -- Coleman Co., Tex

W. A. Roberts -- Coleman co., Tex

PB?s -- Ewell R. and w. A. Roberts, Leon and Chester Hunt, J. D. Davis, Pat

C.L. Murrie

Born: Sulphur Springs, Texas March 8, 1899

Died: 206 Montg. St. Gilmer, Tex July 25, 1949

Age: 50 years, 4 mo., 17 days

Services: First Bap. Cj. Gilmer, Tex. 3:00 pm July 26, 1949

Pastor: Kelly Simmons

Burial: city Cemetery

Dr. Madison Ragland


Wife: Mrs. Claire Crasly Murrie -- Gilmer

Mother: Mrs. Jennie Murrie -- Sulphur Springs, Tex

Sisters: Mrs. Leila Paul -- Sulphur Springs, Tex

Mrs. Genevive Kistenmacher, Sulphur springs, Tex

Mrs. Chas. Riley -- Dallas Tex

Resident of Gilmer since 1922

member Bethesda Masonic Lodge

member 32 degree mason

member Hills Temple Shrine of Dallas

member Baptist Church since a child

Kellogg Salesman N. E. Texas past 27 years

PB?s -- C.H. Cox Jr., Steve Nelson, Mat Davis, C.T. Crosly Jr., Elwyen
Crosly, Fred Hogg

Hubert Wayne Weaver

Born: Gilmer, Texas May 7, 1949

Died: Gilmer, Texas 4:30 am July 27, 1949

Age: 2 mo., 20 days

Service: Sand Hill Church -- 2:00 pm July 28, 1949


Burial: Sand Hill Cemetery

Dr. J. L. Fenlaw -- Gilmer, Texas


Parents: Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Weaver -- Gilmer

Sisters: Clara May(age 8), Ruby Ivy (age 6) -- Gilmer

Barbara Ann (age 4), Mary Jean (age 2) -- Gilmer

Grandparents: Mr. E. L. Weaver -- Telsa, Okla.

Mrs. Fannie Davis -- Gilmer, Tex

S.W. Casket Co. #5 all Blue with Hdles.

William Clark Cardwell

Born: Rosston, Ark. Feb. 27, 1865

Died: 3:50 pm, 2817 Titus St. Tyler, Tex. July 29, 1949

Age: 84 years 5 mo. 2 days

Services: 2:00 pm Locust Grove Bap. Church July 31, 1949

Pastor: rev. Deckert Anderson, Eastview Bap. Ch. Killgore, Tex

Burial: Ming Cemetery



Sons: Wiley C. Cardwell -- Arlington, Tex

Fred K. Cardwell -- Moulfire, Geo.

John T. Cardwell -- U.S.Marine Corp. -- San Francisco, Calif.

Daughters: Mrs. Billie C. Ressler -- Palacios, Texas

Mrs. Alline Boullion -- Tyler, Texas

9 grandchildren ------ 8 greatgrandchildren

Res. of Upshur County, Rocky & Rosewood Com. 24 years

Res. of Tyler past 9 months

member of Baptist Ch. 64 years

Decon for 64 years

Lived with daughter Mrs. Boullion

PB?s -- Loyd Vaughn, Hardy Eital, Ersttus Hartley, Emmette Bradley, Horace
Bradley, Tom E. Hawkins

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