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Baccus Cherie Gurley
Bagley Camye Thibodaux
Bailey B. Bailey
Curt Wright
Karla McDonald
Baird Lesley Baird Prey 
Barnwell Richard Leland
Barr Sharon Tyson
Bauman Lazi 
Beavers Sparky
Bedair Melissa Hester
Beesley The Davis'
Beides Melissa Hester
Bell Christi Lewien
S.H. VanHorn
Kimberly Lewis
Belt Dawn Wise
Bennett Angela A. Pifer
Betterton Jerry Warren Betterton
Binion Gina Underwood
Bishop Margaret Bradshaw
Bivins Rosa Pool Ford
Blackstock Larry Steele
Blackstone Sandy
Blalack Lori Warden
Bolton Theodore Bolton
Bond Jo Nell Casey
Bonner Helen Wall
Booth Steve Irons
Borden Aubrey Elliott
Bosworth Sarrah Amos
Boutwell Joan McKinley Williams
Bowen Lea Ann Tedford
Bowin Lea Ann Tedford
Boyd Shirley Boyd
Charles M. Milam
Briggs B. G. Piper
Susan Holman
Broadbeck/Brodbeck Carl Stroope
Brooks Sue Knudsen
Brown Larry "Joe" Reynolds
Lloyd Ray Timmons Sr
Steve Irons
Browning Sondra Nicholson
Bruner Joan McKinley Williams
Bryce Mike Nichols
Buchanan Pat Lay
Buie Barbara Hunt
Bullard Barbara Hill
Bullock Camye Thibodaux
Burcalow Sarrah Amos
Burk Shelia Burk
Burke Rosalyn Alsobrook

Merry G. Smith
Diana L Sphar

Burnley Kimberly Lewis
Bussey Harvey Warren
Busby Sondra Nicholson
Bynum Saundra Walling Mackey
Byrd J. Caffey

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