Uvalde County Biographies

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  • Anderson, A. G.
  • Anderson, R. L.
  • Biggs, William B.
  • Bowles, William Agustus
  • Cardwell, O. T.
  • Half Moon Valley Massacre as told by John Coalson
  • Davenport, Emma Kelley
  • Davenport, Mary
  • Hale, Jackson | Part 2
  • Heard, W. E.
  • Jennings, Mary
  • Kilgore, Martin Henry
  • Kinchlow, Ben A.
  • McKinney, T. N.
  • McNelly, Tom H.
  • Patterson, Jack W.
  • Robinson, Billy
  • Walker, Evan Jones
  • Wall, William Simon
  • Watkins, Nathan W.