Uvalde County Queries

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Uvalde County Queries -- Genealogy.Com (genforum)

Uvalde County Queries -- Rootsweb.com

There are also message boards for almost any surname at both Rootsweb and Genealogy.com. From each of the above Query Boards, you may read the messages posted or you may post a message. To receive the greastest number of responses to a message you post, the following suggestions are provided:
	1.  Never write in all capital letters or in all lower case letters.

	2.  Be sure to show the connection between your message and 
            the subject of the message board.

	3.  Always state specifically what you want to know.
	4.  Never use acronyms such as LOL, BTW or CYL.  These are 
            genealogy message boards not 'Chat Rooms'.

	5.  Never use non-standard abbreviations such as CTY for county, 
            GGF for great grandfather, or BIL for brother in law.

	6.  These are genealogy boards so don't place messages searching
            for school chums, adoption information, searching for birth mother, or
            messages looking for missing family members.  There are "Topic Message
            Boards" for such subjects.

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