Uvalde County Census Resources

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This page contains other resources the viewer might have occasion to visit. While some of the items may appear to be far removed from the area of genealogy, they are placed on this page as a matter of convenience for the reader.

UVALDE CITY POLICE-- W. Main Street, Uvalde TX 78801-- Telephone: 830-278-9147

UVALDE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT--1021 Garner Field Rd.,Uvalde, TX 78801- - Telephone 830-278-9255

UVALDE PUBLIC LIBRARIES --El Progresso Memorial Library, 120 W. Nopal St, Uvalde, TX 78801, Telephone 830-278-2017
-- Eagle Pass Public Library, 589 W. Main St, Uvalde, TX., 78801 Telephone 830-773-25116

UVALDE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE--Located at 300 E. Main St, mail should be sent to P.O. Box 706, Uvalde, TX 78802. Telephone contact is 930-278-3361.

UVALDE COUNTY APPRAISAL DISTRICT -- County tax appraisals are public record and you may search the records by name or by address. Search may be made at the Taxing Authority offices, 209 N High Street. Uvalde. TX 78801 -- Telephone 830-278-1106

UVALDE COUNTY CLERK --Records are available and assistance is provided. Copies are made at $1.00 per page. You will find marriage , birth, death, probate records from 1856, Divorce Records are located in the District Court. County Offices receive their mail at P.O. Box284, Uvalde, Tx 78802. or you may telephone 830-278-6614.

UVALDE COUNTY FUNERAL HOMES--Rushing-Estes-Knowles Mortuary Inc. Physical location 220 S. Getty St., Uvalde TX 78801. Telephone 830-278-5611

UVALDE COUNTY MAP--The one I like best is found at http://txdot.lib.utexas.edu/select.phtml?urn=urn:utlol:txdot.tcuval1 . This same map is available in three sizes at the Department of Transportation

UVALDE COUNTY MUSEUMS--John Garner Museum, 333 N. Park St, Uvalde, TX 78801, Telephone 839-278-5018

UVALDE COUNTY SHERIFF-- 121 E. Nopal St., Uvalde, TX 78801, Telephone 830-278-4111-

SOUTHWEST TEXAS GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY-- Send mail to P. O. Box 295, Uvalde, TX. 78802.

UVALDE COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY -- c/o Susan Anderson, 301 W. Main Street, Uvalde, TX, 78801. Telephone: 830-278-2017

TEXAS STATE ARCHIVES--Mailing address is P.O. Box 12927, Austin, TX 78711

NATIONAL ARCHIVES - FT.WORTH BRANCH --- Physical Address is 501 Felix St., Ft. Worth Texas, Mailing address is P.O. Box 6216 Ft Worth, TX 76115.

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