Uvalde County Towns Past & Present

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Aldine Montel
*Blewell (Carbonville) North Uvalde (Sansome)
Boonesboro or Boonesborugh Norwood (Laguna)
Bowles Obi
Carbonville (Blewell) Patterson (Sabinal)
Chatfield (Knippa) Patterson Settlement
*Cline (Turkey Creek, Wallace.) Pulliam
*Concan *Reagan Wells (Hammer)
Dabney Ritchen
Elva *Sabinal (Hammer's Station, Patterson)
Exile Sabinal Canyon (Utopia)
Encina (Uvalde) Sansome (North Uvalde)
Fort Inge Smyth
Good Luck (Laguna) Traprock
Hacienda Turkey Creek (Cline)
Hammer (Reagan Wells) *Utopia (Kinchloe's Store, Montana, Waresville
Hammer's Station (Sabinal) *Uvalde (Encina)
Happy Hollow Uvalde Junction
Heard Wallace (Cline)
Inge Waresville (Utopia)
Kinciad Westprong
Kinchloe's Store (Utopia) White
*Knippa (Chatfield) Whitesmine
Luguna (Good Luck, Norwood) Worthy
Montana (Utopia) Yucca
* Indicates currently exists

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