Uvalde County Bibliography

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Family histories that relate to Uvalde County:
  • Oldtimers:  Frontier Days In Uvalde Section of South West Texas by Florence Fenley.
  • William Craig Herndon, Known Ancestry and Descendancy Thereof compiled by Bonny Herndon.
  • The Thomas Lacy III Family of Hanover and Buckingham Counties, Virginia by Hubert Wesley Lacey and Howard Elton Lacey.
  • The William and Elliott Lacy Families of New Kent and Chesterfield Counties, Virginia by Hubert Wesley Lacey and Howard Elton Lacey.
  • The Stephen Lacy Family of Goochland County, Virginia by Hazel Potter Lawler.

  • The Yancey Family Genealogical Register compiled by Dennis J. Yancey.
    County and Regional History:
  • A Proud Heritage:  A History of Uvalde County, Texas by the people of Uvalde County, El Progreso Club.
  • Breaks of the Balcones by Allan A. Stovall.
  • Nueces Headwater Country by Allan A. Stovall.
  • Texas History:
  • History of Texas from 1685-1892 by John Henry Brown.
  • Battles of Texas, Alamo, Goliad, San Jacinto, The Neches, Plum Creek, Palo Alto, Sabin Pass, Adobe Wells by S.V. Conner, et al.
  • Lone Star by T.R. Fehrenbach.
  • Texas, Dark Corner of the Confederacy edited by B.P. Gallaway.
  • Trail Drivers of Texas edited by J. Marvin Hunter.
  • The Indians of Texas by W.W. Newcomb, Jr.
  • A Historical Atlas of Texas by William C. Pool.
  • Frontier Defense in the Civil War, Texas' Rangers and Rebels by David P Smith.
  • Texas Indian Fighters by A.J. Sowell.
  • Texas Under Many Flags by Clarence R. Wharton.
  • Chronology of Texas History by Donald W. Whisenhunt.
  • Old Texas Trails by J.W. Williams.