Val Verde Census Index

1910 Census Index
Val Verde County

How to use this Census Index

Click on the page below that contains the name(s) you are searching. You can scroll down to the surname or use your browser's search function (CTRL-F for IE and Netscape, wait for the page to fully download). Note the Enumeration District and Sheet number then point your browser to the census images hosted by Rootsweb.com. The image file names correspond to the enumeration districts and sheet numbers. For example, enumeration district 135 sheet 4A is the image 135-04a.gif. Click on the image to view it.

Search Tips

The census is a valuable genealogical reference, but it is not without its drawbacks. Census data is not always accurate. For the purposes of this index, misspelling errors by the census enumerator and my own errors of transcription (which I hope are not too common) present the greatest obstacles to finding your relatives. If you know that your relatives should be listed in this census, but you cannot find them on the appropriate page, try the following:

  • Using your browser's search function, enter a fragment of the name. This will take you to any name that includes that fragment. For instance, if the surname you are looking for is Guerra, try searching for Gue.
  • Search for a cluster of recognizable given names.
  • Search for alternate spellings of the name.

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Transcribed by John M. Longoria, chiron64@yahoo.com