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Sibyl Creasey and Shirley Fuller have extracted news articles from two old county newspapers, the Canton Herald and the Wills Point Chronicle. These newspapers have been microfilmed and are housed at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History, located in the courthouse annex in Canton, for the benefit of researchers. Copies of these articles are also available by writing to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. When requesting a copy, please send a check or money order for $2 to cover cost of copying and postage.

CANTON HERALD: December 16, 1932

"Complimenting the members of the faculty, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. West entertained with a dinner party on Tuesday evening, Dec. 6. The rooms were attractively decorated with Christmas greenery, and the red and green coloring was carried out in the menu and table decorations. Following dinner, music, fortune-telling by a ‘noted mystic,' contests and various games were enjoyed. Miss Rasco and Mr. Gilbert scored highest in a slogan contest; Miss Travis and Mr. Stanford most nearly guessed the number of grains on an ear of corn. The guest list includes Superintendent and Mrs. Swanzy and Sarah Jane, Miss Travis, Miss Wallace, Miss Stead, Miss Rodgers, Miss Kellis, Miss Rascoe, Mrs. Springer, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stanford and Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Steed.

"The news of the death of Walter Coleman comes as a shock to his many friends and relatives in Canton. After undergoing an operation of a very serious nature in a Fort worth sanitarium on November 1, he was fast recovering, when he contracted pneumonia and again went to the hospital where he passed away, Wednesday, Dec. 7, at 3 p.m. He was born in Canton March 4, 1877, was married to Miss Jettie Hunt of Gainesville, Texas, April 26, 1903. He was a plumber and in business for himself for a number of years. He has made his home in Fort Worth for the past 15 years. He is survived by his wife and three sons, Walter H. Coleman of Wichita Falls, Texas, Richard and Reese Coleman of Los Angeles, California, and Mrs. C.S. Starnes of Dallas, Texas. Funeral services were conducted at the Broadway Baptist church at Gainesville, Texas, Sunday at 3 p.m. The Coleman family is a pioneer one to Canton, having lived here many years, the mother and father being buried in the Canton cemetery. The remaining members of the family are joined in their sorrow by a host of friends here.

"Influenza has been a visitor in almost every home in Canton during the last two weeks. In some instances the entire family became ill of the disease. Although the flu has made its victims feel very badly, no serious cases have been reported.

"LOCAL HAPPENINGS: M.T. Sides was a Tyler visitor on Tuesday. Hubert Scott and Mr. Gilbert were Dallas visitors Saturday. George Hilliard, Jr., of Dallas is a flu patient in Canton this week. Macon Sides and Leslie Sarton were Dallas visitors Tuesday of this week. Blance Wright, Pauline Benson, Lucile and Maurine Smith were Dallas visitors Sunday. Ervin Sides returned home Sunday night after a three weeks visit with his brother in Dallas. Mr. W.E. West spent from Sunday night until Tuesday night in Texarkana on business this week.

"Winston Woolverton and Kline Dewees of Wills Point were in Canton on business one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Scott of Wills Point were Sunday visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Majors. Miss Will Gilmore of Van And Mrs. Ellis Campbell of Wills Point were in Canton for a short while Saturday morning, en route to Edom to attend the County Council of the P.T.A.

"LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS: ‘Dear Santa Claus: I am a little girl four years old. I want you to bring me a tricycle, baby doll, lots of fruit, nuts and candy. Don't forget my little playmates. Norma Jean Hudson, Route 4, Canton, Texas.

"Dear Santa Claus: I go to school at Martins Mill, Texas. I am nine years old. I want you to bring me a leather coat, a pair of gloves, a ball and good things to eat. Remember Billie Joe and Jack and all little children. James Paul Beggs, Route 2, Ben Wheeler, Texas.

"Dear Santa Claus: I won't ask you to bring me very much this year, for I want you to remember all of the little girls and boys. I would like a large tricycle, some new clothes and boots for my doll. Don't forget my grandmother in Kirbyville. Billie Sue Ashworth, Canton, Texas.

"Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy nearly four years old. I want you to bring me a little pop gun, a wheel barrow, some tools so I can build things, and a nice little slip on sweater with a cap to match. Bring plenty of nuts, fruit and candy. Don't forget Boxie, mamma and Papa Priest and mother and dad. Kenneth Ray Norman, Route 1, Canton, Texas.

"Dear Santa Claus: I am looking forward to your coming. Please bring me a knife with a chain, a pair of gloves, some pistol caps, a French harp, fruit, nuts, candy and fireworks, Don't forget my teacher, Miss Stringer. Bring her something. Adrain Chamblee.

Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy and I want you to please bring me a pair of gloves, knife with a chain on it, a harp, plenty of pistol caps, lots of fireworks, fruits, nuts and candy. I will try to be a good little boy. Don't forget my teacher, Miss Iola Morris, daddy and mother. Roland Chamblee, Route 5, Canton, Texas.

"Dear Old Santa Claus: We are two little girls living at the teacherage at Turner. Our names are Maurine Mason and Eloise Oliver. I, Maurine, am in the fourth grade in school. I would like for you to bring me a doll, a rubber doll about 14 inches long, a pencil box, a box of stationary, and anything that you want to bring me. I try to be a good girl all the time. I will be glad of anything you bring me, such as fruit, etc. I, Eloise, am five years old, not old enough to go to school but big enough to read some for mother at home. Please bring me a rubber doll, a doll trunk, a little monkey, and anything that you wish me to have, such as fruits, nuts, etc. Maurine Macon and Eloise Oliver.

"Dear Santy: I am a little boy five years old. I have tried to be a good boy so you will come down my chimney Christmas. Please bring me a cowboy suit with spurs, a pair of skates, a tool set, and fireworks of all kind. Please remember all of my little friends. I listen to you and Buster every night over station WPR. Jack Reeves Johnson."

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