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Sibyl Creasey and Shirley Fuller have extracted news articles from two old county newspapers, the Canton Herald and the Wills Point Chronicle. These newspapers have been microfilmed and are housed at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History, located in the courthouse annex in Canton, for the benefit of researchers. Copies of these articles are also available by writing to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. When requesting a copy, please send a check or money order for $2 to cover cost of copying and postage.

CANTON HERALD, February 6, 1931

"Some change is being wrought along the concrete walks leading from the court house door steps to the curbing on the square. If what is being undertaken flowers into fruition, some time in the spring tra la there'll be beautiful hedge rows lining the walks. The court house janitor, one Douglas Shaw, seems to have been opportuned to do the heavy work, but back behind the well laid plan there is discerned the crafty cunning of the powers that be, possibly including the sponsorship of the county home demonstration agent, who has long wearied of the dreary and drab landscape around the temple of justice and with laudable ambition, is striving to improve the scenery from each court house door. Visitors to the county capital from the four corners are admonished to await results, and any encouragement given the enterprise at hand will have a tendency to add to what is intended in the outcome.

"Warm friends throughout Van Zandt county will regret to learn of the passing of Mrs. C.R. Kellam, one of the pioneers of this county, who died in a sanitarium in Terrell, Texas, last Sunday night, at the advanced age of 81 years. Mrs. Kellam had been on an extended visit with her daughter in Terrell, Mrs. T.P. Davis, wife of the late Dr. T.P. Davis, which family formerly lived in Canton and is well known throughout this section. Funeral service for deceased was held Monday in Terrell, Rev., J.A. Olds, pastor of the Terrell Methodist church, conducting same, and interment took place at the Prairie Springs cemetery, east of Canton, in the vicinity of the old Kellam home. Mrs. Kellam was formerly Miss Cornelia Rusk and was the oldest granddaughter of the late General Thomas J. Rusk, famous in Texas history as a leader for Texas independence. She was born in Nacogdoches county, which at that time included this county in its territory, and she was acquainted with many prominent men of those time who took such an active part in shaping the destinies of this great state. She enjoyed a personal acquaintance with the immortal Governor Sam Houston. A story of her life would make an interesting book.

Mrs. Kellam often visited in Canton, in the home of Mayor Jno. R. Kellis and family, she being a sister of Mrs. Kellis' mother, Mrs. Mary Kellis of Colfax, also a half sister of Dr. Keahey's mother, Mrs. Ruth Keahey, living at Colfax, although Dr. Keahey and wife live in Canton. Mrs. Kellam's husband A.L. Kellam, died in 1904. She is survived by two sons, Robert J. And W.A. Kellam of Colfax, and the daughter mentioned above, besides numerous relatives in Van Zandt county, this paper mingling its sincere sympathy with all friends in the bereavement brought about by the passing of such a noble character.

"LOCALS: Attorney A.A. Dawson transacted legal business in Austin last week. Miss Geraldine Stanford went to Shreveport Sunday to visit relatives. Mrs. Jno. E. Sides and Miss Ethel Lively visited Dallas Wednesday. Ira Lee Hilley of Abilene, Texas, was visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Waggoner and family this week. C.C. Curtis, former Canton citizen, was here from Tyler first of the week, looking after business affairs. John Henry Burns, south of Canton, visited his daughter in Dallas first of the week, who is confined in a hospital. Frank Rainey, former Van Zandter, has been visiting relatives and friends south of town, from his home in San Angelo. Mesdames J.P. Simpson and S.F. Cooper of Dallas spend Sunday here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Foster and family. Angus Nixon, student at A & M College, spent a few days here last week with homefolks and friends, between college terms.

"Mrs. J.W. Barnes, who has been on the sick list for the past week, is improving, which news her many friends will be glad to hear. Mrs. Leon Cox, wife of deputy county clerk, Leon Cox, and her mother-in-law, Mrs. J.T. Cox, have returned from Mansfield, La., where they spent several days with relatives and friends. Mrs. And Mrs. Corbin and the latter's sister, Mrs. J.D. Phillips, all of Tyler, spent Sunday here visiting Mrs. Corbin's daughter, Mrs. Maggie Todd, and family. Miss Lorene Mitchell, Dallas city school teacher, accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. Letha Ward of that city, spent the week-end in Canton with the former's mother, Mrs. Alice Mitchell, a sister also of Mrs. Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone Thomas of Shreveport, La., spent the week-end here with homefolks, and were accompanied by Mrs. M.K. Thomas, who went to visit her daughter, Mrs. Guy Ashworth, who was ill.

"Mrs. Alice Jones, aged 62 years, died at her home in Tulsa, Okla., Saturday night, Jan. 31, and was laid to rest in the cemetery there the following Tuesday. The deceased had just completed a several weeks' visit with her brother, John R. Wallace of Martins Mill, Van Zandt county, and was taken ill a short time after her arrival home, in fact, on the day of her return. The deceased was born in Alabama, and came to Texas soon after her birth. She is survived by a grown son and grown daughter, the former being a prominent oil man of Tulsa, and the latter residing in Oklahoma City; also the brother mentioned, living at Martins Mill, who attended the funeral, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Carlie Mae Wallace. The paper joins all friends in extending condolence to the bereaved.

"Rob Yantis, son of Judge T.J. Yantis, arrived in Canton Saturday from the great open spaces of the Pacific coast, and intimated that he may remain here in the old home town for some time, with his father and sister, Miss Ruth Yantis. A wide circle of friends join the homefolks in welcoming the young man back to the place of his early days."

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