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Sibyl Creasey and Shirley Fuller have extracted news articles from two old county newspapers, the Canton Herald and the Wills Point Chronicle. These newspapers have been microfilmed and are housed at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History, located in the courthouse annex in Canton, for the benefit of researchers. Copies of these articles are also available by writing to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. When requesting a copy, please send a check or money order for $2 to cover cost of copying and postage.

CANTON HERALD, May 22, 1931

"The following is contributed to the paper, in reference to the all-day singing at Tundra, about seven miles south of Canton, last Sunday by a staunch friend of the paper, who signs himself as ‘Tram,' but whose name was signed to the article, and who happens to be well known in old Van Zandt. He says: ‘It as Sunday, the Lord's day, May 17, when the Sacred Harp singers met at the Lone Star school house, in the Tundra community, for their annual gathering. It was a beautiful day; just breeze enough to make it pleasant out of doors. When the writer was some younger than he is now it was very common to say to those at home, when you returned, that everybody and their dogs were there, but this time the dogs remained at home, at least I did not see any. The crowd was made up of all ages and sizes, the grandfather's voice mingled with that of the grandchild. Babies were there, but if one cried I do not remember it. And this reminds me that babies did not cry while the singing was going on when I attended summer revivals. The ladies were there, joining in the songs, but no lady led in the singing. The leaders of the songs were all men, and they led like they enjoyed it.

‘G.L. Martin was selected as chairman for the day, or master of ceremonies. Those who led during the day were: John W. Gray, J.T. Beard, W.T. Carmichiel, Walter M. Barber, B.R. Rushing, Will Barber, C.H. Cloud, Dave Hubbard, Tom Hubbard, H.E. Beard, R.E. High, Jess Stout, Frank Townsley, Jno. E. Trent and Lee Martin. There were others whose names the writer failed to learn. Five boquets[sic] of lovely flowers were placed upon the table in front of the chairman. I love flowers and would name them for you if I could. The ladies who are thoughtful to do this nice act were: Mesdames E.N. Sides, W.F. Phipps, R.P. Carmichiel and Miss Lillie Burns. The flowers were greatly appreciated by the singers, they are emblems of love, and the ladies of the community contributing them have the sincere thanks of all the singers. Another contribution of the ladies of the communities, a greater one, was the dinner. There were baskets, boxes and pans of delicious viands placed on a long table, including vegetables, chicken pie, beef, sausage, pies and cakes. Oh, well, the Tundra community knows how to do these things, and it was a pity the table would not hold all the grub. Several groups ate on the ground, under the shade of the trees. Just two families came in wagons, of all that crowd, the others came in motor vehicles.

"Mrs. J.D. Goff and Miss Adeline Verner were given medical attention in Wills Point Monday morning for injuries sustained in an automobile accident that occurred on highway 80 near Cobb and 11 o'clock. Mr. Goff and Miss Naomi Ray, other occupants of the Chevrolet truck that ran into a stalled truck were not injured. All the parties mentioned reside near Grand Saline and were on their return from a visit to a sick relative at Rockwall when the collision occurred. It was raining pretty hard at the time and Mr. Goff did not know the truck was stopped until he was close on it, a passing car preventing him from going around it and forcing him to hit the stalled truck. Both trucks were damaged, the front end of the Chevrolet being badly smashed in.

"Funeral service was held Monday afternoon at the High cemetery, conducted by Rev. A.D. Sparkman, pastor of the Canton Baptist church, for Charley Garrett Marshall, born September 10, 1872. The deceased had lived in Kaufman and Van Zandt counties all his life, and was married to Miss Dora Smith in 1902. There were 11 children born to the union, three having preceded their father in death, who is survived by his wife and 8 children, also two sisters, Mrs. J.O. Harwell of Terrell and Mrs. Fred Dicenian of Dallas, besides several other relatives and many close friends. The paper joins a multitude in extending sympathy to the bereaved.

"The paper has been calling attention for the last two weeks or more to the annual singing in the town of Canton on the fifth Sunday in May. Well, they are going to have it. If the reader has curiosity as to who ‘they' are, he or she is cordially invited to be in Canton on the day mentioned, and there are sure to be many present, from all parts of the county, from adjoining counties, and from abroad. This paper is authorized to announce that three Canton citizens will be ‘masters of ceremony' for the day, Messrs. Sam Reaves, J.R. McKenzie and Lee Steed. There will be Sacred Harp singing at the court house in Canton as usual, and the Progressive singers will meet at the Baptist church as usual. Canton has always entertained thousands of visitors on these annual occasions, and the last Sunday in this month is not expected to be an exception to the rule. Parking space will be at a premium, and everybody who expects to sing is expected to bring his or her song book. Remember the date!"

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