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Sibyl Creasey and Shirley Fuller have extracted news articles from two old county newspapers, the Canton Herald and the Wills Point Chronicle. These newspapers have been microfilmed and are housed at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History, located in the courthouse annex in Canton, for the benefit of researchers. Copies of these articles are also available by writing to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. When requesting a copy, please send a check or money order for $2 to cover cost of copying and postage.

CANTON HERALD, June 19, 1931

"Rev. R.T. Shinn, who resides in the Rast community, was given a surprise dinner at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.W. Davis, on last Sunday, honoring his 80th birthday. The affair was sponsored by the Sunday school and senior B.Y.P.U. members. After the preaching services at 11 a.m. some 65 in number retired to the home of Mrs. Davis and each brought forward a dish prepared for the occasion. When assembled it presented a sumptuous spread of ‘good eats.' A large birthday cake appropriately decorated was presented by Mrs. Cecil Seales. When the aged minister was led to the head of the table, Miss Beatrice Williamson made a short talk assuring him that this was only a small token of the esteem in which he was held by those present. Bro. Shinn's response of thanks and the admonitions he gave will be long remembered. The afternoon was spent in visiting with one another and a good time in general. Brother Shinn is one of the pioneer Baptist ministers of pioneer ministers of Van Zandt county, and admiring friends throughout the county extent greetings and wish him many more useful years among the living.

"There is an epidemic of smallpox in Van Zandt County. Recently I have found cases of smallpox on the streets and going at large. There are other cases, going at liberty throughout the course of the disease without knowing they had the disease. Therefore, the public has no protection except vaccinations. I want to urge every individual to see their family physician and advise with him about being vaccinated and especially those who may have had an exposure. I have calls over the telephone and in person every day urging me to quarantine those families that have the disease. I wish to say that the quarantine regulations are being enforced on those that I find with the disease. However, each citizen has a duty to perform, which they should do first, and then insist on others doing their duty. If you have not been vaccinated then you have not done your part in helping to stamp out the threatened epidemic. H.H. Hilliard, M.D., County Health Officer.

"Reported as almost bleeding to death after going through the windshield of the car in which she was riding in a head-on collision near Van early Sunday, Miss Maudine Alexander, 18, of Ben Wheeler, was reported much improved Monday afternoon at the Tyler General Hospital where she is being cared for. The accident happened two miles northwest of Van about 2 a.m. Sunday. The girl, her sister, and two young men were joy riding when the car crashed head-on with another automobile.

"John H. Williams, 65, died at his home at 2:30 o'clock on the morning of the 12th inst., and his remains were laid to rest in the Starr cemetery that evening at 6 o'clock, the funeral being conducted by Rev. Webb Melton, a Baptist minister, burial being directed by Eubank undertakers, many neighbors and friends attending the last rites. The deceased had resided in the community mentioned for many years, was a good citizen, and is survived by his children only, six in number. The paper extends sympathy to the bereaved.

"C.J. Hubbard, pioneer Van Zandter, who spends his winters in the Rio Grande Valley and the summer and fall months in the ‘Free State,' says he has been offered a job manufacturing ribbon cane syrup next fall on the farm of his brother, Tom Hubbard, south of Canton, and has accepted. He made one crop this year down on the Mexican border, rushed back to Van Zandt in time for the annual Fifth Sunday singing at Canton, and is now visiting his son, Rev. Jno. W. Hubbard, at Handley. Mr. Hubbard will return to Van Zandt about the first of July and hold himself in readiness to attend every singing held in the county during July and August, especially Sacred Harp gatherings, to which he is partial. His plans have not been perfected for September, but he may pass the time away visiting with many relatives and old-time friends, and otherwise priming himself for ‘the grinding of the cane' sometime in October or November. And he says he is an expert at syrup making, knows how to regulate the fire under the pans, how long to boil the juice and everything else necessary in bring about the finished delectable product, that he acquired the knowledge by long experience, and one must believe it when contemplating his age. C.J. Hubbard is in his 87th year and his brother Tom is 83. A kodak picture of these two ‘boys' around the cane mill next fall will not be overlooked.

"Two young men at Van, A.G. Fairis, 23, and R.G. Bruckner, 22, both employees of the Pure Oil Co., died last Wednesday night of last week, soon after the motorcycle they were riding on the road near Van collided with a Ford car, driven by a party living at Van. It was said those in the Ford car were not hurt, and their machine injured by little.

"LOCALS: Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Sneed motored to Dallas Tuesday afternoon, returning Wednesday. S.F. Hilliard, reported last week as ill at his home here, is still confined to his bed, but is improving nicely; which his friends will be glad to hear. Miss Omogene Heard returned to her home in Crocket last of the week, after a few days' visit here with her friend, Miss Lillie Kellis and her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Hardegree, after spending a few days here with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Reaves, are off to cool Colorado and other points for a summer visit. The new home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Beard is fully completed, including painting and papering, and is ready for occupancy. Mr. Beard says he and his wife may take possession of it themselves, releasing their present occupied home on the corner for rental purposes.

"J.D. Brandon of Putnam, Texas, father- in-law of Mrs. Mary Ethel Brandon, county home demonstration agent, visited here over the week-end with Mrs. Brandon, and formed the acquaintance of several people in Canton. He is a very pleasant gentleman, and enjoyed his stay.

"Banker W.L. Steed and Rural Mail Carrier B.A. Mitchell are doing considerable plain and fancy fishing here of late at the club lake south of town, leaving after banking hours and returning after dark, which can be taken to mean one of two things, they either do not want others to see what monstrous luck they are having, or their failure to have any at all. If anyone feels included to look further into this matter, a report of their findings will be appreciated at this office.

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