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Sibyl Creasey and Shirley Fuller have extracted news articles from two old county newspapers, the Canton Herald and the Wills Point Chronicle. These newspapers have been microfilmed and are housed at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History, located in the courthouse annex in Canton, for the benefit of researchers. Copies of these articles are also available by writing to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. When requesting a copy, please send a check or money order for $2 to cover cost of copying and postage.

CANTON HERALD, July 3, 1931

"Traditionally a mother may be the proud one when a son does something. But don't count out his grand parents. The Rev. T.M. Post, 89, and his wife, 92, are staying up nights to learn new things for which they should be proud of Wiley Post, who has just complete a record flight around the world. Wiley could fly just about anywhere he wanted to go, they think. But he'll fly without them. Neither the retired Baptist minister nor his wife would think for a minute of going up in a plane, even with their record-making grandson at the controls. (for more on this article about the Post family, see the original on microfilm)

"Mrs. A.D. Mathis of this city was bruised about the head and parts of her body Thursday night of last week when the car in which she and her brother were riding was forced off the highway near Terrell by another machine, the drive of which did not stop. The Mathis car turned over on the side. Mrs. Mathis was brought home in another car, and has suffered considerable from nervous shock as well as the hurts sustained, but is improving, leaving this week for Woodville, Okla., to visit her parents and recuperate. She was accompanied to Oklahoma by her son, Hugh. Her many friends are indeed glad her injuries were no more serious than they were, and trust she will soon be entirely recovered.

"V.D. (Dick) Goines, 46, was buried at High cemetery, 5 miles west of Canton, Monday afternoon, Rev. A.D. Sparkman, pastor of the Canton Baptist church, conducting the funeral service. The death of the deceased was due to auto accident just west of Henderson Saturday afternoon, when he and his wife were going into town to purchase groceries. Mrs. Goines, who is a daughter of Soloman Smith, west of Canton, was severely injured, and is now in the hospital at Henderson. Mrs. Goines' mother was visiting the family at the time, remaining at their home while the two went to town to trade, as mentioned. It was several hours before she learned what had happened. Mr. Goines was an employee of the Sinclair Oil Company. Two cars figured in the wreck, the Goines car being forced into a ditch and overturned, crushing the driver, while the machine was almost a total wreck. The driver of the other car, it was said, was placed under arrest.

"CANTON LOCALS: Mrs. Jno. E. Sides visited in Tyler Saturday. Miss Nell Peavy of Edgewood visited friends here first of the week. Miss Edith Raper of Marshall spent the week-end here with friends. C.W. Morris, prominent Edom merchant, was here Wednesday on business. Miss Janie Weir of Wills Point visited W.B. Rodgers and family last weekend. Miss Naoma Couch and Josephene Ashworth visited in Wills Point last week. Mrs. Mary Brandon and Miss Ethel Lively were in Dallas Sunday and Monday. Miss Allie Tull has been spending several days in Dallas with relatives and friends. Mrs. Lawrence Smith of Dallas has been visiting her friend, Mrs. F.R. Hall and family. Mr. and Mrs. John Gilmer and baby visited relatives and friends in Gatesville last week-end.

"Mr. And Mrs. J.G. Warren and the latter's sister, Miss Tillie Evans, visited several old-time friends in Canton last of the week. They formerly resided here. Mrs. H.B. Beard, nee Miss Vida Lawler, and baby, spent a few days here last week, visiting relatives and numerous friends, from their home in Corpus Christi. Miss Annie Marguerite Rodgers departed Monday for Shreveport to visit Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone Thomas, the latter formerly being Miss Ruth Stanford of this city. Miss Lottie Rasco, who has been holding an office position in Henderson for many months, has been on vacation, visiting her parents here, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rasco, and a host of friends. Miss Mollie Youngblood returned Sunday from Terrell, where she spent two weeks with her daughter, Mrs. J.T. Riley and family. During the time another daughter, Mrs. W.E. Abex of Denton, visited there, also Mrs. Riley's married daughter from Oklahoma.

"Miss Ethel Dorothy Poole, who spent a week here with her grandmother, Mrs. R.M. Lively and family, returned to her home in Dallas Saturday. She was succeeded here by her brother Jack, 10 years old, who has joined all the boys in the neighborhood in making it hard for all the wasp nests that can be found in a certain area of the town. Mrs. and Mrs. L.H. Jarvis and daughter of Oklahoma City stopped here a short time last of the week, the former meeting several of his boyhood friends and old acquaintances. They were returning from Omen, where they visited the former's father, R. Jarvis, who was in the mercantile business in Canton many years ago, in partnership with D.D. Thames. The elder Jarvis is now managing a farm near Omen.

"Tells of Pioneer Days in Van Zandt County: Mr. Editor: Allow me a little space in your paper to say a few words in regard to pioneer days in the ‘Free State.' Perhaps it would not be out of place to tell why it came to be called the ‘Free State,' as it will be news to the younger generation, so here goes: Before the Civil war between the states, when the Southern States were seceding from the Union, Texas was the last state to secede. Van Zandt had a majority that was in favor of remaining in the Union, hence the name, ‘Free State.' In the summer of 1856 we left Fayette county, Ill., bound for Texas and landed in the town of Canton (not a city) the 18th day of November that year. I was a little over 12 years of age when we landed there, so you can now guess at my present age. I saw lots of hardships and lots of pleasure until that civil and cruel war between the states, then things were not so pleasant. (For more of this long article, see original)

"Beginning at 2 o'clock next Sunday evening, July 5, we expect to have some real singing at Wallace. We are expecting a large crow. Among that crowd will be Walter B. Seale, R.E. Jordan and B.W. Pirtle, according to promises. We hope we shall not be disappointed in the crowd nor the singing. Come along and bring your books. The paper has announced that there will be an all-day picnic at Jackson, south of Canton, Saturday, July 4. Jackson is a thickly settled and fine community of people, and a large crowd is expected to be present. The public generally is cordially invited.

"Turn on the fan or go jump in the lake: the death toll from heat over the United States had reached nearly 600 up to Wednesday of this week. P.S. Don't jump into the lake unless you can swim."

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