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Vol. VIII, No. 1...... E Newsletter ............Editor: Sibyl Creasey

January 2015

January Program

The Van Zandt County Genealogical Society will hold its first meeting of the new year on Saturday, January 24, 2 p.m., at the Buchanan Room in the county library, located on First Monday Lane in Canton.
Installation of new officers will take the place of the program with Susie Pulley, head county librarian, in charge of the ceremony.
Officers elected in November for 2015 include Jan Crow of Mabank, president; Laurie McDonald of Edgewood, first vice president and program chairman; Nancy Robertson of Canton, second vice president and membership chairman; Scott Fitzgerald of Tyler, treasurer; Sandra Jones of Canton, recording secretary; Shirley Fuller of Grand Saline, corresponding secretary; Sibyl Creasey of Ben Wheeler, publicity chairman; Laurie McDonald, quarterly editor; Sherrie Archer of Canton and Donna Carter of Edgewood, at large board members.
The genealogical society meets the fourth Saturday in every month except December in the Buchanan Room of the main county library. Visitors are always warmly welcomed.
For further information on society membership or activities, contact the Library of Genealogy and Local History at (903) 567-5012. Library hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays, with extended hours on Thursday until 6 p.m., and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays.

Remember, Dues Are Due in January!!

Annual membership dues for the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society remain at $10 for an individual and $12 for a family. With prices of everything going up and up, this is still a bargain.
Remember, if you wait until after March 15 to pay your dues, we ask that you add an additional $5 because of mailing quarterlies individually. The extra $5 does not apply if you are able to pick up issues at the Library of Genealogy and Local History, located in the courthouse annex in Canton.

"Our Heritage"

Quarterly editor Laurie McDonald will soon begin working on the February issue of "Our Heritage." If you have anything to submit, please email her at:
Since we have gone back to a 40-page publication, we have need for family stories, genealogical resource material and photos.
Laurie is doing a super job of the quarterly and we are all so proud of her.


Don't forget the quarterly still runs queries. If you have one you would like to post, please email to:
Submit as many as you want, no limit to members and non-members alike. Include dates and names, and don't forget your own mailing address. A connection to this county is preferred but not mandatory. When submitting queries, please remember to include names, places, dates and some known information about the family or the individual being researched..

New Books in the Works

We are currently working on several books to be published in the future. One is "Early Wills of Van Zandt County" and the other one is "Woodmen of the World in Van Zandt County." A good beginning has been made on both books. Member Sandra Jones transcribed and typed many wills from the old "Will Book," found on microfilm in the Library of Genealogy and Local History." Member Benja Mize went through all the cemetery books and and typed up all those who had a Woodmen of the World grave marker.
We hope that both books will be finished and published in the next few months. It takes time to compile genealogical resource books. We are dedicated volunteers and work very hard to give Van Zandt County researchers material on their ancestors. This is one of our "Joys of Life."


Please check out our websites when you have the time. There is an amazing amount of information on these sites. And we are still taking submissions of photos and family stories. The following sites are:

Good Luck, Researchers!

One of our greatest joys here in Van Zandt is helping researchers find that missing information or clue that leads them to finding more about their families.
If you need anything, just let us know and we will do our best to help you find it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Please do not send multiple email requests for research assistance to multiple society volunteers! Or call the Library of Genealogy and Local History and speak with different Librarians without informing each that you have spoken to another and another is assisting you with your research. This practice causes a duplication of time and effort. It is a waste of everyone's time if several are working to help a researcher without being informed that others have been contacted for the same assistance.

Ministers of Van Zandt County

Jan Crow is still working hard on her book about the Ministers in Van Zandt County, those who served as a pastors and also those who came in to hold revival meetings and perform marriages, etc. She would like help from anyone who can give her information about their preacher ancestors.
Also she could use information provided by churches, i.e., a list of pastors and the dates they served as well as any history they have on these pastors (birth date, death date, where the family was from, obituaries, etc.).
If you have something to submit for the book, please send it to her at the Van Zandt Genealogy Library, P O Box 1388, Canton, Texas 75103, or email it to her at (be sure to indicate in the subject line "Ministers Project for Jan").
Don't delay if you have material. There is nothing worse than publishing a book and afterwards having previously unknown information flowing in!

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