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Tombstone Photos of Van Zandt County

Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

Tombstone Photos of the Van Zandt County Cemeteries is a new project and will be ongoing. We are beginning with just a few photos but hope to have more shortly. We hope this will help Van Zandt County researchers who are unable to visit the county of their ancestors and relatives and cemeteries of the area. If you would like to share your tombstone photos of anyone in any Van Zandt County cemetery, this would be greatly appreciated. Just Email us and we will be happy to post them on this page. Check back often as we will be adding more.

Phalba Cemetery Index Page

M.C. Athey

G.M. Athey

Bobby Bledsoe, Sr.

Richard R. & Ruth Rickmon Bledsoe

N.E. Burford

Freddie Chamblee

Gordon Clardy

William B. & Elzira M. Clardy

John A. Clark

Curtis Infant

Albert L. Denton

Grandmother Denton

Julia Denton

Elias Newman Eubank

Edwards Infant

Arch C. & Tennie B. Fellow

Mary E. Foster

Marshall A. Foster

John W. Godfrey

Nancy E. Godfrey

Robert & Mary A. Godfrey

Aunt Fannie Grinton

Margaret (Cryden) Groom

Robert Horace Groom

M.F. Hall

Evanda Hill

Clark Humphryes

Francis M. Humphryes

Carl Jacobs

Emma & William Jacobs

Georgia Jordon

Nathanell Jordan

Tom I. & Lenora Mangan

John L. & Oda Mangan

William & Elizabeth Mangan

Sylvester Mangan

Lawrence and Mary J. Mangan

Stephen & Arthur Mangan

C.H. McAbee

Elizabeth Caroline McDaniel

Ira W. & Lena Murphrey

Jesse Calton Murphrey

Marion Loyd Murphey

Hollis R. Newman

Cara Newman

Willie B. Pipes

Cora Lee Pipes

Charley P. Pipes

Travis Pipes

Robert Frances Rickman

Katherine Elizabeth Hicks Russell

Gertrude Thompson

Jane Waggoner

Wiley G. Ward

Sarah Smith Ward

Sarah Elizabeth Whitton

Malvina Whitton

Nancy Ann Whitton

Thomas Whitton

Mary J. Whitton

Robert B. Whitton

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