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Tombstone Photos of Van Zandt County

Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

Tombstone Photos of the Van Zandt County Cemeteries is a new project and will be ongoing. We are beginning with just a few photos but hope to have more shortly. We hope this will help Van Zandt County researchers who are unable to visit the county of their ancestors and relatives and cemeteries of the area. If you would like to share your tombstone photos of anyone in any Van Zandt County cemetery, this would be greatly appreciated. Just Email us and we will be happy to post them on this page. Check back often as we will be adding more.

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery

Bailey, Barlow Bernell

Bailey, Lila Von

Bailey, Jonathan Lee

Bailey, Shanda Jane

Barnes, Effie

Barnes, Jesse W.

Barnes, Josephine (Bunchy)

Bass, C.W.

Bass, Eliza

Bass, George W.(Dick)

Bass, Horace A.

Bass, Isabell

Bass, Mary S.(Molly)

Bass, Medser Stone not located.

Bass, S.A.

Bass, Sarah

Bass, Wesley

Baty, George S.

Baty, P.E.

Blue, Agnes Elizabeth Malone

Blue, Otis Arlene

Blue, Otis William

Bowen, Sarah F.

Bowen, William C.

Bradford, Dan

Bradford, Debra S. Blue

Brasher, John W.

Campbell, Marcie Wynona Goss

Cantrell, B.F.

Cardwell, Millie Stone not located.

Clements Stone not located.

Clements Stone not located

Cole, Arthur J.

Cole, Belle

Cole, Ella S.

Cole, Infant Son

Cole, Joel G.

Cole, Joel J.

Cole, Love Leon

Cole, Margaret

Cole, Mary Jane

Colvin, Sarah Stone not located.

Cooke, Hazzle

Cotton, William Penn

Cotton, Zelma Bertis

Couch, Paralee

Couch, Victor

Cox, Dewey Dean, Jr.

Cox, Infant Stone not located.

Cox, Jean Madeline

Cox, Landon James

Cox, Pamela Sue

D , H E Stone not located.

Dodson, Emry J.

Dodson, Emry Leon

Dodson, John H.

Dodson, Mary Maude

Dodson, Nancie E.

Flowers, Roberta

Ford, Arthur

Ford, Janet

Fuller, Mamie

Fuller, Marvin

Geter, W.M.

Gibbs, Mittie L Stone not located.

Goss, Alma Cole

Goss, Joseph A.

Goss, Walter Daniel

Graham, Adam

Graham, Adam Don

Graham, Cecil L.

Graham, Francis Lavina

Graham, L.V.

Graham, M.M.

Graham, Malcolm Edward

Graham, Minnie

Graham, Myrtle M

Grant, Loneta Lavern

Gunn, J. Nathaniel

Hager, Edgar Leslie

Hager, Sybil M.

Heald, Annie B.

Heard, Irma

Heard, Laurice B.

Hobbs, Jordan William

Hobbs, Katie C.

Hobbs, Paralee Walters

Holden, Donald Cozelle

Huggins, Alvy Louise

Huggins, John Elmun

James, Addie C.

James, William R.

Jeter, Henry V.

Jeter, Infant Daughter

Jeter, Infant Son

Jeter, Katy Ariena

Jeter, Mary

Jeter, Rosie D.

Jeter, S. Houston

Jeter, W.O.

Jeter, Willie B.

Johnson, Flossilla

Johnson, O.B.

Kearby, Leo

Lamb, Catherine J.

Lay, Bobbie Jo Weaver

Lay, Fred C., Jr.

Lay, Mary

Luedeke, Linnie Cole

Luedeke, Walter Eriche

Malone, Billie Ray

Malone, Bobby Ray

Malone, G. Henry

Malone, Hattie E.

Mann, Son

Mitchell, Joseph

Mitchell, Mary

Mitchell, Rev. Newton

Mitchell, Sarah A.

Morris, Buyan H.

Newby, William Henry

Oliver, Ethel G.

Oliver, William A.

Parr, Garland Winston


Rasco, J. Frank

Rasco, Mattie D.

Ray, William E.

Richards, Billie Ruth Ward

Richards, Marvin Hubbard

Robinson, Robert Ray

Rogers, Patricia Lou

Rowan, Albert Malcolm

Rowan, Allie Mae

Rowan, Andrew J.

Rowan, Billy Mac

Rowan, Bonnie Olivia

Rowan, Carrie Ophelia

Rowan, Christine Walters

Rowan, Hessie J.

Rowan, Ina Leigh

Rowan, Martha Joe

Rowan, Mattie Ward

Rowan, W. G. (Bill)

Rowan, William E.

Rowen, Martha Oxford

Russell, C.B.

Russell, H.L.

Sides, Audra Geroline

Sides, Aze L.

Snow, Artie

Snow, Edna O.

Snow, Edwin R.

Snow, Eva V.

Snow, G.W., Jr.

Snow, George W.

Snow, James Lee

Snow, Jessie Faye

Snow, John J.

Snow, Kate K.

Snow, Laman M.

Snow, Mildred Elizabeth

Snow, W. Riley

Snow, W.W.

Snow, William Lewis

Thompson, Deharvie

Thompson, Edgar

Thompson, Jeff D.

Thompson, Lue Ella

Thompson, Stella Elizabeth

Thompson, Vergia

Thompson, William Clarence

Todd, Birton

Todd, Commis

Todd, Earnest

Todd, L.P.

Todd, Rebecca E.

Todd, Thee

Wafford, Matthew Lafayette

Wafford, S. Richie

Wafford,Elsie A.

Walker, Ada O.

Walters Curg

Walters, Aubrey

Walters, Billy Joe

Walters, Billy

Walters, Carrie B.

Walters, Claudie E.

Walters, Elizabeth Reeves

Walters, Ida

Walters, Julia F.

Walters, Lee H.

Walters, Louella

Walters, Lovie Belle

Walters, Lycurgus

Walters, Lycurgus

Walters, Margaret Ables

Walters, Mayes H.

Walters, Porter M.

Walters, R. Kellis

Walters, Rubie Lee

Walters, Verdarene Rene Simmons

Walters, Wade Hampton

Ward, Balfa Joy Rogers

Ward, Dora Mae Everitt

Ward, Madison Michael

Ward, Nancy Fedonia Dean

Ward, William Amy (Billy)

Ward, William Harold

Washburn, Lorene Walters

Washburn, William Miles

Watson, Gerome Grady

Watson, Katherine

Weaver, Lawanda

Weaver, Lois

Weaver, Minuard

Wilson, Donna Sue Lide

Wimpey, Maurice

Wooldridge, Ora Beatrice

Wright, M.A.

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