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"A Call to Arms"

by Sue T. Wilkinson

Van Zandt County Men Subject to the Draft World War I

Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

The following pages are from "A Call to Arms," a book compiled by Sue Wilkinson and posted with her permission on this website. It contains the stories and listings of the Van Zandt County draftees of the period during World War I, "The War to End All Wars." This volume was compiled and transcribed from original sources from the Canton Herald, the Grand Saline Sun and the Wills Point Chronicle. This book is still available for purchase. For information contact Sue Wilkinson. We thank her very much for her generousity in allowing the society to post this book in its entirety on this site.

List of Van Zandters, Subject to Army Draft
Canton Herald June 5, 1917
Men Who Registered With Their Serial numbers By Which They Will Be Drawn

On the following pages is a complete list of the men of Van Zandt county subject to army draft. We have arranged the names by post office addresses as given on the registration cards and placed them in alphabetical order.
Editor's note… I deleted the draft numbers, as they would serve no purpose. The men are listed alphabetically by the town.


Abbott, Charles William
Acker, Willie
Adams, Chester Albert
Adams, Daniel Frank
Adams, Harmon H.
Adams, James Henry
Adanis, William
Addington, Curtis B.
Allen, Sam David
Allen, Jesse M.
Allred, John Anderson
Allred, Mell
Archer, Wiley Andrew
Ashbrook, Verda Guy
Avery, Haywood
Bamburg, Howard Mitchell
Barnes, Eugene claud
Barnes, Mack W.
Barrett, James Edward
Barrett, Richard Franklin
Barringer, Lawson Riley
Bass, James Franklin
Bates, Jesse Lee
Beaty, James Leroy
Beck, Henry Jefferson
Belssing, Arthur Green
Berry, William D.
Birdwell, Fred M.
Birdwell, George Washington
Birdwell, Sam Houston
Blackwell, Horace Eugene
Blassingame, Albert Howard
Bledsoe, George Mitchell
Bloodsworth, John Lesley
Bolt, John M.
Boxley, James Edwin
Brackeen, Elbert Houston
Brackeen, Joseph Carl
Brannan, Jesse Clarence
Brantley, Rodney Benson
Bratton, Ezro Vogon
Brewer, Clarence Harbert
Brewer, George
Briggs, Hugh Roy
Brown, Edgar Lee
Brown, Honorra
Brown, Wilburn Sidney
Bruce, Blount Wright, Jr.
Bruce, Oscar Clarence
Buchanan, Thomas Jefferson
Bunton, Thomas Henry
Burch, Frederick Eugene
Burch, William Edward
Burnett, Elmer Allen
Burnett, William Irven
Calloway, Isham T., Jr.
Calloway, John Andrew
Carnes, Thos. Estel
Carothers, Ernest Townsend
Carothers, Oliver Hugh
Carrilla, Manuel
Carroll, Thomas Watson
Casperson, John Harry
Castleberry, John Row
Champion, Jeff Haze
Chappell, Leonell
Childs, Albert Berkeley
Childs, Jacob Astor
Chittie Ocie Martin
Clair, George Washington
Clark, Jno E.
Clemons, Hullie
Colegrove, George Thomas
Condrey, Jewell E.
Constant, Charlie Floyd
Constant, Raymond Morris
Cooksey, Grady Lee
Cooner, Emmitt Lee
Corey, Walter
Cotton, Henry Loften
Cotton, Jasper Neuton
Couch, Jesse George
Counts, G. Cleveland
Courtney, Bennie Field
Covington, Benjamin Haywood
Cox, Jesse Lee
Crane, Angus H.
Crane, John F.
Crowell, Charles E.
Culipher, Edgar Earl
Culipher, Everett Virgie
Culipher, Jim
Curtis, Carl
Curtis, Roy Winfred
Davis, Edgar
Davis, Grady Watterson
Davis, James Martin Luther
Davis, James William
Dawson, Arch Gilbert
Dean, Ben Franklin
Dean, John Egbert
Deen, Elbert Earl
Deen, John Sullivan
Denman, John Henry
Denny, Leslie W.
Denyberry, Chas. N.
Dillard, George E.
Dixon, Jesse Benton
Earle, Julius Richard
Ebard, Ernest
Ebard, Sid
Edge, Wesley Preston
Edwards, Elisha
Edwards, Walter H.
Eldridge, William
Ellis, James M.
Ellis, Wiley Earl
Eskue, George Morrison
Espy, Robert Emory
Evans, Clifton
Evans, Frank
Evans, Green
Ezell, James Perry
Ezell, John Laben
Farrell, Arthur L.
Fitzgerald, Herman
Flanagan, Fred Rushing
Flanagan, Thomas Arthur
Flint, Buyoman H.
Flint, Harmon H.
Fogle, Wallace A.
Foley, Sam S.
Foster, James Byron
Francis, Jack Alexander
Francis, Roy
Franks, Harry Tracy
Franklin, Alcus
Freese, James Sarsfield
Freese, Thomas Herbert
Fry, Elmer Raymond
Fuller, David Lafayette
Funderburk, Phillip Emmett Roy
Furrh, David Madison
Furrh, James Harvey
Furrh, Killis Walton
Furrh, Richard Isaac Sampson
Furrh, Wilburn Benton
Furrh, William Franklin
Gaston, Robert Lee
Gentry, Jesse Eugene
George, Floyd C.
Gipson, Raymond
Gilbert, Mabel Wyrie
Gillbreath, James A.
Gilcrist, Gilbert Houston
Gilerease, Jares Wesley
Gilerease,John A.
Girdley, Virgie Clint
Glenn, James Delary
Gorgans, Mollie
Goike, Henry Arthur
Gomez. Victona
Goode, Wallace Clayton
Goodwin, Joe Dennis
Gotcher, Garrett L.
Gotleib, Sigmond Fred
Gray, Ben H.
Gray, Jerry L.
Grady, Lawrence Smith
Greathouse, James Monroe
Greathouse, Robert Godfrey
Green, John William
Green, Washington Irvin
Greenwood, Jefferson Stonewall
Greenwood, Thomas
Grier, William T.
Guinn, Lonnie C.
Gullett, Knox C.
Gunter, Furmon
Guthrie, Feris Elmer
Guthrie, Neah Ector
Hackney, Henry
Hadley, Willie George
Halbert, Tom
Haley, Asie
Halford, Lee
Halford, Claud Samuel
Halford, Taylor Marion
Hallman, Grady L.
Hallman, Emmett Chilton
Hallmark, Berry Lee
Hallmark, Charles A.
Hamilton, Eddie
Hamilton, Insel Newton
Hamilton, Wade
Hammock, Obie Jack
Hanager, Virgil Lee
Hardy, James Chester
Harris, Herman
Harris, Robert Raymond
Harris, Daniel Dewitt
Harris, Sylvanus
Harrod, Birt
Harwell, Arthur Lee
Hasty, Wilton
Hawkins, Andy Henry
Hay, Virgil Clyde
Hector, Brady
Heddins, Jim J.
Heir, Claud Andrew
Henderson, Maston Ennis
Hendrix, Chas
Hendrix, Even McCune
Henson, Homer Estes
Henson, John Roger
Henson Richard Lee
Herrin, William W.
Hill, Elbert Edgar
Hill, Garland Finley
Hill, Henry
Hill, John Rutledge
Hindman, Emmitt Brantsome
Hindman, William Henry
Hines, Richard Felix
Holloway, Jiles
Horn, Dallas Henderson
Horn, Samuel Echols
Howard, Arthur Wood
Howell, Homer Harrison
Howell, Jno. Ervay
Hubbard, Bruce
Hubbard, Clarence Freeman
Hubbard, Henry G.
Huddleston, Archie Ben
Huff, Tom Turner
Hughes, Reynolds
Hughes, Marion Bell
Hullum, John A.
Hullum, William Orville
Hunnicutt, Grady
Hyde, William Franklin
Isaacks, Ernest Buford
Jackson, Alec
Jackson, Elmer
Jackson, Luther Lesley
Jackson, William
James, Leslie Floyd
Jamieson, Alvin Archie
Jeter, Jeremiah Bell
Johnson, Aaron Amos
Johnson Elvin Love
Johnson, Grady
Johnson, James Simmons
Johnson, Jasper
Johnson, Ray B.
Johnson, Will Foy
Johnson, William George
Johnson, William J.
Johnson, William Murray Lawrence
Jones, James Lester
Jones, Oliver Patton
Jones, William Reese
Jordan, Alvin E.
Jordan, Dan Allie
Jordan, Joseph Howard
Jordan, Randolph Crawford
Kelley, Lawrence
Kendall, Columbus Lamar
Kennedy, Albert Gerome
Kennedy, Eulis Warren
Kennedy. Henry Eulis
Keyes. Amos
Keys, Henry Lloyd
Keys, James Morris
Keys, John Floyd
Keys, Willie Luther
Killen, Jack Henry
Kimbrew, E. V.
Knight, Cleron
Knight, Curtis W.
Knight, Oscar
Knowles, Otis Leon
Knull, Mark Malachai
Kuykendall, Jesse H.
Lamb, James Cecil
Lancaster, Brad
Land, Tim
Laney, William Henry
Langston, Charlie
Langston, Willie F.
LaRoe, Robert Hudson
Lasater, John Wesley
Lasater, Thomas Ellison
Leach, Arthur William
Lee, Louis
Lee, William Thomas
Lehecka, Charlie
Lemay, Charles Herbert
Leonard, Will
Lester, Sam C.
Livesay, Walter Franklin
Long, John
Loughmiller, Frank M.
Lumpkin, Chester Theophilus
Lumpkin, Lawrence Echols
Lybrand, Herschel L.
Lybrand, Carl C.
Macey, Allen
Mack, Clarence Brown
Malone, Henry C.
Malone, Robert
Malone, Lee H.
Mallory, Rex
Manning, Dydo
Manning, Tyke
Martin, Ruby Chandler
Massey, John C. Calvin
Massey, William Wyley O.B.
Massey, Samuel R.
Mathis, Clarence Earl
Mathis, Lester
Mathis, Robert Howard
Maxey, Charlie
Mayberry, Oatis W.
McAnanally, Raleigh
McBride, Henry George
McBride, Johnny Estes
McBride, Overy ?rmeties
McCaffity, Jesse Carl
McCaffity, William Howard
McCarmack, Jim
McCormack, Lucian
McCarmack, Luther
McCauley, James Andrew
McClellan, John Rufus
McDaniel, John D.
McDonald, Henry Lee
McDonald, James Press
McDonald Wiley Edward
McElroy, Clark Rickmon
McElroy, Jesse Leary
McEnturff, Arthur
McEnturff, George Washington
McFarland, Thomas Lee
McKay, Otha
McKinney, Charlie
McKinney, Lester Lyle
McKinney, Tom Moore
McKinstry, Alvin
McKnight, Benjamin Riley
McKnight, Edward Franklin
McLean, James Morgan
McLemore, Richard Elman
McLeod, Robert James
McMahan, Carl
McNeely, Arthur Ganson
McNorton, James Franklin
McNutt, Wain Robert
McNutt, William Bazzle
McPhearson, James Delbert
Melton, Wesley
Melton, William
Meredith, Hugh
Merritt, Joe Denton
Miles, Pelliam K. (or an R)
Millard, Henry
Miller, Ace C.
Miller, Bob Fritz
Miller, Ed
Miller, John Thomas
Miller, Less
Miller, Roy L.
Miracle, Abraham
Miracle, Chester Arthur
Mislivets, Albert
Mislivets, Ben
Misilvets, Jim M.
Mitchell, Jesse Marvin
Mitchell, Sidney Thomas
Moody, Craig
Moore, Herbert McCluskey
Mooring, Henry W.
Morris, Herbert
Morris, Timothy S.
Mott, Riley Leonard
Mullins, Capel Roberts
Mullins, Elbert
Murrey, Theron Johnson
Nation, Herman Calvin
Nation, Zoel Linden
Neal, Amco Isaac
Neal, James Narew
Niemeyer, William Henry
Nixon, Harper H.
Norwood, Claud
Odom, James Luther
Owen, Lucian D.
Owen, W. Henry
Parker, Jesse Monroe
Parker, Will G.
Parnell, Harris B.
Paschall, Andy H., Jr.
Paschall, Young Calbert
Pate, Oscar Lee
Patterson, Alonzo Floyd
Patterson, Carl Robert
Patterson, Croon Delbey
Patterson, William Franklin
Paul, DeWitt Denman
Payne, Charlie R.
Payne, Eugene
Payne, John Howard
Payne, William Morgan
Payne, William Clyde
Peace, Harley Moore
Perry, Lonzie
Persons, William Levet
Pethel, James Ray
Pettus, Leland Lee
Phelps, Robert E.
Phillips, George Washington
Phillips, William H.
Phipps, James Roy
Phipps, Willie Egbert
Pickens, Charles Herbert
Pickens, Earl
Pirtle, Archie Payton
Pirtle, Elvest H.
Pirtle, James Hubert
Pitts, Frank Ernest
Pitts, Sam Harrison
Pitts, Talton Walters
Pitts, Victor Mons
Poole, Printice Person
Prater, Zeddie V.
Presley, William Clay
Preston, John Thomas
Price, Leslie L.
Pyron, John Thomas
Pyron, William Homer
Rabon, Jeff Davis
Rainey, James K. Polk
Ramsey, William Franklin
Randall, Clarence
Rasco, Marion Washington
Read, John Nicholas
Reed, Claud Lemmon
Reed, James Mike
Reed, Robert Allen
Reeves, Chas. Roy
Reeves, Ira W.
Ridgell, Andy O.
Rice, Henry
Rice, Leham Mel
Richardson, Bob
Richardson, Charlie
Richardson, William Henry
Richardson, William Lucius
Rinks, Martin Luther
Rinks, Robert Lattimer
Robbins, Salithial LeRoy
Roberts, Thomas Foster
Robertson, Lester Earl
Rockenbough, Robert Henry
Rogers, William Elmer
Rose, Marvin Alfred
Ross, James Franklin
Ross, Isaac
Rowden, Floyd
Rowden, Harvey Allen
Rowden, Joe Will
Rowden, Labin Erle
Rowden, Oved
Rowden, Richard
Rowden, Walter Columbus
Rusk, Christopher
Rusk, Maggie Aslie
Rusk, Oswell Lafayette
Rutherford, Claud Tandy
Sadler, Clyde Clifton
Samford, Ben Randolph
Sanders, Ben F.
Sanders, Joe S..
Sanderson, Carl Thomas
Scoby, Roy H.
Scott, Charles Ruffas
Scott, E. A.
Scott, Gabe
Scott, James Thomas
Scott, Leonard
Scott, William
Seale, Walter Benjamin
Sewell, Elijah Washington
Sewell, Samuel A. J.
Shamburger, Hermon N.
Shaw, Ernest Van
Shaw, Edwin
Shaw, Harrison
Shelton, Earl P.
Shelton, George Hunter
Shelton, Noah
Simmons, Carlos
Simmons, Belton
Simmons, Jeffie
Simmons, Lynn R.
Simmons, Roe
Simpson, David D.
Simpson, George
Simpson, John Ore
Slayton, J. R. Lewis
Slayton, Wyley Almer
Smith, Barton Hamilton
Smith, Charlie Lewis
Smith, Clarence
Smith, Clem
Smith, Edgar L.
Smith, Ernest Grady
Smith, Ernest Newsom
Smith, Gus
Smith, Henry Edward
Smith, Hubert Leslle
Smith, James Wanis
Smith, Samuel Lawson
Spears, James Fred
Srader, Custin Leslie
Stallings, John Austin
Stallings, Thomas Clinton
Stevenson, William Walker
Stewart, Dolf Long
Stewart, Earl E.
Stewart, Hugh Edward
Stewart, James Ranels
Street, Virgil Calvin
Stuart, John Henry
Taylor, Aren H.
Taylor, Benjamin Alfred
Taylor, Edith Lee
Taylor, Hubert
Taylor, James Adolphus
Taylor, John
Taylor, Riley E.
Taylor, Sam Jefferson
Taylor, Willis Ervin
Teel, Emmett
Teel, John William
Teel, Levi Marion
Tell, Horace
Tennison, Ward
Terry, Ben Wesley
Terry, Oprey C.
Terry, Emmett L.
Terry, Lester H.
Terry, Ross L.
Tillery, William Arthur
Tillotson, Sam Dewitte
Tindell, Charley Washington
Tindell, John Rufus
Tanor, Cenavio
Travis, Alvin
Travis, Charles Christopher
Travis, Elbert Dewitt
Tucker, James
Tucker, Julius
Tucker, Leonard Alexander
Tull, Benjamin Franklin
Tull, Dennis Augustis
Tull, Erwin Joe
Tull, William Buck
Turner, Marion Arthur
Turner, Oran E.
Urbina, Lorenzo G.
Valentine, Henry Willia
Valentine, John Hardy
Veasy, William Franklin
Venable, James Columbus
Waggoner, Evans Jesse
Waggoner, Dow
Waggoner, Thomas Jackson
Waggoner, Wm. H.
Waits, Gus W.
Waits, Johnnie
Wafer, Lon
Walker, Guy C.
Walker, Rufus
Wall, Louis Otto
Walls, Samuel Arch
Walsh, Edward Hampton
Walters, Mayes H.
Warren, Forest
Watson, Richard C.
Watts, John Wesley
Weatherford, Lee Featherstone
Weatherford, Robt. Earl
Welch, Frank
West, Henry H.
Whatley, Sidney Jefferson
Whitaker, Bunion Croford
White, Archie
White, Emmett H.
White, Grover Bornard
White, James Alfred
White, James Henry
White, Martin Morghan
Whittington, Wm. Edward
Williams, Arthur Deloss
Williams, Clifford
Williams, Grover C.
Wilson, Arby M.
Wilson, Charlie
Wilson, John Alex
Wilson, John Henry
Wilson, Loyce H.
Wilson, Wm. Henry
Winn, John Barney
Woods, Felix Lloyd
Woods, Truman Eddy
Wortman, Thomas
Wrenn, Bonnie Winslow
Wright, Gus John W.
Wright, Henry Orsborn
Wright, Leo Harrison
Wright, Wm. Benjamin
Wynne, Buck Jim

Yoes, Dempsey Broughton
Yoes, John Henry

Zackary, Arthur

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