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"A Call to Arms"

by Sue T. Wilkinson

Van Zandt County Men Subject to the Draft World War I

Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

The following pages are from "A Call to Arms," a book compiled by Sue Wilkinson and posted with her permission on this website. It contains the stories and listings of the Van Zandt County draftees of the period during World War I, "The War to End All Wars." This volume was compiled and transcribed from original sources from the Canton Herald, the Grand Saline Sun and the Wills Point Chronicle. This book is still available for purchase. For information contact Sue Wilkinson. We thank her very much for her generousity in allowing the society to post this book in its entirety on this site.

List of Van Zandters, Subject to Army Draft
Canton Herald June 5, 1917
Men Who Registered With Their Serial numbers By Which They Will Be Drawn

On the following pages is a complete list of the men of Van Zandt county subject to army draft. We have arranged the names by post office addresses as given on the registration cards and placed them in alphabetical order.
Editor's note… I deleted the draft numbers, as they would serve no purpose. The men are listed alphabetically by the town.


Adrian, Claud Culberson
Allen, James Archie
Allen, John Samuel
Austin, Mosely Alexander
Anderson, Walter Earl
Ayers, Fred Monroe
Bateman, Charles C.
Bell, Thomas Jefferson
Blackstock, Forest Young
Bobbitt, Allen Dee
Bobbitt, Jess
Boozman, Clem Lee
Brantley, William Harris
Brown, Flurie James
Bullard, Henderson Lonnie
Burks, Robert Albert
Cade, Oscar Roy
Cantrell, Jamie Tomie
Cantrell, Lonnie Timothy
Cates, Coke Chilton
Cates, Leslie Lynn
Chaney, Jess Timothy
Cole, Arthur Garland
Cole, Francis Marion
Cole, V. H.
Corley, Charlie Wesley
Cotton, Quinten C.
Cox, Arville Lester
Cox, James Andrew
Davidson, Archie Olney
Davis, Baron L.
Davis, Horton
Duke, Archie Yell
Easley, Harvey D.
Eaton, Alford C.
Eaton Andrew L.
Feagin, Nathan E.
Fulgham, Charlie Frank
Furguson, John F.
Gabriel, Ernest C.
Gamble, Herschel
Geer, Charlie James
Germany, William B.
Gilbert, Albert Green
Gilbert, Arthur Burnett
Gowen, Elbert
Grant, Willie N.
Gray, Fletcher B.
Green, James E.
Grooms, Huell
Gulledge, Clyde Bedell
Hallman, Henry
Harris, William Houston
Hays, Ernest Leban
Heard, Richard Lee
Henderson, Ralph Bonnie Jack
Hendley, Alvin Ross
Hilburn, William Claiburn
Hobbs, Archie H.
Hobbs, James
Huddle Fatie
Huddle, Grover Dee
Jackson, Lanie
James, Willie Jr.
Jenkins, Geo. Washington
Johns, Clark Edward
Johnson, George Alvy
Johnson, William
Jones, Leon Columbus
Jordan, Quinty Seldon
Kelly, Ernest
Loper, Kebbey Carl
Love, Charlie
Love, Leemon
Martin, James Elmer
Martin, Troy
Mayne, Elmer Burnell
McDaniel, Willie
McMahon, George F.
Mitshem, Dulie
Morehead, Willie
Mosley, William S.
Mullins, Forrest
Mullins, Roger
Mullins, Roy Richard
Murphy, Julius Edward
Music, George Howard
Music, Lee Roy
Music, Percy Gray
Myres, Jesse
Nipp, Henry D.
Nixon, James Earl
Nixon, John M.
Nixon, Luther E.
Nixon, Thomas G.
Peel, Jason Marvin
Phelps, Levie
Pinkerton, Lloyd
Preston, George Roy
Pyron, Ernest
Ramsey, Elmer Floyd
Rhodes, Bert Bunyan
Riley, John Jamison
Rogers, Jesse James
Ross, Jesse
Rowan, Cary Augusta
Shackleford, Ernest Talmadge
Shackleford, Valcar Lee
Shaw, James C.
Shaw, Jesse Joshua
Sherbert, Thomas David
Simpson, Charlie Womack
Sims, William R.
Skiles, Horace Virgil
Skiles, Thomas Alvah
Slayton, Aubra
Slayton, Bennie Asbury
Smith, Dee Vion
Stanford, Willie
Stanger, Thomas Oswell
Stiefer, Claud Jim
Stiefer, Jno. Robert
Stone, Charlie George
Taylor, Thomas Marlon
Tunnell, Clarence Rusk
Tunnell, Henry Cullen
Vaughn, Thomas Orion
Walker, Jno. Henry
Walsh, Dewit
Ward, John Franklin
Watts, Howard William
Weaver, Steve W.
Welch, Rudolph
Welch, Walter W.
Wells, Alfred Roy
West, Homer C.
Widemon, John
Williams, Archie
Williams, Fernie Gordon
Willoughby, Henry Howard
Willoughby, James Leonard
Wilson, Charley Woodson
Wilson, Richard Venable
Wilson, Sam Willis
Wilson, Samuel Watson
Wilson, Thomas Francis
Wilson, Woodville Bates
Wood, Wm. Ross
Wright, Julius Jefferson
Youngblood, Carroll Lee

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