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"A Call to Arms"

by Sue T. Wilkinson

Van Zandt County Men Subject to the Draft World War I

Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

The following pages are from "A Call to Arms," a book compiled by Sue Wilkinson and posted with her permission on this website. It contains the stories and listings of the Van Zandt County draftees of the period during World War I, "The War to End All Wars." This volume was compiled and transcribed from original sources from the Canton Herald, the Grand Saline Sun and the Wills Point Chronicle. This book is still available for purchase. For information contact Sue Wilkinson. We thank her very much for her generousity in allowing the society to post this book in its entirety on this site.

List of Van Zandters, Subject to Army Draft
Canton Herald June 5, 1917
Men Who Registered With Their Serial numbers By Which They Will Be Drawn

On the following pages is a complete list of the men of Van Zandt county subject to army draft. We have arranged the names by post office addresses as given on the registration cards and placed them in alphabetical order.
Editor's note… I deleted the draft numbers, as they would serve no purpose. The men are listed alphabetically by the town.


Adams, Jack Carl
Adams, James Linard
Adams, Noah Carl
Allen, Arthur
Andrews, Mathew Cornelius
Arnold, Jess
Austin, Louis Aaron
Ayers, Arlice
Ayers, Daniel
Ayers, Ervin
Bailey, Carey Clifford
Bailey, Dozier Deane
Bailey, Thomas Edward
Baker, Jim Bonner
Barber, Mabrey M.
Barber, Walter C.
Barnes, George Clifton
Barnes, Walter Emmitt
Barnett, Guy
Barnett, James Lee
Barrier, Shalie Major
Baskin, Chas. D.
Baskin, Gordon
Bass, Horace Algy
Bass, William Ed Hansom
Bateman, John Kirby
Beard, Hubert Elbert
Beard, Sam Houston
Bell, Henry Sherody
Bell, Willie Arthur
Bentley, Alfred
Blackwell, Rebel Eugene
Blackwell, Henry Fisher Jr.
Blackwell, Robert Lee
Blair, Guy G.
Blair, Henry C.
Blair, James Everett
Blankinship, William Archie
Bowman, Charlie Franklin
Box, Elliott Oaks
Brandon, Vernon
Brannon, William C.
Brasher, Henry Andrew
Bridges, Harvey Levi
Bridges, William Jose
Brock, Isaac L.
Brown, Bunyan
Brown, Burton, Cooper
Brown, George Thomas
Brown, James Thomas
Brown, Luther Glin
Brown Martin Chester
Brunson, James Henry
Brunson, Robert
Brunson, William Washington
Buchanan John Henry
Burns, Marlin
Burns, Robert Duncan
Burns, Ubert Bee
Burrows, Millar
Buyher, Noah Ernest
Callahan, Homer
Callahan, Sullivan Ross
Campbell, Alvin Bluford
Campbell, William Oliver
Carpenter, Lit Ferman
Carpenter, James Ezra
Carpenter, W. O.
Carlton, Temple
Chambless, Joseph Johnson
Chaney, Ollie Lee
Chaney, Vernon
Chaney, William Gordon
Chappell, William Christopher
Chester, Rufus Lafayette
Chitty, Jesse Lee
Clardy, Nealy
Clardy, Whit
Clark, Daniel Houston
Clark, Jesse F.
Clements, Alcie Brazel
Cobb, Albert
Cole, John Wesley
Cole, William Hubert
Cordell, Roy V.
Corey, Estel Doie
Corley, Edd
Corley, Hiram
Cornelius, Ollie Angus Thadness
Cornelius, O.C.
Cornelius, T.
Corry, Clifton White
Corry, George Thomas
Couch, Reuben Tennison
Cox, Cranfill Hall
Cox, David Levi
Crabtree, Elmer
Crabtree, John Buie
Crowell, John Arb
Curlin, Thomas W.
Curry, James
Currey, James Almand
Currey, Thomas Washington
Daugherty, Charley Homer
Davis, Alvin D.
Davis, Joe
Davlin, Jesse Ralin
Dawson, Athol Arch
Dawson, Frank Albert
Dawson, Hicks Arch
Day, Joseph M.
Dean, Frank Walker
Dean, James Ronder
Dearman, Daniel Christian
Dearing, Henry Earl
Deen, George R.
Denson, Ernest Edwin
Dewees, John Carl
Dickerson, Silas
Dodson, James Frank
Dodson, John Elijah
Doughit, Aron Sherdy
Downing, Giles Roy
DuBose, Horace Chilton
Duncan, Arvil Gray
Duncan, Lewis Hardy
Durell, Marvin Luther
Easley, Dan B.
Edwards, Clifford B.
Ethridge, Hudson Blain
Ethridge, Irl
Ethridge, Orvil D.
Evans, Austin Olen
Everett, Arlandus, Gale
Everette, John A.
Everitt, Charlie O.
Fagle, William George
Fancher, William H.
Ferguson, Fred T.
Fincher, Allen Benjamin
Fitzgerald, Red
Fizer, Samuel Jesse
Flatt, James Arthur
Flowers, Jerome Kerby
Ford, Venoy F.
Foster, Joe
Foster, William A.
Fountain, William Esiar
Frazier, Jesse Lloyd
Friday, Caddie J.
Friday, Mathew P.
Fugate, Carlton
Fugate, William Arthur
Fugate, Wylie Blount
Fuller, Henry Luther
Furrh, Arthur H.
Galloway, Homer I.
Geddie, Tommie Dougle
Germany, Charles Ferrest
Gilchrist, John Dan
Gilmore, George Ervin
Glenn, Osias B.
Goode, Terrell Warren
Grant, Charley
Gray, Carthul
Green, Carl
Green, Charles R.
Green, Frank B.
Green, Walter
Greer, Earl Manuel
Griser, John Kasper
Groom, Jess L.
Groves, Charlie Oren
Groves, Harvey Addison
Groves, Kirby Nugent
Gunn, Joseph A.
Hale, James Atto
Hall, Lloyd Pat
Hamblin, Joe
Haney, Will
Hardegree, Edward S.
Hardegree, Hiram Dean
Hardegree, Horace Grady
Hargrove, Luther C.
Harris, Robert Rufus
Harvey, James Henry Abb
Hawkins, Joe N.
Haynes, James Nathan
Haynes, William Otis
Heard, Jordon Ancel
Hearin, Willard Clifton
Herrin, William Calvin
Henderson, Edgar
Henderson, Obe
Henderson, Tracy
High, Bonnie D.
High, Buford C.
High, Emmett Lester
High, Willard
Hill, Walter Benjamin
Hilliard, George Homer
Hilliard, Horace H.
Hilliard, Samuel Foster
Hollis, John McDaniel
Hollis, Marion O.
Hollis, Roll
Holland, David J.
Holand, Richard Edgar
Holloway, James J.
Horton, Oscar
Hubbard, Henry Tracey
Hubbard, Neal Homer
Hunter, Chas. Bedford
Hutchinson, Francis Henderson
Ivey, Isiah Buster
Jackson, Benjamin Mathis
Jacob Lum
January, John Porter
Jobe, Birt
Jobe, Walter Thomas
Jeter, George Fletcher
Johnson, Ardis G.
Johnson, Bunyan Hatley
Johnson, Clayton
Johnson, Dempsey Preston
Johnson, Isaac Lester
Jones, Harris Jefferson
Jones, Martin Nolen
Jones, William Roy
Jordon, Robert Earl
Jordon, Samuel E.
Jordon, William McGary
Kennedy, Oddie Dale
Kimbriel, Curtis
King, Floyd Tate
Kirkpatrick, Carl Andrew
Kirkpatrick, John Harrison
Kitchens, Albert Newton
Knox, Jeff
Koen, Emmett K.
Lagow, Alfred
Lamb, Julian Franklin
Lamb, M.G.
Lambeth, Alton Elmes
Lambeth, James Floyd
Lambeth, William Archie
Lane, Walter
Lawler, James Claud
Lawler, Wesley Carol
Lay, Clayton
Lay, Marvin Grady
Lewis, George Franklin
Lindsey, Andy Marvin
Logan, Ernest August
Loven, Floyd Carl
Lummus, Joseph Oliver
Lundray, Jesse David
Malone, George H.
Mangan, James G.
Mann, Harold Jerome
Mann, Paul Tillman
Mabry, Giles Earl
Marabel, Ed Monroe
Marshal, Cubet Bruce
Martin, Bert Leo
Martin, James
Martin, Luther C.
Martin, Thomas J.
Mathis, Andrew Dear
Mayne, Arthur Bearl
Mayne, Clarence H.
Mays, Thomas Malcolm
McCarty, Alvin Thomas
McKinney, Ellis
McKinnon, Bryant Holden Jr.
McMahan, Currey Samuel
McMahan, Samuel Cullen
McMullen, Thomas S.
Mewbourn, Carl
Milam, Byron O.
Milam, Walter B.
Milam, Willis Frank
Miller, Garry
Mills, Jim Milton
Mince, Bert
Mince, Will
Minton, Marvin Edwin
Moore, Charley
Moore, Neal
Moore, Roy Lennan
Morris, Albert
Morris, Arthur
Morris, Charlie
Morris, David Elmer
Morris, Jim Boyett
Morris, Johnnie
Morris, Robert Daniel
Mullins, Martin Jerome
Murphrey, Grover L.
Murphrey, Jesse L.
Murphrey, Walter B.
Nail, Bonnie McCoy
Newman, Hallies
Norman, Elige Berman
Norman, Holt
Norman, John Franklin
Norrell, Jim
Norrell, Joe Lee
Norrell, John Walter
Norrell, Willard Edward
Norris, Jesse Ed
Oliver, Jay Monroe
Olson, Hona Edward M.
Park, Thomas Hill
Parker, Henry R.
Parsons, Tillman L.
Paul, Emmett David
Peace, Dewey William
Peel, James N.
Pennington, Willis
Perkins, Henry Seab
Phillips, Roy
Phillips, Samuel A.
Phillips, William
Pilgrim, James Robert
Pipes, Fred P.
Pipes, T. Fletcher
Pirtle, Albert R
Polk, Conway
Polk, Riley
Pollard, Lunas Atticus
Prater, Henry Elmer
Pratt, Henry Lee
Prestley, Rufus
Prestridge, Bertram T.
Prestridge, James William
Price, Harvey J.
Pruitt, Lylie Francis
Pruitt, William Walter
Pruitt, Robert E. Lee
Ramsey, Donnie J.
Ramsey, James Albert
Rascoe, Jerome Cerby
Reaves, George Alvie
Reed, Acie Cunningham
Reese, Charles Hill Jr.
Reese, Edmon J.
Reeve, John Thomas
Reeves, Harry Tracy
Reeves, Lois Oren
Reeves, Ruben Long
Reynolds, Clarence Leslie
Reynolds, George Walter
Riggs, Ernest
Riley, David Love Jr.
Riley, Gordon A.
Riley, James Mercer
Roberts, Joseph Irvin
Roberson, Samuel Duet
Rodgers, Clarence Ellis
Rogers, John
Roshell, Edward Allen
Ross, Witzel T.
Rowan, Albert Malcolm
Rowan, Andrew Jackson
Rush, Sidney Houston
Russell, Bonnie
Russell, Whitson Lee
Saldenes, Justo
Sanders, Bryant
Sanders, Thomas Coleman
Scates, Jerry
Seale, Alvin T.
Seale, Carl
Seale, Elias Nathaniel
Seay, Ocy
Shaw, Bernard Lamar
Shamlin, Rufus
Shannon, Buck
Sherbert, Thomas Love
Shelton, Oscar
Shields, William Elmer
Shook, Phillip Terrell
Sides, Clarence U.
Sides, Elias Nathaniel
Simmons, Henry Jefferson
Simmons, J. C.
Simmons, Jerry Redden
Singley, Charlie M.
Skinner, Henry Lee
Slaughter, Henry H.
Smith, Bongie B.
Smith, Floyd Ernest
Smith, Harmon
Smith, Thomas Jefferson
Smith, Vergil Tillman
Smithart, Rufus
Snow, Daniel Key
Snow, Edward Riley
Snow, John Jackson
Spears, Claud Andrew
Stanberry, James Albert
Stanberry, John Robert
Stanford, Raymond Chandler
Stegall, Richard
Stegall, Walter
Stone, Wesley
Stout, Connie L.
Stout, Jno. W.
Stovall, Joseph Vandergraph
Strather, James French
Strickland, Aud Thomas
Strickland, Claud Harrison
Strickland, William Arthur
Stringer, William Ebbie
Sumner, Bonnie
Sumner, Leonard Grady
Swinney, Reuben Ansel
Swinney, William Robert
Talbert, Ed
Tatum, Chas. F.
Tatum, John W.
Tatum, Oscar
Taylor, James Elbert
Taylor, John M.
Terry, Enoch Ward
Terry, John Frank
Terry, William Ethan
Terry, William Loy
Tidwell, Clifford E.
Tillery, Harvey B.
Thompson, Eddie O.
Thompson, Robert R.
Thompson, Waddy Judson
Thompson, William Clarence
Thornton, John Willie
Todd, Henry Grady
Todd, James Kernon
Todd, Sherdie William
Tomlin, Barney Monroe
Townsend, John W.
Tull, G. W.
Turner, Tuby Lee
Tyler, Calbie Jackson
Valentine, John Leslie
Van, Otto Companion
Vaughan, George Lester
Vaughn, Henry Newton
Vernon, Jesse James
Vineyard, Charlie Limeol
Vineyard, Thomas Walter
Wages, Geo. Absolem
Wages, Jesse Morgan
Waggoner, Joseph
Waggoner, Samuel Simon
Waldrop, Willet Odos
Walker, Homer Clyde
Walker, Joel
Wallace, Jesse Marion
Ward, Gordon Russell
Ward, Henry Cozelle
Ward, Wm. A.
Ware, Willie Peavey
Watson, Charley
Watson, Horace
West, Simeon Crady
West, Wm. Ernest
Weatherall, Ernest Rushing
Weatherford, Dan Jefferson
Westmoreland, George Russell
Westmoreland, Wm. Albert
Welch, Wm. Thomas
Weldon, Wm. Wilson
Weatheriord, Obie
White, Allen Ozzie
White, James Garfield
Whittan, Lawrence Randolph
Wilburn, James Walter
Willburn, Sidney Leroy
Wilson, William Riley
Wiggins, Walter Abbie
Wiggins, Jeff
Wigginston, Joseph Henry
Wimbley, Castrome
Wimpey, Ernest Clifford
Windham, Lemuel Ira
Woods, Grove Cleveland
Woolverton, Jesse Lee
Wright, Charlie G.
Wright, Chas. Franklin
Wright, Fred M.
Wyatt, Oscar Deen
Wynne, Joe
Yantis, D. L.
Yates, George L.

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