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"A Call to Arms"

by Sue T. Wilkinson

Van Zandt County Men Subject to the Draft World War I

Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

The following pages are from "A Call to Arms," a book compiled by Sue Wilkinson and posted with her permission on this website. It contains the stories and listings of the Van Zandt County draftees of the period during World War I, "The War to End All Wars." This volume was compiled and transcribed from original sources from the Canton Herald, the Grand Saline Sun and the Wills Point Chronicle. This book is still available for purchase. For information contact Sue Wilkinson. We thank her very much for her generousity in allowing the society to post this book in its entirety on this site.

List of Van Zandters, Subject to Army Draft
Canton Herald June 5, 1917
Men Who Registered With Their Serial numbers By Which They Will Be Drawn

On the following pages is a complete list of the men of Van Zandt county subject to army draft. We have arranged the names by post office addresses as given on the registration cards and placed them in alphabetical order.
Editor's note… I deleted the draft numbers, as they would serve no purpose. The men are listed alphabetically by the town.


Alexander, German Augustus
Alexander, John B.
Alexander, Walter Early
Alexander, Wiley
Alexander, Wilmer Lee
Beall, Joseph J.
Beall, Noble Bruce
Beam, Arthur Giles
Belcher, Benjamin Drake Kimbrough
Boyd, Willie Lee
Branam, Fred Bayless
Branam, Henry Marlin
Bright, Martin Luther
Brown, Fedde Lee
Brown, Flury Franklin
Brown, Robert Wesley
Burns, Charles Hustin
Butler, Virgil Henry
Castleberry, Edward Z.
Castleberry, John T.
Cates, Elmer Lee
Canthrop, Edward Able
Cauthron, Franklin James
Cauthron, John Sanford
Corley, Jesse Jackson
Cox, Claudie Dewitt
Cox, Robert H.
Crow, Clarence Lee
Curtis, Luther
Davidson, Clinton Irving
Dotson, John
Featherstone, Arges
Ford, Grant
Ford, John
Ford, Richard
Foster, Hubert Alford
Fulgham, William E.
Geddie, Samuel Carlisle
Glasgow, Martin David
Gray, John Thomas
Gray, Porter
Gray, Ruble Joe
Gulledge, Marshal C.
Gulledge, McArthur
Hambrick, Oth
Hamill, Burnet Wade
Hanna, Francis Marion
Harper, William B.
Haynes, Grady
Haynes, Vollie
Hightower, Paul G.
Howard, Oral Homer
Jordon, Arza Geay
Jordon, Marvin Lee
Jones, Eddie
Martin, James Douglas
Moore, Lunsford E.
Moore, Marvin Benjamin
Moore, Rufus R.
Morehead, Charles
Morris, Charlie H.
Murphy, Henry Grady
Murphy, Shannon Joseph
Nipp, Eugene
Palmer, Charlie C.
Palmer, John Oliver
Parrish, Herbert Edward
Patterson, Herbert D. Witt
Phillips, Arthur R.
Phillips, Louis Leonard
Pugh, Major Allen
Pugh, Thomas Isiah
Pugh, William Laskin
Pyron, Arvill Burda
Rector, Alfred Spencer
Rector, Charlie B.
Rector, Ernest Samuel
Reeder, Edward
Reeder, William Jones
Richards, Roy
Rose, Jobe Hilliard
Sanders, Roy Young
Shotts, Thomas Arthur
Sexton, Ben Franklin
Sexton, Charles G.
Slaton, Jesse
Smith, Allie
Smith, Dewitt
Smith, James D.
Sprayberry, Detroit James
Stafford, Herman
Stewart, William Robert
Taylor, Joe
Walker, Frederick
Walker, James Thomas
Walker, Joe Jasper
Walker, Warren
Whitehead, John Henry
Williams, Edward
Williams, Tommie
Woodall, Walter Era
Woods, Frank
Wright, James Gilbert
Wright, Ray Anson
Wyatt, Elmer F.
Wyatt, Oscar K.
Wyatt, Ray M.
Wyatt, Riley F.
Young, Larthee
Youngblood, Walter B.

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