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Alamo Institute


Sometime around 1890, the Alamo Institute was established by James F. Davidson. It was operated by a Board of Directors and mangaed by a competent Faculty. Located at Ben Wheeler, Texas, on what became the Ben Wheeler School grounds in later days. However, it was situated close to what we know now as FM Rd. 858 instead of back where a two-story wood frame school building would be built later. Most of the information included on this webpage comes from a copy of an old Alamo Institute brochure 1894-95. For an unbound copy of this brochure, send $5 to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, Attention: Research Librarian, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, Texas. The fee will cover copying and postage.

Mode of Instruction: The most approved methods of instruction are used in our recitations. Our teachers, while having from four to ten years' practical experience in the school room, are comparatively young and enthusiastic and arouse an interest in their pupils. A portion of the time allotted to each recitation will be occupied in reviewing the important points in the preceding lesson, and the last Friday of each school month will be devoted to a thorough work. We earnestly invite you to visit the school and see our every day work, and especially would we urge you to attend these monthly reviews.

Examinations: Written and oral examinations will be held a soften as necessary, and report cards will be issued monthly, showing the standing of each pupil in attendance, deportment, scholarship, etc. No report will be issued when the pupil has not attended regularly.

Promotion: Pupils who complete all the studies of one grade and make a general average of 85 per cent will be promoted to the next higher grade. The names of students who make a general average of 90 per cent in their studies, deportment and attendance, will be placed on the honor roll and their names read at our Annual Commencement exercises.

Demotion: Pupils who fail to make a general average of 70 per cent during any month, and who fail to give satisfactory evidence of immediate improvement will be demoted to the next lower grade.

Discipline: Our discipline will be firm and exact, and students expecting a "good time with plenty of fun" had better not enter. Our whole soul is in the work of EDUCATING boys and girls for lives of usefulness and honor, and all who are resolved to be real students will receive a hearty welcome, and every effort possible shall be exerted for their advancement. The indolent and frivolous are not wanted, for we prefer to spent our energies on pupils whose course is onward and upward. All students are expected to submit cheerfully to such regulations governing their conduct and studies as the teachers may prescribe. Any pupil failing to comply with any of our regulations will incur a demerit of from one to fifty, and subject himself to such other punishment as the faculty may prescribe. When the demerits of any pupil amount to twenty-five his parents or guardian will be notified, and when his demerits amount to fifty he will be suspended.

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