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Alamo Institute


Sometime around 1890, the Alamo Institute was established by James F. Davidson. It was operated by a Board of Directors and mangaed by a competent Faculty. Located at Ben Wheeler, Texas, on what became the Ben Wheeler School grounds in later days. However, it was situated close to what we know now as FM Rd. 858 instead of back where a two-story wood frame school building would be built later. Most of the information included on this webpage comes from a copy of an old Alamo Institute brochure 1894-95. For an unbound copy of this brochure, send $5 to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, Attention: Research Librarian, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, Texas. The fee will cover copying and postage.

Medals: Medals will be offered for the most satisfactory work in the different departments. No pupil who has not made a general average of 87 ½ per cent will be permitted to compete for a medal.

Medals have been awarded as follows:

1891: Declamation, J.N. Mullins
Recitation, Miss Millie Youngblood

1892: E.H. Youngblood Medal: Declamation, M.L. Cox
A.G. Dean Medal: Original Composition, Miss Millie Youngblood
Faculty Medal: Recitation, Miss Rennie Cox

1893: C.B. Kilgore Medal: Declamation, T.V. Wood
Faculty Medal: Original Composition, Miss Rennie Cox
Faculty Medal: Recitation, Miss Vicie Berry
W.B. Cox Medal: Recitation, Miss Maudie Cox
C.J. Youngblood Medal: Declamation, Johnnie Chandler

1894: Faculty Medals: Declamation, J.A. Mobley
Recitation, Miss Vicie Berry

Honor Roll of 1893-4:

Goode, J.J.
McCarty, Annie
Wood, T.V.
Goode, Laura
Sanders, M.G.
Webb, Myrta
Mobley, J.A.
Berry, Vicie
McCarty, Lottie

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